The Do’s and Don’ts for PPC Landing Pages

PPC Landing Pages

According to Unbounce,PPC visitors make 50% more purchase in comparison to organic visitors. In case of a high commercial intent search,65% of the total clicks are generated by paid ads.These statistics can come true for your PPC landing page if you stay away from the most common mistakes. Learn the tricks to end your struggle with the PPC landing page. Go through the list of do’s and don’ts given below:

The Do’s

  • Do create landing pages-

According to a study,62% of the B2B companies use landing pages that amount to 6 or less. This can be a reason why your company is not getting enough leads. When you are creating PPC landing pages, you should create a bunch of them. This will enhance your chances of being found and clicked on. You can go for landing pages that havea distinct purpose and use it to target specific visitors.

  • Do give enough effort to create an appealing design-

You might think thatusing the landing page in your PPC ad will get you enough prospective customers.But, this is just a misleading notion. You will be thoroughly surprised to learn that if a website has anunattractive layout, 38% of people stop visiting it. The purchase decision of the visitor is significantly influenced by the design of the landing page. If you providepaper helpto students, you should emphasize on design and use graphical representation that will specifically appeal to the students.

  • Do make your landing page responsive-

According to a study,approximately 60% of internet access is carried out via phone. Mobile-friendly websites are what 72% ofpeoplewish for. Hence, you can understand how important it is to make a responsive design for the landing page. Your pay per click strategy can get affected if Google finds out that your page is not mobile-friendly.

  • Do a test with trust indicators

Use test indicators to make your website more credible. Don’t shy away from making the most of trust seals, video testimonials, written testimonials, etc.A recent study shows that 39% of consumers read reviews to judge the authenticity of a website.With the help of effective testimonials, you can turn reluctant visitors into a customer. It is especially necessary if you are just starting out or if your business hardly known to the consumers.The number of reviews doesn’t matter. You can create quite an impact with a few honest testimonials.

  • Strategically position the elements of the landing page

If you want the visitors on your webpage to convert into customers, you have tostrategically place all the elements in your landing page. The elements that should come in the top of the page areheadlines, subheading, video, images, small text, CTA, trust indicators, product or service description. Do focus on theadvantages that the product or service will provide to the customers. When it comes to placing the elements on your landing page, you should consider the things that you want the visitors to see first when theyvisit your webpage.

The Don’ts

  • Do not make fake promises-

You might get influenced by a promotional line you have seen somewhere. Refrain from fluff and do not promote offers that you are not providing. Rather than opting for some quick tricks that will definitely dissuade your consumers from investing in your services, you should make your ads more trustworthy and bank on ideas that yourconsumers can relate to. This way, your ads on the landing page will be more effective.

  • Don’t clutter the landing page-

Although providing your consumers with a bunch of choicesmight seem to be the right thing to do, congesting the landing page with too many things can have a reverse impact. Too many options make it difficult for the consumers to make a decision.If you want the visitors to focus on the most important thing on your landing page, you should provide the appropriate environment. Since your PPC campaign has one goal in mind, you should focus on one important link or call to action on your landing page. A 1:1 ratioof the link and conversion goalcan definitelyincrease the effectiveness of your landing page. Make your landing page free from distraction, so that the visitors can focus on the primary goal of your campaign.

  • Don’t forget to show your product in a functional state-

Your initiatives will have a much greater impact on the consumers if they can see your product in action. Representing the functionality of your product in an excellent way can actually make your viewers want to buy it. Use videos to serve the purpose. Stats reveal that landing pages which have videos enjoy 800% better conversion rate.Using a video to promote your product on the landing page can bring multiple benefits.

  • Don’t stray from new possibilities-

After running your landing page for a long time, you might not want to bring new changes in the page. Do not hold back from exploring better opportunities. If you have to make major changes or redo the landing page, be open about it. In case you don’t want to take it all at once, start with a few important changes.You can witness the results while you makethe changes. It will help you to proceed with redoing. If you do not bring changes and choose to stick tothe same old landing page forever, your PPC campaign will never reach the goal.

  • Don’t go for long forms-

If there’s one thing that consumers hate is filling up a very long form. Visitors want to get valuable content from your webpage. To be very honest, they are least interested when it comes to filling up one field after another. Make sure that the form you use on your landing page is concise. Go for a form that includesnecessary fields only.

By keeping these points in mind, you can easily create an effective landing page that will make your PPC campaign a success. Don’t shy away from going by the Do’s and Don’ts mentioned in this write up.Here’s to making your PPC landing page a success! Good luck!

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