How to Earn Best Survey Results in Less Time?


How to Earn Best Survey Results in Less Time?

“That t-shirt doesn’t look good on you.”

“You should have bought a better mobile.”

“You considered the advice of a wrong person.”

Opinions do matter. No matter how much we pretend that they don’t. And keep mulling over it for the next few hours. The scenario is a little different with businesses. You cannot just take opinions and do nothing with them. If your products and services do not receive acceptance and appreciation you expect, your business is sure to shut down. And the best way to garner opinions is – to conduct Surveys.

Most of the marketers today look for creative ways to conduct surveys, get better leads, and learn more about them. Conducting surveys through CRM is a sure shot strategy to do so. There are several online survey tools available in the market that enable sales professionals to shoot surveys directly from their CRM. However, despite of this, not every company is able to get effective results. Take a look at some of the facts given below:

  • It’s difficult to get people complete surveys and fill it
  • Certain surveys have a response rate of just 10%

There are certain considerations you make when you want to get the best survey results in less time.

Let’s find out about them in detail:

Define the Purpose

While you are planning the survey, it is important to know about the purpose you wish to solve through the survey. Only after defining the purpose, you would be able to create the questions you want the audience to answer. In case you want to turn the report into a chart or graph, you should consider that too while creating survey questions.

After you have defined the purpose, you need to list every question on the rank of importance. For example, if you want to know whether or not the audience will receive your product, you need to put questions about what they think about the product first. It will give you an idea as to whether the survey is relevant. As and when you work on the rank of importance, do not give much information about the survey purpose to your audience. It will create bias amongst them and affect your results.

Work on the Demographics

Do you want to market your products to women over 25 or men under 30? Are you willing to target children too? The answers to these questions will decide the kind of questions you need to ask and how you will ask them. If you are targeting children, you will have to form your questions accordingly. You can take help of a Survey expert to help you create the questions. Thereafter, a CRM Survey Tool will help you to create questions and organize them into different categories according to your requirements.

Classify the Questions Well

The experts compare the attention span of internet users with that of a goldfish. And hence the survey should be direct and explicit. If you ask lengthy questions that look like paragraphs, it can increase the drop out rates. So, ensure that the questions are crisp, orderly, and have appropriate breaks.

One of the popular SugarCRM survey modules in the market makes use of a feature named Skip Logic. It follows the following procedure:

  • Admin of the CRM creates a survey
  • Once the admin creates the survey, they can create different types of Skip Logic including the ones given below:
  • Redirect respondent to the chosen page of the survey
  • Redirect the respondent to the question of your choice based on their answer to the previous question
  • Send the respondent directly to the end of the survey
  • Redirect the survey givers to external URL
  • Admin can save the survey and send the link of it through emails
  • Respondents can open the survey link and give the answers
  • Depending on the path that the Admin decides, the Survey Tool applies the Skip Logic

This branching logic works wonders and navigates the respondents to appropriate questions throughout the survey. Also, think about the type of answers you want for each question as it helps you to frame your questions well.

Make It Crisp

As mentioned above, it’s better not to make your Survey respondents feel like they are reading a novel. The length of the survey should be such that your audience finds it appealing. So, no matter how badly you need answer to your questions, you must remember that if the survey is lengthy, it can turn off your respondents. The best way to ensure that your survey is crisp is to respond to it yourself. It will give you a better perspective about how long it should be.

Test It Well

After you complete making the survey using your CRM Survey Tool, you must share it with your closest group. The people who can provide you with honest feedbacks and criticism. That way, you would be able to get rid of the flaws, if any, pertaining to response and time. It is also possible to add a comment section in the survey so that the tester group can provide you with the feedback helping you to bring the necessary changes in your survey. Make sure you do not show these suggestions to other respondents as it can create a wrong impression.

Make the Necessary Changes

It just doesn’t get over with getting feedbacks. You also need to go through all the suggestions as well as comments and implement the changes. Ensure that you take ample amount of time to make sure that the questions are up to the mark. This is quite important as you cannot make changes once you have published the survey.

Target the Online Respondents

Target the Online Respondents
Online survey tools are best put to use when your respondents are online. It provides you with quick, prompt and real-time responses. Think about the audience and what would be an ideal time to get responses from them. Let’s say you have asked a question that says “Would you like to be an entrepreneur or have a job?” The answer to this question would be different on Friday and Monday. Students are unavailable over the weekends. Mothers might be available to respond during late hours at night.

Mull over these areas and release your survey accordingly. Twitter analytics tools also help you to know the timelines during which your audience prefers to tweet. You can prefer to shoot your survey during that time. If you have Suite/SugarCRM, you will be able to define the time and date of the survey using the Suite or SugarCRM Survey Module. You can decide it whether you want to share it immediately or sometime later.

Finishing Up…

We hope you liked our tips to get the best Survey results in a short span of time. Conducting Surveys through your CRM is the right way to go if you want to make improvements in your brand and win the hearts of your customers. So, what are you waiting for? Buckle up and get ready to shoot a survey now!

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