Real Estate Search Engine Marketing – Why Real Estate Professionals Should Join a Social Network

We Are All Connected

In our new digital world we are all connected. Social networking websites have evolved the way we interact on a daily basis and many of the traditional marketing methods such as TV, print, and radio no longer drive leads our way. What once used to be an “in-person” event many real estate professionals are building huge referral networks from social network community members they meet online. By fostering these relationships those that work these new online channels are capturing all the business they can handle while those that don’t spend the time to get involved are slowly going broke. If you are to survive in the future real estate business you must adapt and learn how to social network online.

What Can Joining A Social Network Do For Your Real Estate Business

The first and most obvious advantage one has when joining a social networking site is meeting new people without every leaving your computer! There are so many niche social networking websites that it is easy to find others online that have the same interests as you. Most social networking websites are free to join making meeting new friends easier than ever.

Real Estate Business

A second advantage is staying in touch with old friends. Many of us over the years have lost touch with those we met in the past and most social networking websites have a search function to browse their members. Facebook has pioneered this technology and even recommends friends that the system believes you know.

A third advantage is the ability to join or create sub groups within the community. This is great because we can search for that interest us and easily join in the conversation. The more we contribute the more relationships we will build over time.

A fourth advantage is the social networking platform itself. Many sites offer free blogs, forums, directories, or article / video syndication tools that help us market our real estate services to others within the community and on the web. This is great for real estate search engine optimization and helps promote your services online.

Keys To Being A Successful Online Social Networking Real Estate Professional.

Being honest with yourself and your community is the most important rule when networking online. Community members can smell insincerity so don’t fake your interest or reason why you are there. Remember that nobody likes a constant commercial so spend more time sharing your knowledge and less time promoting yourself. The more you contribute the more others will want to interact with you. Share a lot and share often. Overtime your will eventually build a trust community that wants to do business with you. Join social networking websites related to business.

Google “business social networking websites” and you will find great examples of business social networking websites to join and get involved in. Last piece of advice is to respond to comments or questions in a timely manner. If someone takes the time to write to you or about you take the time back to respond and interact. It is considered rude if someone makes a comment on one of your blog posts or contacts you through a private message and you don’t take the time to respond and acknowledge their contact with you.

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