The Best Gaming Chairs for PC Gamers

Having a powerful PC with high-end graphics cards and a speedy internet connection is the dream of most players. Most gamers do not set aside a budget for a gaming chair. However, if you want an even incredible gaming experience, a proper gaming seat is fundamental to your gaming process.

A decent chair, whether for gaming or working, helps you maintain an upright posture and a lean-back position. Accordingly, every PC gamer needs to own an ideal gaming seat. Manufacturers have flooded the market with a variety of chairs to select. The goal is to spot a suitable chair for your height, weight, preferences, and budget. Below are some of the best chairs for PC gamers:

Noblechairs Epic Real Leather

If you are out for a luxurious experience, Noblechairs Epic is the go-to gaming seat made with real leather, with a weight capacity of 265 lbs. For this reason, the Epic series is an expensive racing-style chair.

The Epic gaming seat has a recline angle of 135 degrees for a needed stretch, say, taking a nap in between gaming sessions. The chair is fully adjustable for height up to 10cm, with a 4D armrest for additional support on the shoulders the arms. This PC gaming chair comes with pillows to cushion your lumbar region and neck.

Secretlab Omega 2018

This PC gaming chair is highly adjustable to lengths of 9cm with a lockable 4D armrest. The Secretlab Omega 2018 seat is made for comfort with a cold-cured foam lining all over the chair, which is covered by PU leather that is hassle-free to clean

The Secretlab Omega 2018 has some of the softest pillows in the gaming chair industry, for the neck and lumbar support. Soft stretch cotton is used to make the headrest pillow and memory foam to make the backrest pillow, which explains the coziness experienced.

Vertagear Gaming Series Triigger 350

The VertagearTriigger 350 is the ideal gaming chair for luxury in comfort. The seat is aesthetically appealing with a mixed metal, mesh, leather and high-end plastics covering its aluminum alloy frame. It comes in two colors, that is, black and red.

This seat is sturdy enough to accommodate a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds. The mesh on the backrest is not only good for air circulation but also helps redistribute the weight of the gamer for increased back support, not to mention, 4D adjustable armrests.

Further, the VertagearTriigger 350 can also tilt and recline, but more importantly, has uniquely tapered sides that help keep the gamer in place.

Herman Miller Embody

The Herman Miller Embody is one of the smartest chairs you can buy in the market but at an insanely expensive price range. This seat has a weight capacity of 300 pounds and weighs 51 pounds. The Herman Miller Embody is made with multi-layered fabric that give it a high-end polished look for luxury.

As to matters comfort, the covering material remains cool throughout the gaming periods. Its manufacturers say that the chair lowers your heart rate and stimulates blood and oxygen flow, hence the cool and relaxed experience.

The other unique feature is that the Embody automatically tilts and reclines to adjust to your sitting position and posture. While the adequately cushioned seat gives you comfort throughout your spinal column, this automatic recline and tilt feature further reinforces comfort.


Unlike the Herman Embody, the RESPAWN 200 gaming chair is budget friendly and still offers you the best of gaming experience. This chair can support a maximum weight of 275 pounds and comes in a variety of color options, that is, red, green, white, blue and grey.

The RESPAWN 200 chair does not recline as far as other chairs. It has a recline angle of up to 130 degrees. Still, it offers comfort to the users through the mesh fabric used on the backrest which is breathable for air circulation. The mesh fabric is combined with a leather seat cushion keeping it stylish and very relaxed during gaming.

GT Omega Pro Racing Office Chair

The GT Omega Pro is another ideal seat for gamers on a budget. The chair comes in a variety of colors and can double as an office chair and a gaming seat. It has a simple design and uses cold-molded foam covered with synthetic leather.

Like most chairs, the GT Omega Pro tilts and reclines, only up to 160 degrees, which is an excellent position should you opt for a nap. The back of the Omega Pro provides ultimate support in the way it hugs your back. It even comes with extra pillows and cushions for the lumbar and shoulder support. For tall people, the seat can also adjust to a 10cm height range for an opportune gaming experience.

Gaming is yet to grow more prominent as an industry. As a PC gamer, since you spend a substantial amount of time of gaming, it is worth every bit to invest in a gaming chair. As you decide on which chair to choose, you can also check out more options and recommendations.

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