The 6 Really-Easy Backlink Strategies Everyone Should Know in 2023

Really-Easy Backlink Strategies

80% of SEO professionals agree that link-building is the most effective method to incorporate their business marketing strategy. The study states that 73% of SEO experts spend nearly $2500 or less on their monthly budgets. Read the article and learn the 6 effective backlink strategies for your business in 2021. By using these strategies, you can boost brand awareness.

What are backlinks?

The SEO community defines backlinks as “links from other sites that point to your site.” These are the hyperlinks that give search engines like Yahoo!, Google and Bing a clear sign of “What’s the context of this page?” The more backlinks you have from high-quality, related websites, the higher your site ranks in search engine results pages (SERPs). Backlinks are also known as the incoming or inbound links. A backlink is the most essential and decisive ranking factor for many search engines in the SEO process.

Why are backlinks necessary?

Backlinks are more valuable for the SEO, and it represents the vote of confidence from one website to the other. Among the 200 known Google ranking factors, backlinks are the most significant Google search engine factor. These backlinks signal the search engine that there is another vouch for the user queries.

SEO’s say that backlinks are the cornerstone of online marketing. Backlinks are the best long-term strategy for SEO. As Google updates its algorithms, content quality and engagement are still crucial in the search results.

Authoritative Links – The links from the more authority site will create more organic traffic to your business and also helps to rank better on SERP. Links from the industry-leading site .gov, .edu tend to have more weight.

Link to Relevant – Your business needs to build links that are similar to niches and relevant websites. For instance, if you are an app development business acquiring the link from a blog post, “How To Play Golf” will be irrelevant and would not be a quality backlink.

Get Unique – Your business needs to link for the quality site, and it should not refer to your competitors.

Make Natural Links- Ensure the site your build link is a natural, non-branded, or spammy site. Assure the site has natural links on it.

The link is not sponsored, the anchor text is not branded or spammy, and the referring page has a natural number of links. Cultivate a practice of creative and unique ways to earn backlinks.

The 6 Really-Easy Backlink Strategies Everyone Should Know in 2021

  1. Get High-Quality Backlinks With Infographics

Infographics receive 832% more retweets than articles and images in twitter. So today, infographics are more effective than ever before. According to HubSpot, infographics have been shared more than 3X than any other kind of content.

Wonderful Design – The first and foremost thing is that the infographic needs to be designed professionally with more visually appealing and professionally designed.

Many software or designing tools are available in the market to design unique infographics. I suggest these software Canva, Piktochart,  Fiverr, Venngage Infographics, etc. In addition, if your business has a reasonable budget, you can hire designers from websites like Growth Geeks, Design Pickle, Upwork, and more.

Research on the Statistics & Topics –Before designing the infographics, ensure you include interesting facts and statistics. Many of the topics come with exciting facts/ statistics.

Before you finalize the infographics topics for your business, it is more important to perform keyword research to discover the trending niches. For example, if you have a Yoga blog, you have to start a google image search with “Yoga Infographics” to find what kind of infographics exist already.

Similarly, you can find the infographics that have gone viral using the Buzzsumo tool. You can also check them out using time durations for example, past year. While using this tool, you need to pay attention to the Pinterest share to discover more popular infographics.Research on the Statistics

Outreach & Promotion – If the promotion and outreach are not performed well, then the other two elements will be useless. On the other hand, email outreach and social media sharing make your infographic go viral.

Ensure that your infographics are easily shareable. You can use the tools like Suma image share plugins, other free WordPress plugins, etc.  The next step is sharing your infographics on the popular infographics submission sites, Pinterest, Reddit,  Twitter, etc.

  1. Tools & Calculators

Online tools and calculators are a powerful way to drive links. The tools support your business to build the best links, and they give lots of assistance. For example, using the backlink analysis tools enables you to examine your link website, such as the total backlink they have, traffic, referring domains, etc.

Here are some backlink analysis tools Ahrefs, SEMrush, Ubersuggest, Linkody, LinkResearchTools, etc. It gives you a clear idea of whether your business is on track and provides that you are building high-quality, relevant links. You can also understand your competitor’s backlink tactics.

Online tools

Similarly, you can use FB ads, ROAS calculator, and break-even calculator to understand the ad spending and revenue generated to the business. Even help you know your Return on investment (ROI).

  1. Guest Post & Broken Link Building Using Personalized Outreach

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to acquire natural links. It will get a chance for getting your business discovered by your targeted audience through guest posts. While performing guest posts, you need to have the following steps before making an email outreach.

  1. Pick the similar niche websites
  2. Analyze the website performance
  3. Ensure that you will get a feature on Bio

Broken link building is the most effective tactic to build links for your website. It is an impactful method to gain a high-quality link from relevant niche links from another website to yours.

It is a win-win strategy for the webmaster and your website. First, it provides value to the webmaster by supporting them by building links to your website. There is no doubting it is the most successful link-building strategy to earn excellent links consistently. In addition, you can easily find the broken link easier by utilizing software such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, and more.

You can reach the webmaster with a personalized email to link to the content or replace the broken link with your newly created resource.

Personalization is essential for any outreach not just including the first name with the half-baked template messages will not work much. It would be best to use the seven ways to influence people mentioned by Robert Cialdini. The punchy icebreaker will help your prospect to respond better,

However, personalization will be time-consuming, but with the AI to personalise your emails made easy these AI reads, understands, and contextualizes blogs to create empathy with the author when asking for a backlink.


  1. Creating The Expert Roundup Post

Expert roundup posts are a great way to develop linkable assets through collaboration with influencers and peers. Roundup posts are one of the best ways to boost traffic to your blog for a specific topic. These posts are especially popular in niches where discussions and opinions are important, like entrepreneurship, marketing, personal finance, and more. Here is the best example expert roundup article from NicheHacks.

In two ways, it will generate backlinks first while providing the concepts they will share their best article or videos. Then, once written, you can share the link with them and ask them to tweet about it if they’d like it or share it on their socials. The most significant advantage of the roundup is you can drive tons of traffic to your site and build relations with niche influencers.

  1. Definitive Guides & Tutorials

Definitive guides and tutorials will lead to a large number of backlinks. Many journalists and bloggers link the definitive guide and the tutorials. I hope you’ve heard about the Skyscraper Technique by Brian Dean.

So Bloggers need to reference tons of articles while planning any guide or long-form article in their niche and write a much more detailed and improved version of articles. Next is reaching out to the right people is essential. The successful execution of the Skyscraper Technique relies on email outreach. Without spamming, You need to reach the bloggers who already link to the specific content or similar topic you want to improve. Smartwriter helps you to write your entire pitch for you.

Skyscraper Technique

  1. Studies & Research

Original research and studies attract many links. For example, take the ahref research study articles. They drive lots of backlinks. Here are the two major reasons for attracting numerous links in these studies.

  1. Because it is a well-known brand in the Digital marketing industry, people will trust their studies, which drives more backlinks.
  2. They offer unique data and information. This makes their brand unique and stands out from the competition.


Not everyone has research teams nor the budget to pay for it. Sometimes, original research collects data across multiple data sources, blogs, and publications to share unique insights about a topic.

In addition, your app or business will have customers performing tasks or activities in unique ways. For example, you can use your data to publish a unique blog. The good news is the personal case studies will also work well for the websites. So, after completing the case studies, shout out to the audience that you have created a unique blog about it.

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