Top 5 free Tracking tools that can be used by Start-up firms to manage their business operations

Have you been trying to manage your business and getting stuck to understand how you could get better leads or generate more revenue? One of the first steps is to show your website in front of the right target audience and thus start out by improving and managing your website and which in turn improves its ranking. Here are some easy tips which can help you not just monitor your company’s progress but will also help you get an understanding of KPIs that you could monitor over time.

Top 5 free Tracking tools

How to ensure your monitor correctly?

  • Monitor the same parameters each time.
  • Monitor each change separately to see its effect like specific guest blog or specific paid campaign to quantify return gained from each activity.
  • Have a baselinefiguresorted before you start doing any of your project tracking. This could take 2 weeks of analyzing how your website visitors are interacting and then adding on top of it.
  • Monitor at the same duration considering any specific holiday or season

Managing your webpages:

If you have created your website, you need to know how to optimize it. This is an ongoing work and can only be done with a dedicated pool of resources. Ideally people working in each of these departments should be working individually to ensure you have an unbiased coverage in below areas:

  • Website management: To ensure your target audience can get the information they are looking for.
  • SEO management: To ensure your site is indexed higher and ranked on top on google searches not just for content but also had optimized images.
  • Content Management: To create new and engaging content for your business.
  • Paid marketing: If you are interested to spend to generate leads from Google, FB marketing or other similar websites.
  • Analytics: To track and ensure your efforts are going in the right direction over time.

Solet’s have a look at how you could manage and monitor the progress of your company with these 5 easy tools

1. SEO Optimization ( )

To measure and improve your SEO is a long road ahead. To get started here are some key parameters you should measure and should try to improve week over week on these parameters. The link for SeoOptimizer site is highly recommend as it captures the SEO across all areas listed below. These measuresand track these factors providing a grading from A to F

  • SEO: Checking robots.txt file, Ranking on Google Searches, XML sitemap etc.
  • Usability: Checking if the content is readable or not, Font sizing is optimum etc.
  • Performance: Any JavaScript error on page, images are optimized
  • Social: Connectivity of all account on your home page and ensuring some level of activity
  • Security: Making your Site SSL enabled and having HTTPS secure redirect.

SEO Optimization


It is a search ranking score which determines a score starting from 1 to 100 and how well your website would rank among other service providers. It measures the below factors when arriving at the score:

  • Domain Authority or Domain Ranking: It tells you how well the page would rank on Search engine result page
  • Page Authority: Refers to how well each page is ranking on the search engine
  • Backlinks: It would tell you how many website pages are currently pointing to your domaina direct measure of how popular your website is

Check your Moz Ranking using the link shared and get the scoring as below


Moz Ranking using the link shared and get the scoring as below

3. Google Analytics: (

Google analytics helps you manage your website visits as well as bounce rate and sessions. It also lets you know which keyword is working better than others. How your Ad campaigns are performing. Click on Home section to find below parameters to monitor.

  • Users
  • Sessions
  • Bounce rate
  • Session duration

Click on the behavior section and then overview to find below parameters that can be tracked

  • Page Views
  • Unique views
  • Bounce Rate

Google Analytics

4. Search Console (

Similar to analytics there isanother tool called Search console or webmasters. It helps to search and provides specific search criteria that list your page. Integrate your website to search analytics to get information and insights. Note search console and landing page are keys between Analytics and Search Console It shows:

  • Click on Coverage section to show if any pages are in error during indexing

Search Console

  • Click on Performance section to show top clicks and impressions.

Click on Performance section to show top clicks and impressions.

5. Social mediatools:

To integrate your Social Media at a single place if you have followers more than 10K and you generate traffic from them and want to keep them engaged it is a good idea to use a tool likeHootsuite which has a free tier plan to get you started. Target atleast 3-4 and maximum of 8 Social Media accounts for brand management and to keep your audience engaged. These social media could be used depending on the type of business you are and whether you are in the B2B or B2C niche. Hootsuite has a free tier plan which lets you manage and integrate all your social accounts and create scheduled posts and blogs. Check out below section on how Twitter, LinkedInand other accounts are added and managed via stream concept. In order to create an engaging content for your subscribers, it needs to be planned well in advance. Below are some aspects which needs to be taken into account to create a marketing plan and content

  • Create a topic list spread across your offerings and keywords which the buyer persona is most likely to search
  • Create an editorial calendar on when you plan to publish these articles for review
  • Add 1-2 image to go with each article which should uniquely identify the content of the article
  • Create a publishing plan for each platform like social Media, your website, LinkedIn or other areas where you plan to publish these articles.

Social mediatools


Note that though the tools are in order to get results it is needed to carefully follow below steps:

  • Plan and execute your SEO and website strategies which helps to improve website ranking over a period of time.
  • It is recommended to put ina consistent amount of work week on week to help you stay on top of your game
  • If you have managed to read through all the free tools and features it may be worth upgrading to a paid version to make use of additional and advanced SEO optimization tools and techniques.

Hope this article throws some light on how you could make use of the FREE tools and techniques to optimize your SEO and website.

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