Top 13 ways in which delivery tracking software Contribute In FMCG Sector?

FMCG is the 4th largest sector that contributes to the economy. It refers to the Fast Moving Consumer Goods those are sold at a low cost very quickly. The FMCG product, mostly includes cosmetic, tooth cleaning, detergents and other daily used products. With the increasing demand for goods among consumers, it is impossible to satisfy the needs of following the traditional method.

To meet out the goal of goods delivered to the end-user, it is necessary to integrate the new and advance FMCG delivery software. This provides a great enhancement in the logistic industry and gives out new wings to the business.


There are mainly three crucial aspects on which FMCG companies heavily rely and these are accuracy, speed and safety. The current market is highly competitive and logistic companies are struggling hard to retain their best relationship with customers. However, there are many barriers associated with fast-moving consumer goods delivery. Some of them are as follows.

  • Limited supply: There is a limitation of the supply in the FMCG companies. So whenever you employ the traditional method limited supply is the main problem.
  • Wasting of time: The manual task assignment increases the labour cost. Moreover, it also consumes more time.
  • Lack of accuracy: The FMCG follows a long process where goods travel from the warehouse to departmental store or online store. With the traditional method, there could be a greater level of human interference and this gives rise to low accuracy.
  • No tracking of the driver: There no way to track the driver or the delivery boy. For this reason some times it gives out a bad impact on the overall scenario.
  • Goods delivered to the wrong destination: Due to lack of route planning software, there could be a chance where goods are delivered to the wrong end-user.
  • Sales efficiency: There should be well planned in the strategy that gives out the good impact on delivery sales and costs.
  • Struggling with handling the entire process: The logistics industry involves a lot of processes to carry out the smooth operation. This long chain could not be managed using the traditional method. It is difficult to monitor the journey from a manufacturing unit to the warehouse.
  • Not able to reach every customer: Sometimes it is difficult for online retailers could not be connected with every customer.
  • Customers have to wait: Following the traditional approach, it is impossible to deliver the product to the end-user on time.

How to eliminate those barriers?

The logistics industry is quite competitive and there is a strong need to eliminate those hurdles which affect the profession negatively. To remove those barriers, nothing is better than integrating the best fast moving consumer goods software that carries out all the best features.

Converting the traditional method to the modern technology-based concept, the FMCG industries could achieve their best output. Tracking of the route, drivers, real-time tracking of the goods is some of the basic elements which could make the logistic process wonderful.

While following the advance and technology-based concept, it is mandatory to focus on vendor and consumer as well. So industries must keep an eye on the consumer’s requirement. Any logistic company must choose the best fast moving consumer goods app or the solution to vanish all the problems that arise during the operation. From the manufacturing section to the delivery unit, all things must be converted to technology-oriented so that it is easy to get the revenue.

What is the delivery tracking software?

The delivery tracking software is the system that enables you to manage all the delivery of goods through a single app. It is integrated with all advance features like consumer goods distribution software through which one could track the status of dispatch goods and driver and get the confirmation of the delivery. There is all in one platform that is used to manage all the tasks.

The delivery tracking system is directly influencing the FMCG industry by providing various merits. Every business holder dreams to have a smooth operation in the profession so that it is easy to reach the height of growth and gain the revenue. Therefore it is automatically helpful in unlocking new doors of opportunities.

We just discussed what delivery tracking software is. Now, let’s see in what ways it’s impacting the FMCG industry.

1. Saving time and money:

The traditional method to deliver the goods, there could be unnecessary wastage of time. It is because there is a requirement of tracking the route. In this scenario, real-time tracking is a great thing which could help find the location. In this way, it is easy to mark the destination to find out the optimal route for the same.

2. Reduce the complaints:

The use of route optimization for delivery tracking in the fast-moving consumer goods, cut down the complaints could be reduced. In today’s time, every customer is expecting on-time delivery. The single-day delay could leave out a bad impression on the consumer and flood the business with complaints. So for this issue, the last mile route optimization software is the best solution.

3. Easy managing of the driver: With the help of their delivery tracking software, it is easy to track the current status of a driver with a real-time scenario. Furthermore, it reduces the burden on a single manager to look after every driver and mark their online attendance. On the other hand, it is easy for the driver to accept or decline the order as per the availability while accessing the interface.

4. Cut down the fuel cost:

The choosing of the wrong route and speeding reckless driving could result in unnecessary wastage of fuel. Thus, it directly affects the overall budget. It is easy to select the best route by accessing route optimization for last-mile operations and reduce fuel consumption. In case of a quick delivery, there could be possible to assign the task to the vehicle available to the nearby client’s side. It is easy to get the navigation using the logistic software.

5. Simple accessing to the database:

Mostly the FMCG software is based on the cloud system so it is easy to have access to the information or the database of the particular customer. Thus, it makes an easy accessing to the customer database. Therefore, fast-moving consumer goods software is highly in demand.

6. Avoiding the damaging of perishable goods:

There is a requirement of constant monitoring of temperature in the case of perishable goods. If the FMCG truck is carrying out any biodegradable or a similar product then it is necessary to track the temperature. A small fluctuation in the same could bring out a huge loss in the business. By using the delivery tracking software system, it could be easy to get the alert in the fluctuation and prevention of loss.

7. Availability of customer support:

Using the technology, it is possible to integrate customer support in the business. This gives rise to the smooth operation and implements the customer relationship. Using the best delivery management software, vendors can connect directly with their customers understanding their main requirements.

8. Give out the automation:

Using the best FMCG distribution software is automating the whole process. It is the best way to convert any traditional method to the modern one. Therefore, it has very good impacts on the business. This gives rise to the perfect platform where the company could reach its success.

9. Get new opportunities:

If you are following the latest tracking system then it will open new opportunities in your business. If the integrating of the delivery tracking software brings build out customer relationship. Whenever you are offering the best possible services to them, they will refer your service to others. Always remember that a good customer relationship gives out a great impact on business.

10. Avoiding wastage of goods:

Using the delivery tracking software, it is possible to cut down the risk of wastage of goods. It is because it ensures that the right product is delivered to the right hand. The clarity of the business gets improved because failed and delayed delivery could be tracked in real-time by the admin.

11. Decrease the delay: 

Studies and analysis report says that integrating the delivery management software could reduce the delayed or failed delivery by 87%. Hence, overall performance could be increased with Return of Investment. Those FMCG industries that follow the best delivery software app could experience the ROI by 63%. Therefore, increase the revenue of the company.

12. Useful in the bulk assignment: There is thousands or lacs of customers who take the service from FMCG industry. In such a scenario of bulk orders, it is not possible to manage the whole concept. However, for such a scenario, the online delivery management app could be only the solution.

13. Cut down the labour cost: Most of the business owners have to hire the manpower and this sometimes proved to be costly. This kind of scene is especially taking place when there is a requirement of delivery agents for each geographical zone. These expenses could be reduced to the level with the integration of logistic delivery app.

When the whole process is automated with the advance technology, it will solve out the problem of shortage of manpower which is the common scenario in any logistic company.

How to choose the best delivery tracking software?

The choosing of the delivery tracking system software is based on the requirement and the size of the business. For any logistic company, it is necessary to look into 360 degrees way to avail the great service of any software. More or less, the software should be fully integrated with all the basic features the industry looks.

Features of ideal delivery tracking system:

  • Route planner: For every FMCG industry, find the right route is an important factor. If there is best route planning and real-time delivery tracking system, it helps in avoiding the wastage of time and fuel consumption.
  • User-friendly: Keep in mind that software should be easy to access. When there is a simple concept, it saves the time of admin and manager of the industry. Always look for simple yet effective software to avoid any kind of complex issues.
  • Integration of real-time tracking of the driver: One of the most important factors is tracking of the driver’s position. This helps out the admin to have direct communication with the driver.
  • Automation integration: For any delivery tracking software, it must support for an automation process. If it is based on the manual strategy, then it is of no use. The automation delivery scheduling is another feature that makes the system robust and convenient.
  • Order management: Any delivery tracking app should be capable to manage the orders. This helps out in carrying out a systematic process. The tracking of sales is utmost important for the logistics company.
  • Delivery status update: To predict the current status of the product, the delivery management app must support the delivery status feature. For every logistic company, it is important to get the updates about the delivery of goods.
  • Cloud-based: Cloud computing brings out collaboration with the remote team. Both the back office department and the fellow representative could have communicated using the cloud-based sales software. This gives rise to the smooth operation and benefit to the business.
  • Electronic proof: If there is the integration of electronic proof of the delivery, the customer complaints could be reduced to the level. In such a scenario, the digital signature is used.
  • Analytics: The analysis of the overall operation helps predict the status of the industry and helps in understanding the level of improvement required in the same. The detailed report could help remove the bottleneck in the existing network.


The delivery tracking system is really helpful in making the FMCG to the best. It makes the processing fast, accurate and reliable; thus give rise to many benefits to the vendors and end-user as well. This is the reason, fast-moving consumer goods app is in high demand in the market and companies seek for the best one. Just analyse that which delivery app or the software will be best suited to your industry orientation and choose accordingly.

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