7 Reasons Why Choose Cross Platform Application Development in 2020?

“Confused with cross platform technology or native app development? Are you planning for a brand new application in the cross platform? We’ve got some good key points to start your business app development with the cross platform in 2020.”


Mobiles have taken the world to the next level. These pocket-friendly little devices have improved the lifestyle of the people and made our daily activities easier. Mobile technology has transformed the digital industry. Eventually, it led many companies to invest in mobile app development technology. The massive community has towards mobile development. From household objects to huge machinery, everything can be operated via applications.

Mobile application development has raised its popularity in almost every industry. It all started with the Native app development technology which introduces many native frameworks that help the developers to create extraordinary Android and iOS applications. The native frameworks did their best to make the mobile application industry satisfies with their performance. The smart developers didn’t limit to native, they developed the cross platform which was the icing on the cake. Yes, now the application development became much easier than before.

What is Cross Platform App Development?

Cross platform application development is a practice of developing software that is compatible with various platforms and operating systems. Cross platform applications refer to an application that can be run on various platforms such as Android, iOS, and other OS.

Cross platform, in a short time, became the soul of the mobile app development industry. Over 90% of application developers choose the cross platform for mobile application development. Why? We’ve got the best reasons that convince you that cross platform is so “Good-to-go” option for your mobile application development.

Benefits Of Cross Platform Mobile App Development

1. Reuse The Code:

Instead of writing the code every time for each platform. Cross platforms allow you to write code once and reuse the code on various required platforms, This feature made the developer’s task easy and saved a lot of time.

Reuse The Code

2. Cost-effective Solutions For Mobile Application:

It also saves the cost of hiring a different developer for each platform. The client won’t need to hire different developers for Android and iOS application development. Now, one cross platform app developer can make the code run on both Android and iOS platforms. Cross platform mobile application saves time and money.

Cost-effective Solutions For Mobile Application

3. Hassle-free Cross Platform Integration With Cloud:

Cross platform mobile app development allows you to leverage the benefits of various plugins and extensions with cloud settings. In general, the single code can have access to the numerous number of plugins and extensions to enhance the app functionality and make it robust.

4. Quick Deployment and Customization:

As we discussed above, write the code once and run it everywhere is the concept of cross platform app development. Cross platform allows easy customization as code is written once, the developer doesn’t need to revise the code for any customization. It saves extra expenditure and allows app developers to deploy more quickly as compared to native app deployment.

5. Alluring UI Designs:

Cross platforms frameworks allows developers to make a single structure of designing and make it run on various platforms. Like this, the developers can make the uniform user experience that engages the users. A single design running on various platforms makes it more feasible for developers and designers to work.

6. Easy Maintenance:

Since in cross platform mobile app development, the code is written once. It is easier to make changes in the deployed code. Updates can be smoothly synced over all platforms and devices. In this way, it is easy to maintain a single codebase.

7. Maximum Reach to the Target Audience:

Cross-platform enables you to reach the maximum audience. It allows user to build applications as well as web apps with a single codebase. However, both apps and web versions have an aim to reach the audience. Likewise, the client can reach a wide range of audiences in less budget.

Popular Cross Platform Frameworks in 2020

Some renowned Cross Platform framework we urge you to use once in 2020. These will surely help you to ease your business requirements. There’s a large market of numerous cross platform mobile app development frameworks. Out of those, these are widely accepted:

Popular Cross Platform Frameworks


2.React Native





These frameworks have made the developers go gaga around them. Flutter is the latest and highly-demanded cross platform framework that actively participate in your development. It makes your development tasks much more manageable and lets you perform the task in less time span.

Pro-tip: Before selecting any cross platform application framework, make sure you are clear with your application related requirements. This will give you a clear vision of the type of framework used for developing the desired application.

Answer To Your Question Related To Choosing To Cross Platform Development

The question may arise: Who is benefited with the invention of cross platform mobile app development: Developers or app owners?

The answer is both parties are benefited from this technology. For developers, it is easy to code and use it everywhere. They can customize the code and also work updates without revising the entire code. For app owners, it is a cost-effective solution as only one developer is needed for app development. Previously, the owner used to hire two developers: Android developer and iOS developers are their app development. Now hiring one developer is all they need. It also saves and speeds up the launching session.

Final Words:

The evolution in the technology made the application development more advanced and made lives luxurious. Cross platform mobile application development is one of those technologies which took the app development to the next level and still continues to bring some more amazing advancements in the application industry.

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