Top 10 Magento 2 Extensions For Better Conversion Ratio in 2019

Top 10 Magento 2 Extensions For Better Conversion Ratio in 2019

Are you a beginner and undecided to find the best extensions for your Magento store. Well! You are in a right place. It’s a powerful platform where you can find great numbers of extensions to add in your web-store.

At today’s digital world, every entrepreneur is rushing towards online sales and the establishment of an online store has become much easier than before. At the same time, you cannot deny the existence of tough competition among online business owners.

Worry not! Proper deployment of useful elements which mention here are going to help you, and will definitely let your business grow profusely. Stay tuned to discover what you can add to enhance better visibility, productivity and generate more sales.

1. Abandoned Cart Emails Pro:

Abandoned Cart Emails Pro for Magento 2 extension is one of the most useful extension for better conversion ratio. This extension will help you by sending personalized emails to return visitors through abandoned carts. You can use the extension to send email custom time-limited offers to your clients. Another best feature is Auto-login returning users to create a seamless shopping experience for your online shopping portal. Moreover, it helps in making better marketing strategies by creating multiple marketing campaigns.

Download here:

2. Call For Price:

This Extension allows to hide product price and replace Add To Cart Button with a Call For Price Button for specific products. It encourages customers to contact you for a quote.

It’s a very handy extension for a Magento store. Whole sellers especially find it more useful to sell any quantity of product in bulk with suitable price rate. Also, there are many factors where you can use this extension like products are not available, price depends on quantity, products with fluctuated prices etc.

Download here:

3. Layered Navigation:

To start up a successful eCommerce Magento store, Layered Navigation is a must. This extension enhances better navigation process for your audience.

Using this extension your customers can easily browse your product catalog in a much convenient way. It has many useful features like multiple filters, horizontal bar filters, filter attribution sorting, and lots more.

Download here:

4. Google Custom Search Integration:

This is a powerful extension to enhance the search functionality of your web-store. The extension permits the store owners to configure their own search engine for their respective websites to obtain high quality and relevant results based on Google’s core search technology. It also improves Google search results with images.

Don’t you think it’s an essential extension for your Magento store? Yes! It’s because it helps your clients to search their requirements on your store painlessly. You can either enable or disable this feature form backend panel.

Download here:

5. FAQ Manager:

For any online business website, FAQ Manager plays a very crucial role. As you know, customers are always curies to know more about the particular product before purchasing it. They bear many questions in their mind.

This extension allows visitors to ask product related questions to get answers from admin. And the admin can create a distinct FAQ section where he can list down all common questions with relevant answers on a single page. This way you can save time and passion of your visitors by letting them get most of their answers quickly and effortlessly.

Download here:

6. Pre-Orders:

There are frequent demands for a single product in an online store and there are chances for that stock to get out of order. So to notify your customers to order that product again. You can use pre-orders for Magento 2 extension. This extension notifies, buyers when their goods arrive. Even you can add a custom note as well as a message to pre-order items.

Download here:

7. Best Seller Products:

Best Seller Products for Magento 2 extension is one of the best extension to gear-up your eCommerce store conversion ratio by way of displaying best-selling products through slider. It gives you very easy to use environment and at the admin panel, you get many options to set-up your website attractive and stylish.

With this extension, you can set-up product limit to display in the sidebar and homepage product. And it also enables your customers to compare the Bestseller product blog on the homepage. As the extension helps you to display the best selling brand on your e-Store, it will definitely encourage your visitors to buy your product without any hesitation.

Download here:

8. Perfect SEO Solution:

As we all know SEO is important for all eCommerce store to boost their online presence in Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. Perfect SEO Solution for Magento 2 Stores includes a bundle of outstanding features that are auto-active when you install it from Mageplaza without any code modifications. It includes features such as Stop Duplicating Content, Structured data, metadata template rules, hreflang tag, SEO Report and many more.

Download here:

9. Quick View:

Every Online store wants to improve its conversion ratio. Quick View Magento 2 Extension plays one of the most important role in improving better conversion ratio. As it provides the facility to add the product to Cart/WishList directly from pop-up. It will make the purchase process much faster. With the help of this extension, all necessary information is displayed in a pop-up window on a category page in quick view. It becomes easier for customers to check product details without wasting much time.

Download here:

10. Pure Live Chat:

If you want to take your online business to a greater extent, you cannot ignore Pure Live Chat – Magento 2 extension. Live communication always helps to establish better communication with your clients.

This tool enables you to provide the best solution against the requirements of your online customers. It’s the most useful extension to bring better profits. It’s very simple, unique and also comes with multiple chat support facility. It ensures you an unimaginable potential to convert each visitors into a genuine customer.

Download here:

Wrapping Up:

These are some of the best collection of Magento 2 Extensions to help you bring the best out of your eCommerce store in 2019. At last but not least, proper utilization of your energy and effort with the right elements can surely benefit you beyond your imagination.

Hope you enjoyed this article!

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