Things To Consider When Choosing A Video Conferencing Service

Things To Consider When Choosing A Video Conferencing Service

When it comes down to communication, more than half of the meaning is being conveyed via body language, which emphasizes on the fact that most of the people prefer to connect face-to-face at work to resolve communication barriers. Therefore, organizations are aiming for 2-way live broadcasting solutions to cope up with the evolving virtual workspace conditions.

Some trending researches claim that around 98% of medium-scale and large-scale companies are considering to invest in 2-way live video conferencing solutions, with around three-fourths of small-scale companies aiming to do the same.

Are you considering the possibility of making your office-bound conferences more efficient with 2-way live video conferencing solutions? If you are considering to implement this, then keep in mind a few things and make your venture a success. To understand the actual statistics that will be under action after implementation of video conferencing service, you should first shortlist your requirements. This will make it easier for you to choose from the various 2-way video conferencing vendors.

Here are certain criteria that will assist you to arrange your actual requirements:

  1. Number of Participants

If you require one to one communication with just your manufacturer, sales partner or accounting head, you should go along with the monitor mounted webcam and many 2-way video conferencing serviceproviders have this as a free service. But if you’re a flourishing corporation with offices spread all around the globe, you will require a 2-way live video conferencing solution that enables you to connect with as many as 100 people in a single video conference.

  1. Video and Audio Quality

This is a very important element to keep in mind while hiring a 2-way video conferencing service provider.The seamlessness of a video conference stream matters the most. The main thing to keep in consideration is your conference participants. If it is the staff members you will be conferencing with, the periodic jitter won’t matter much. But if you plan to confer with either your client or any business associate, the disturbance can create a dent in your company’s reputation. Therefore you must opt for a more sturdy service with high-definition sound and video quality.

  1. Compatibility

The fact that not every operating system can run all kinds of services plays equal importance in 2-way webcasting conferences. Therefore, whether your client is using a PC or an Android phone, you have to make sure that the application is compatible with both. Choosing a 2-way webcasting company that fulfills your requirement will serve the purpose.

  1. Tablet and Mobile Experience

The basic concept of 2-way live broadcasting solutions is to set up a connection with people at various remote locations. Try out a conference service on tablets and smartphones beforehand to ensure that they have the same audio and visual experience as the ones connected via conference rooms. Try to shortlist video conferencing companiesthat provide such convenient services.

  1. Recording and Archiving

Any 2-way video conferencing companythat fails to provide the conference recording services leaves the requirement to replay the conference unfulfilled. Therefore you will have to search for a 2-way webcastingcompany that accommodates this and the best methods of doing it.

  1. Ease of Access

This again turns out to be an important feature when you are planning for a 2-way live webcast with your client. Does the live conferencing service require a complicated method of installation and usage? Does it require complicated passcode and dial-in? If so, it can turn out to be a very hectic procedure for your client and can ruin the relationship. Therefore you must be very considerate regarding the ease of usage during choosing a 2-way video conferencing service.

  1. Application Integration

If you want to share a presentation or any document with the participants in your video conference, you should consider a 2-way video conferencing company that allows you to share your computer screen online.

  1. Customer Support

Customer service is very crucial when one is dealing with video conferencing gear and software. If your 2-way video conferencing vendors do not have tech support that responds under ten minutes during a crucial business agreement, then things can get really messy. Make sure that your video conferencing company provides unsurpassed customer support.

  1. Cost

The expenses for purchasing a 2-way video conferencing service can be huge. Therefore it is very important to consider thoughtfully, the various aspects of using this service. If the budget spent in this venture can open up some very profitable opportunities for your corporation, you should definitely go for it. You should also plan precisely for what add-ons and premium services would you be requiring from your 2-way webcasting vendor.

There are certain other aspects to keep in mind while switching your conferencing methods:

  • Ensure Its Compatibility with Your Existing Workspace
    2-way webcasting solutions are already a very expansive upgrade. Make sure that it can be implemented over your current workspace. Creating extra space for the gear and system can turn out to be an overspend.
  • Make Sure It Does Not Disturb Your Workflow

Switching to a different method of meetings can be quite inconvenient. To make certain that no extra time is being spent for the synchronization of the gear and software, start preparing schedules for meetings. Always pre-plan online conferences with your client. Search for video conferencing companies that can help you out with the same.

Future with 2-Way Live Broadcasting Solutions:

Video Conferencing is affecting human communication in nearly the same way telephones did during the 19th century. Technological up gradations are constantly improving how a 2-way webcasting vendordelivers such experiences. This can be easily accepted that online conferencing is an integral aspect of conducting business during this digital age.

Imagine sitting in a digital space alongside other business workmates, discussing operations using a variety of graphs, charts and other schematics. Yes that the future is going to be real very soon, all credits to 2-way live broadcasting solutions.

Scott Wharton, the Vice President and General Manager for the video collaboration group at Logitech, stated in an article, “We are developing technology that will develop meeting rooms with multiple cameras”. He elaborated that, “We’re working on some technology where computer vision and AI can automatically frame the shot.” Wharton further explained, “Even if you have 20 people in a room, just like humans are smart enough to know where the real action is, AI can also figure out to choose the person who stands up and walks to the whiteboard.”

Hence, there are various factors to keep in mind while choosing a video conferencing service. Try to figure out what your company actually requires and then decide what kind of features and services would be best for your organization.

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