Top 8 Games that Act as Memory Boosters

COVID has made us lazy, procrastinators, and work-shy. Our routines have become monotonous, and we are stuck in our houses. There aren’t many things that we can do. All this is drastically affecting the way we work. We are becoming slow, and this is hurting our business bottom-line.

Top 8 Games that Act as Memory Boosters


To help you with this problem, we decided to create a list of games that can make you active again. A research posted by Reginalynn stated that games enhance mental procedures like attention span, perception, and decision-making abilities of the player.

Memory Boosters


For this purpose, our list comprises of memory-boosting games that let you synergize, revamp your routines, and get back in action. Play these games when you are bored or when you have nothing else to do. Even a few minutes of play each day can help you get better at what you do.

Here are the best memory games that can help you stay focused. Let’s get digging.

  1. Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever is a mobile-based restaurant management game. You have to manage the dishes that the people order in your restaurant. Since you have a small timeframe to manage the orders, the game is a perfect example of memory improvement.

The number of orders increases with new levels, making the game even more difficult. There are multiple variations of the Cooking Fever game available. So, you can easily get to play any type of cooking game, and all of them have the same functionality.

  1. Jigsaw Puzzle

Next, we have the Jigsaw puzzle game. It is perfect for anyone who is into puzzles. Today most people don’t have time to play actual jigsaw puzzle, so they download mobile apps or play them on websites.

Jigsaw puzzle helps improve cognition ability. So, if a person is looking to improve their brain functionality, jigsaw puzzles are great to do that. One such website that offers new Jigsaw puzzles everytime is Jigsaw Explorer.

Jigsaw puzzles can also improve visual-spatial reasoning, along with increasing IQ, and delaying Alzheimer’s. Apart from that,the jigsaw puzzle can also improve mood, decrease stress, and improve user productivity.

  1. Tri-Memory – Memory Pair Game

Then there are products or color matching games. These are mostly called ‘Memory pair games’, and they are perfect for those who forget things fast.For example, most memory pair game apps today have segments where you can learn pair names, their characteristics, and even their meanings. These apps are targeted towardsthe younger generation.

One such game available to improve memory is the Tri-memory game. This memory pair game by unlimited Gamezmoallows to easily increase memory retaining ability.So you can go ahead and challenge yourself with this exclusive puzzle game by multiple difficulty settings and high scores.

  1. Sudoku

Sudoku is one of the oldest brain-boosting games. It is a logic-based game where you must make a combination of numbers to make a 9×9 grid. However, you can decrease or increase the grid depending on the size that you want to play with.

In most Sudoku games, you can easily select a level of your choice and start with it. So go on to improve your thinking skills, promote a healthy mindset and enhance your concentration. Memory advancement is complimentary.

  1. Hangman

Hang Man started as a beginner-friendly vocabulary improvement game. In the beginning, it was a pen and paper game, and still many people play it on paper because that looks a lot more interesting.

Now, Hang Man is available online, and it has many new options available. The best part about the Hang Man game is that it is a perfect game for improving brain activities and English vocabulary. As you have to think of new words within 30 seconds, Hangman serves the memory-boosting purpose completely.

  1. Linedoku – Logic puzzle game

If you are into logic puzzle games, then Linedoku is a great game to start with. It is not just a single game, but a variety of puzzle games in a single gaming platform. For starters, you will get connect the dots game, maze game, logic puzzle, jigsaw puzzle, snake and ladder, infinite loops, and many more puzzle games that you can play in your spare time. So, what is the benefit of these logic puzzle games? You can have fun while improving your mental capacity.

  1. Circles

Another interesting game that you can play in your spare time to improve your mental capacity is Circles. The game lets you improve your focus and concentration levels. Circles is a gaming app in which you have to create endless circles by removing the hindrances available in the way.

It also offers bonus levels, power ups, and game boosting elements that you can opt for to ease the level. The game gets difficult with higher levels, and you need to use more of your brain to complete the challenges. It is currently available on Google Play Store.

  1. Sliding Puzzle

If you are interested in puzzle games, then the Sliding Puzzle game is specially designed for you. Itis one of the best types of games where you have to move blocks to create space for other blocks.

The more puzzle blocks you solve, the faster you complete the levels. When you complete a level without any hints, you get bonus points. Sliding Puzzle is a highly addictive game, and you can play it to kill your boredom.

Parting words

We hope you liked this list of the best puzzle games to play online. By making them a part of your daily routine, your brain will definitely benefit, and the memory issues will vanish.

If you know any other memory improvement games that we have not added to our list, please share those with us in the comments section!

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