Tips To Choose The Best Compatible Toner Cartridge For Your Printer

Tips To Choose The Best Compatible Toner Cartridge For Your Printer

These days, the cost of the original laser cartridge is almost equal to the printer itself. Users, in order to reduce the cost of consumable, start buying a compatible toner cartridge. But, OEM claim that non-original cartridge keeps fewer resources and deliver poor print quality. Moreover, using a compatible cartridge can break down warranty service offered by the original manufacturer on the printer maintenance.

But, the above-mentioned statement is not completely true. Because there are many well-known brands that deliver compatible toner like Samsung, Hp, Lexmark, Epson, Brother and many more. You can buy from them without worrying about print-quality. Moreover, here we have some tips that help you to choose toner cartridge:

  • Think of Your Requirement

The first and most important tip is to think of your requirement first, whether you need colour toner cartridges or black is enough to meet your day to day requirements. Like, if you print text base documents, then it will be advisable to choose black toner cartridge. Moreover, they are cheaper in cost too.

On the other hand, if you need a wide variety of images and presentations, then choosing colour toner will be a little bit costly than black toner.

  • Check The Size of The Printer Cartridge

The size of every printer varies from model to model. Therefore, experts always advice to know the right size of your printer before going to buy a compatible cartridge. For more help, you can also check the sticker located on the backside of the printer. The mismatch cartridge never fit adequately into your printer, on the same side, forcefully added cartridge never deliver adequate results.

  • Compare Alternative Brands

Compatible cartridges are manufactured from the companies other than original. Therefore, in this race, you can easily found a good number of players. Among all, you simply need to compare the price and features of one another to get your most suitable toner cartridge. The brand that provides more relevant results can be a part of your choice. Moreover, you can also check their online reviews too, on various e-commerce websites. For the most common printer, you will also found many similar choices.

  • Know The Purchase Policy

Purchase policy of toner cartridge is targeted according to the printer usage. Therefore, you must know your exact requirements before going for buy decision. Basically, people use either of the three options to buy like, single cartridge, a pack of two or bulk lot. By estimating your requirement you must by the cartridge, but remember bulk buy is a more economical option, as here you will get special coupon codes by companies.

  • Always Go With Warranty Offers

Well, it is important to know product guarantee and warranty before buying. This ensures that your cartridge is in proper working condition and will function according to your requirements. Your warranty becomes crucial if you buy a cartridge to print more than 1000 pages.

  • Chart For Printer Toner Compatibility

Here, we have a chart for the most compatible cartridge toner, that can deliver you good-quality results and work well with your printer.

Cartridge Toner Degree of


HP / Canon

HP Q2612 / Canon 703 / Canon FX10

HP 1010 / Can 703


HP Q2612 / Canon 703 / Canon FX10

HP1100 OK

HP Q2612 / Canon 703 / Canon FX10

HP1200 OK

HP Q4092 / Canon EP22


HP Q4092 / Canon EP22

HP 1000/1200

HP Q4092 / Canon EP22 HP 1000/1200 FINE


HP 11000


Canon E16 / E30

Canon FC / PC


HP CB435 / CB436 / CE285 / CE278 / Canon


HP 1005/1006/1505


HP CB435 / CB436 / CE285 / CE278 / Canon 712/713/725/728

HP 2015



HP 2015



HP 1320/1160


Samsung / Xerox

Samsung ML 1210 / ML1610 / ML1710 / ML1640 / ML2010 /

ML164X / ML166X / ML1910 / SCX4100 / SCX4200 / SCX4220 /

SCX4300 / SCX3200 / SCX3205 / SCX3207

Samsung ML-1210 / Xerox P8Ex FINE
Xerox 3117/3120/3140 and all of Samsung’s copier mirrors are higher Samsung ML-1210 / Xerox P8Ex FINE
Xerox 3100 MFP Xerox P8Ex FINE
Samsung CLP 300/310/315/320/510 / Xerox 6110 Samsung CLP300 FINE
Lexmark / Epson / Brother
Lexmark monochrome Samsung 1210 FINE
Brother 2075/2175/3170 Brother 2075 FINE
Brother 2075/2175/3170 Panasonic FAT88 BADLY

Bottom Line

Hope, the above-mentioned points help you to find the best compatible toner cartridge. So, while choosing a compatible toner cartridge to think twice and go with branded cartridge only for superior quality print-outs.

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