Importance of Google’s Voice Search

What is Voice Search?

Voice search is a speech recognition feature that allows users to search by projecting their voice in the search bar rather than typing a query. This feature has helped millions of people across the globe who might not be well versed with grammar and typing.

Google is the biggest search engine in the world, and due to that distinction, it never steps back from making its customers comfortable. The voice search feature was launched by Google in 2002, and ever since this feature has been a major blockbuster of the search engine.

What is Voice Search

Many websites are looking forward to ways through which they can directly be at the receiving end of the merits of this feature. Google’s voice search acts as a catalyst in speeding up the SEO factor of a website.

Who benefits from this feature?

Well, any layman will be able to benefit from this feature. However, this option is of great benefit to those who have difficulty typing and are not even well to do with the spellings of a word. Nowadays, little kids like to project queries in their tiny voices, and Google’s voice search readily reads them.

However, the major segment at the receiving end is that of the elderly who have a very difficult time typing long queries in the search engine.

Importance of Voice Search:

Saves Time

This is a major benefit of this feature and one that makes it extremely important. If you are bored of tying in long queries, then you can simply give a command with your voice. However, there is one important thing to note here which is that Google will not be able to read every accent type. Therefore it is important that the clarity of your voice has to be projected.

Benefits the elderly

The old aged people usually have difficulty in going through chaotic procedures on the phone. Typing in a query repeatedly can be a big issue. However, with voice search, there are very high chances that such people will have ease in getting answers to their questions without any hassle.

Easy accessibility of young children

Young children are also major recipients of the benefits of the voice search feature. Kids learn everything online these days and can greatly enjoy the experience of personal browsing. However, it is not worthwhile to completely depend on them, but the voice search can prove to be a great feature. By projecting their tiny voice, little kids will be able to see their favorite cartoon or color tutorial at any time.

Crucial for SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a rampantly growing tool in the marketing industry online. Some of the staggering figures suggest that over 55% of teens and 41% of adults are already in compliance with the voice search facility. With much advancement in tools and techniques, SEO has become powerful when people project their voice. This reduces the high bounce rate, and customers are directly taken to where they want to go.

Direct Hit

Google’s voice search has evolved over the years as a result of which there is a loss in negative signals. As already explained it means that while we are taken to many unwanted results after typing in a query, with Google’s voice now, the users will be taken to the actual results. This option also makes Google’s voice search a great option for people to use.


With much advancement in technology, customers have a vast array of services to choose from. It is no wonder that Google leaves no stone unturned in making sure that its customers always have a room for comfort. Voice search is a power pack of the search engine for this century. Let’s see what future unfolds for us with more changes in this feature.

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