How Can an Airline Industry Benefit from an AI Chatbot Solution?

The airline industry is on its way to use AI Chatbots to improve customer engagement solution and the case of the KLM Airlines is an eye-opener. Read on to know more.

Competition is constant in the airline industry. Airlines that are unable to provide high convenience and quality customer services to their clients are not on the ‘booking priorities.’ Hence, the easier it is to book a flight with an airline, the greater numbers of flyers will go for it.

That’s where the Artificial intelligence or AI chatbot comes in as it is one of the new-age travel experience enhancers.

The emergence of the technology has enabled developers to build AI Chatbots that can increase customer engagement, while also assisting airlines to save money, pace up bookings and building brand loyalty.

Here’s how Airline AI Chatbot is helpful

The coordination of flights is complex and that makes travelling stressful. It’s no surprise that the airlines are often the target of criticism regarding pitiful customer services.

Cancellations and delays result in unhappy customers. As a result, airlines need a sound customer engagement solution and AI Chatbots can help.

  • Helps customer services

Not attending to your customers may leave them disappointed which can deter repeat sales. Hence, with the AI Chatbot, you can easily respond to your customers promptly without the need for hiring extra staff. AI Chatbots can respond to some basic queries from customers. They can also help them access their boarding passes or direct them to a correct person for a query that needs a human interaction.

Improves the booking process

AI Chatbots in addition to answering some basic questions of the flyers can also streamline some steps involved in the air travel. They can help a guest book and customize their flight itinerary, delighting him/her and saving lots of time. AI Chatbots can also access some basic past booking experience of the users and create a deal exclusive to them. It will not only ensure an increase in bookings but even confirms customer retention. Bringing in customers is easy if you can offer them a deal that matches their taste and AI Chatbots can do that. 

The success story of KLM Airline using AI

The airline giant, KLM Airlines used Artificial Intelligence to enhance its customer services. The airline company relied upon the use of Messenger as a new-point for users to inquire about flight information and boarding passes, resulting in a 40% boost up in their customers’ interactions and sales.

The experimentation of using Messenger by the KLM Airline saw some amazing results such as:

  • 40% upsurge in customer interactions
  • 15% of the boarding passes were sent via Messenger
  • They registered the upper average NPS or the Net Promoter Score Messenger than their objective

As a result, KLM Airline’s goal to increase customer engagement was met due to the incorporation of AI.

Here’s how AI is changing how we travel

As you read this, AI is already transforming how we travel. You already observed how it helped KLM Airline increase sales and boost customer engagements.

Here is how AI is positively affecting Railways, the most widely used transport mode worldwide:

On the Rails

When it comes to railway passengers, travel is stressful for them so why not use AI to increase things on multiple fronts? Yes, AI is now using heaps of previous and current user data to provide insights to passengers about planning their trips and finding seats.


The online UK-based rail booking service is now using crowdsourced data to active a bot that helps passengers where they can get a train seat. This insight is provided to them based on their locations and destination.

It also helps them know a possible price for the advised trip and shows how long the ticket will be available for the same price, how many tickets are available and the cheapest ticket price of the day. You can also get to know how busy a particular train section is so that you can avoid it and re-plan and save time.

AI-engineered Chatbots

These are also helping passengers to directly walk to a virtual ticket booth managed by a Chatbot and inquire about reservations, ticket status and more.

You can ask any question related to your train journey and the AI Chatbot will answer you quickly. it will also lead to decongestion of the train stations across the globe.

The Bottom Line

With the passage of time, the confidence of humans in Artificial Intelligence to expedite the travel experience and more is sure to see a quick turnaround.

Hence, in 2018 and beyond, the airline industry and other travel modes will see reliance on the AI Chatbots to improve customer services and rake in more sales.

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