The New Dynamics 365 Activity Timeline is a Fresh Breath of Air!

Microsoft keeps evolving Dynamics CRM to make it an ideal fit for the ever changing sales and marketing landscape. The latest addition of Dynamics CRM saw the integration and enhancement of some of the most fantastic value adds. The latest features and enrichment in Dynamics CRM include a unified client interface, Fresh Breath of Air, activity timelines, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, a web client refresh, virtual entities etc.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s old activity timeline

A placeholder which displays all the customer interactions and activities at a single place, activity timeline is an important part of the Dynamics CRM. Though, this activity pane had its own set of restrictions. Earlier the activity pane was not very interactive and restricted the user from executing many functions like adding more fields like a follow up field etc. However, the new, improved version is all set to impress the users with its mind-boggling features.

Unified User Interface (UUI)

UUI, Microsoft’s new interface for Dynamics 365 is included in the latest version of the upgrade. The main objective of this advancement is to offer a similar user experience throughout different platforms, web, mobile, tablet etc. And, the enhanced Activity Timeline is one of key offerings of Unified User Interface.

New Activity Timeline

The New Dynamics 365 Activity Timeline is more engaging and interactive. It is the enriched version of the old activity timeline, and it allows the amalgamation of posts, notes, and activities into a single feed. The functionality and interface of the new activity timeline will replicate the Interactive Service Hub. The feel of this new feature is the very fresh. The add on is intended to improve the experience of the user as it now enables the user filter out particular activity types as well. Plus, it also speeds up the process of reviewing unread items.

Activity Timeline has got a bunch of new features, some of the best ones are listed below:

  • Enriching user interactions

Managing user interactions is the prime purpose of using Dynamics CRM. The advanced activity timeline has made it easier to manage user interactions. With the latest version of the timeline, the user can execute simple actions without opening the record. There is an option to add links and attachments as well.

  • Simplified Team Interactions

In order to achieve the goal of offering high quality service to the customer, good team coordination is pretty important. Through a more engaging interface, The Activity Timeline has simplified the process of asking queries and receiving replies within the activity timeline.

  • Activity Status Filters

In the new activity timeline, activity status can be filtered and displayed via a graph feature. This feature is aligned with the new motto of Microsoft Dynamics, which is to make the software as engaging and interactive as possible.

  • Single View Layout

The improved timeline version offers a collaborated view of all the posts, activities and notes. This not only make it easier to glance through the activities, but also saves the time of opening different tabs. A comprehensive one view of communications, which is chronologically organized is a relatively small, but a useful add in the latest upgrade.

  • Enhanced Inline Quick Actions

Now, assigning to another user, closing activities, deleting without opening or adding to queue etc. and other quick actions can be performed with just a clicks of the button.

  • For the mobile phone generation

The latest activity timeline makes it convenient for the users to manage activities on the go. Asking for assistance, replying to queries, sending attachments, capturing pictures or videos while onsite etc. are some of the activities which are made easier by UUI.

Ease of accessing Attachments

Though, the old version of the software allowed the access to attachments also. But, earlier you had to open the activity to access the attachment. Whereas, this version allows you to access the attachment without opening the activity. You may even choose to download the attachment, even the email attachment without opening the activity.

Listed above are a few of the new superb features of the activity timelines. The new version of Microsoft dynamics CRM has undoubtedly uplifted the experience of using this amazing software. The improved and enhanced version of the activity timeline is more alluring. And, hence, it compels the user to perform more activities on the CRM. Plus, it has simplified the process of using Dynamics CRM. It is no longer a boring display demanding hundred steps to accomplish a small function. Instead it is much quicker, and is highly efficient.

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