Techy Innovations: Helpful Tips on How to Sell Your House Online

Nothing in life stays the same forever, including the house where you live in right now. You might think that your living arrangements are okay and you don’t need to move anywhere else. However, you don’t know what’s going to happen soon. A new job, a failed marriage, or an exciting adventure might prompt you to pack your things and sell your house.


When it comes to putting up your house for sale, you might feel that you’re clueless. You don’t know anything about the process, but you also don’t want to hire a realtor because you want to gain more money from the sale for yourself. If you’re stuck in this situation, the best option that you can choose is to sell your house online.

The question is, how do you sell your house online? Do you have to take pictures? Do you have to renovate some parts of your home? Read on to know the answers to these questions, and to know more when you’re selling your home on an online platform.

Set the Right Price

Statistics show that 5.1 million homes were sold in 2017, and 5.5 million existing houses are expected to be sold in the US for 2018. If you’ve made up your mind about selling, then you’re one of these homeowners who is actively selling their house on the market.

You can’t sell your house if you have no idea how much it’s worth. You can search the internet for homes with similar features, and cross-check the prices to get an idea of the usual range of cost for that type of home.  

Don’t overprice your house mainly if you feel that it’s still in excellent condition. If you set a price that’s too expensive, it will discourage buyers from viewing the house. You have to sell your home, so set a realistic price. You can negotiate with the buyers if they have a positive response to your house.

List your House Online

You can use a ‘for sale by owner’ site when posting your home for sale. Remember that these sites aren’t free, but the fee that you have to pay is minimal compared to hiring an agent. Sellers use these sites when they don’t want to use the services of real estate agents and choose to sell their house by themselves.

Make sure to choose sites which have high ratings in search engines. It means that these sites are reliable and most people turn to these sites to sell their property. Don’t use a website which is difficult for you to use because you might end up posting the wrong information on the site. Here are additional ways which you can use to boost your house sale online.

  • Take good photos

When posting additional information, you have to make sure that you include high-definition pictures of your house. To get good photos, you can hire a professional photographer to capture the right angles of your home. A bad photo can ruin a potential sale, so you have to invest in good pictures that you can include in your house listing.

Arrange the rooms in your house so the photographer won’t have difficulty in getting good shots. Remove your pictures and other personal things so buyers can see the house itself without the clutter.

  • Use drone videos

A new way of selling houses is by using drones. These aerial shots capture the excellent and unique angles of your house which can attract potential buyers. It can also show a larger area, including the surrounding property. Families might want to buy your home if there’s a playground or park nearby for their kids.

If you don’t know how a drone functions, you can hire a professional or you have to learn how to use it first before trying it out. A drone video with your high-definition photos posted on your listing can bring you buyers for your property.

Use your Social Media Sites

People are active users of social media sites. You can use this to your advantage when you’re selling your house. You can put up a ‘for sale’ post and let your online friends know that you’re selling something.

Your friends can also tell their acquaintances about it, so you’re getting free advertisement for your home through word of mouth. The more that people talk about it, the more significant chance that your house will get a buyer in a shorter period.

Look for Hassle-free Online Home Buyers

Some sites offer to buy houses without the hassle of real estate agents or brokers. You can sell your house to them without renovations or home improvements. You also don’t have to pay any additional fees. However, make sure to trust sites where you’ll get the right price for your house.


Selling a house is easy nowadays, thanks to the power of technology. You can upload a description of your home, paired with excellent photos and drone videos on websites for house selling.

You can also sell your house the easy way by browsing for home-buying sites like so you’ll have a more comfortable time without the hassle and added expenses of hiring a real estate agent. Technology offers various ways on how you can sell your house. All you have to do is choose the most convenient way


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