Top 10 iOS 13 Features that’ll Excite Mobile App Developers in 2019

Top 10 iOS 13 Features that’ll Excite Mobile App Developers

Undoubtedly iOS 13 came with a lot of good news for Apple users. This updated has covered almost all the best and biggest features to make the Apple users contented and satisfied. In this post, we have delved into the iPhone features and brought out the top iOS 13 update features that will certainly make the user experience delightful. The new iOS 13 is portraying a massive augmentation in its presentation along with an array of new features to be well-matched with future versions of the iPhone.

Let us get started to discover the recently launched features of iOS 13 that will motivate both the iPhone users and mobile application developers.

iOS 13

1. Unknown Callers Silent Mode

This is certainly one of the best features that have grabbed the attention of the users worldwide. In case you are irritated with the spam messages and marketing calls with the numbers who are not in your phone’s contact list, then surely this feature will make you feel satisfied. To use this feature simply open the Settings tab and go to the Phone section tab. Now in this part scroll and you will reach the new “Silence Unknown Callers” choice. Tap on it and switch it ON to make unknown calls silent mode feature active.

2. Dark Mode 

The dark mode is one of the best features that is attracting most of the users. IOS 13 dark mode will at last give relief to the users by adding battery life to the phone. With this feature, the user can use full glare screen mode in their phones with the setting up of the Dark Mode feature in the future iOS 13. This feature will be common in all the applications used in the iPhone as well as being noticeable system-wide. The Apple device users can turn on this dark Mode feature manually and can schedule it as per their preference. Now it will be quite easier for third-party app developers to integrate this feature in their applications to make the user experience much more delightful. The Dark Mode will extend the battery life and your phone will run longer, plus it will be pleasing to your eyes as well.

3. Quick Path Keyboard

This is one of the wonderful features of the iOS 13 keyboard. Now using this feature the iPhone users can type with easily. This is one of the much-awaited features, as before this feature the iPhone users were reliant on third-party apps like Gboard or Swift Key for the typing functions. Simply enjoy the futuristic and feature-rich Swift-based mobile a Quick Path Keyboard feature and enjoy chatting.

4. Low Data Mode

The iOS 13 update has surely surprised every Apple user with its outstanding features. According to reports, this feature has come with a dark mode feature across the world.

This is a money-saving feature that will certainly bring smiles to all those who use high data or roaming data charges. To overcome this situation, Apple has added the Low Data Mode feature in the new iOS 13 update. To start using this feature go to the Settings app and tap on the Cellular option. As you scroll in this option, you will see the “Low Data Mode” option. Tap on this option to reduce your data usage and save a few bucks.

5. Better Siri

No doubt, the features, and appearance of Siri have improved up to a great extent. Siri’s feature has been admired ever since it was first introduced. With this update, Apple users can use this feature in a much more advanced manner. Apple has upgraded the Siri feature to make its presence felt with an all fresh voice that will be accomplished through neural TTS. To put it in simple words, Siri’s voice will become more human-like and less automatic even though the voice would still come by means of the software. Furthermore, the company is soon going to launch an “Indian English Voice” to add a more relevant touch to Siri for its Indian Apple device users. Also, the option of call receiving and rejection will turn more modified.

6. Emoji Search and Memoji

The Emoji search feature has lastly made it simpler for the users to look for for an emoji of their choice. This is a feature in the iOS 13 update that Apple users have been demanding for fairly some time now. In addition to this, the company has also added some additional support for the custom formation of Memoji on all well-matched iPhones. There feature will make the use of Emoji Search and Memoji much more enjoying then before. This user created Animoji and Memoji will be easily usable in the Messages application in the Apple devices.

7. Reminders App

Yes, you heard it right! Reminders for the app as of now have found it tricky to make use of the confusing interface of Reminders application. Keeping all this in mind, with this feature the Apple has breathed fresh life into this app with its iOS 13 version. The improved Reminders app will come with a user-friendly interface to organize your reminders in a better manner. In this option, you can also tag your friends and the tagging option will be synced with phone Messages so you get reminders during your chat.

8. Sign in with Apple

When it comes to the security part, Apple is certainly leading the marketplace. The Apple Company has always focused on offering the highest level of privacy to its users. To keep its audience happy, iOS 13 update will keep that promise, too with its safe and flawless authentication feature called ‘Sign in With Apple. The new feature will Apple allow users to directly log onto its websites and apps through their Apple accounts, either using Face ID or Touch ID.

9. Discover my feature

With Discover My feature in Apple iOS 13, you will find that the company has merged two of its apps – Discover My Close friends and discover My iPhone in a solitary application. With this feature, the customers would be in a place to trail each their telephone as correctly as dear ones using a solitary application. What makes this feature even more interesting is that this new Discover My app will help you find contacts even the iOS device is offline. So, in case a device your friend’s device is offline, a Bluetooth beacon will be sent steadily to the close by iOS device, which, in order, will be relayed to iCloud ahead of to reach you.

10. Health app

This feature is added in the iOS 13 update of Apple to add extra usefulness to its Overall health application. Somewhere Apple has incorporated a group of fresh characteristics. This is certainly a cool app to track the menstrual cycle with the Overall health app. This app will also envisage the starting and the end of the cycle for the future 3 months. Apart from this, the app will offer you a synopsis of the most very significant information customers want which includes current entries, and various highlights. It will also offer them with information about their audio levels and notify them about other features.


In a nutshell, in spite of all the above improvements, the new iOS 13 provides improved data stability, upgraded Core ML 2 for enhanced, the security of Enterprise App development, and storage of Cloud-based apps. IOS 13 is set to open a fresh era in top mobile app development companies. In case you think we are missing out on some features then let us know in the comment section below. We will be more than happy to hear from your side.

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