Top 7 Emerging Technology Trends For 2023 You Should Be Aware of


With the end of 2021, many new trends in technology emerged mainly because the world is adapting to a pandemic-stricken environment. Thanks to the new COVID waves coming every year, industries are rapidly shifting their primary operations to the online mode. As the world is evolving exponentially to adapt to its new challenges, tech companies are pulling through with innovations that can make life easier for people worldwide.

The advancements in technology have benefited every field in existence- from education to retail to entertainment to daily lives. Thanks to technology, everything from groceries to breakout escape rooms is accessible to people in just a few clicks.


Why should I care about technology trends?

If there was any major takeaway from 2020-2021 for humanity, it is definitely the fact that things are not going back to the way we were used to them. And that is not necessarily a bad thing. Even amidst the struggle of sudden changes, technological innovations managed to keep us afloat. When lockdowns made it practically impossible to see our loved ones in person, video conference platforms became our saviors.

When corporates were at the brink of shutdowns, work from home technologies ushered in a new era of productivity and professionalism. Even in the fields of healthcare, technology made it possible for people to seek consultation when doctors could no longer see them physically.

Why should I care about technology trends

So, the bottom line is technology is not the future of human existence. It is the present. Keeping up with technological trends not only means you are better prepared to adapt to incoming changes, but it also allows you the knowledge about how you can use the additional assistance of these tech trends to optimize your days.

Staying updated with emerging technologies is especially important for business owners. Whether it is customer acquisition, security, sales operations, or new business opportunities, the field of tech decides the fate of every aspect of a business, especially today, with most sectors operating online. Tools like Google forms, Analytics, and Marketing analytics simplify understanding the mentality and interest of the customers. Trello, Bandcamp, and their likes help with project management. And programs like Uranium, Rubrik, or Rewind ensure that your business data is backed up and secured.

It is no exaggeration to say that those who keep up with tech are ahead of the game in many ways. Be it business or life, technology is your aid and assistant today. And for that reason, solely, all of us should care to keep up with it!

Top 7 Emerging Technology Trends You Must Know About

There is a reason why the sector of tech has managed to remain pretty indifferent amidst all the changes happening in the world. It is because change is a constant in this industry. Every year, new trends emerge and replace the older ones with swiftness. Understanding and implementing all these trends can be difficult. To make the process simpler for you, we have prepared a list of the top 7 trends which you must know about to adjust better to the rapidly changing world:

1. Hyper automation

Hyper-automation refers to a mixture of components from process automation, integration tools, and technologies that help in amplifying the ability to do work automatically. With the start of robotic process automation, the process is expanding with automation capability and artificial intelligence in the field of mining, analytics, and other advanced areas. The idea behind this is to automate more and more work by utilizing knowledge and engaging everyone to be a part of the change. The automation process helps in unlocking the maximum benefits of an automated enterprise. It also helps in creating better customer satisfaction with minimized operational costs and business resilience.

Like the movie Marvel and the tremendous supply of hyper-automation shown in Iron Man, the main goal is to make such kinds of machines that are independent to work for their developers. Presently, many government authorities and organizations are also working to extract the maximum results from hyper-automation. The companies are moving forward and including this process in their businesses, and later on, the plan to expand it ahead to the market promotes stabilization, precision, and innovation. The world of hyper-automation and its extent is just growing, and it will guarantee to be one of the biggest technologies of all time in a few years.

2. VR/AR for Shopping

The world of VR/AR is rising every day. From games to reality, you would not even realize how fast it has evolved. Live shopping is a great way to accelerate the transformations of VR/AR and help a range of industries like gaming, fashion, etc., to grow and fulfill the needs of their customers. With AR, you can now test a product how it looks on your body before actually buying it. This technology is growing fast in the West, where the customers are using AR/VR to test designers and different outfits and shoes on their bodies because they are using them. The computer automatically picks up your measurements and build a suit for you

The products and services are now available around the globe. Additionally, the customers can know the product’s specifications and decide whether they want to buy it or not. Making automated payments and hassle-free purchasing is also an additional benefit that ensures high-end security. This is one of the trendiest technologies that has been gaining huge popularity in the fashion world and hence can be seen as a potential future of the e-commerce world.

3. PEC (Privacy Enhancing computation)

Ironically enough, with the onset of the virtual era, even the world of crimes has shifted to online mode. Cybercrimes were very much prevalent from the start, but with the whole accounts and currency moving to online modes, the rate of crimes has also increased. We must have heard of some other cybercrime in recent days. 2021 was reportedly the worst year of data breaches and cybercrimes. This is probably the only negative about the world of the Internet.

There has been a new establishment of technological trends which would help you in eradicating the fear of cybercrimes.

PEC is one such solution that helps in managing the differential identities and individual documents locked with law-supporting algorithms and strengthened by encryption. The buying and selling of cloud-based assets can be accelerated at the earliest stages so that the companies can upgrade their data sharing speed and monetize the opportunities that might help them in the accomplishment of their business goals.

The advancement in PEC and its high level of technologies helps in the protection of data of individual users and puts a stop to any sensitive data exposure. This is also helpful for individual use for protecting your personal information and data from social media.

4. CNP (Cloud Native Platforms)

CNP are platforms that know how to monitor, build, optimize, and deploy applications relying on the public, private, hybrid, or any other form of the cloud. Around 50% of applications that will be developed this upcoming year will be cloud-driven. This will help the businesses to save costs on manual management of applications, and thus, a flexible growth of the company is ensured.

CNP will also help automate tasks and associated actions, which will further ensure that all the shortcomings in the efforts of the team of cloud-native will be put directly. Thus, all these challenges can then be turned into a set of activities ensuring better customer experience and business growth even in challenging times.

Does your cloud-native platform provide all these facilities? If not, then it is time to adopt cloud-native architecture in your business and deploy them for creating better CNP and meeting the changing demands of the customers from various places.  The latest research by IBM shows how the adaptation of CNP has resulted in huge developments.

5. Sustainable Energy Solutions

With the over-utilization of resources, it can be easily said that sustainable energy solutions will be the future of the world. Whether it be the high rates of Petroleum or the fast fashion industry, the need to use sustainable energy solutions is essential.

Many start-ups are now focusing on producing products for leisure and work which are sustainable. Sustainable energy solutions refer to solutions that do not cause any harm to the environment or living beings. The main aim of using them is to create a healthy environment for the future world to live in. Sustainable sources also include the usage of resources like wind, water, sun for producing energy and sustaining through them. The best part about these is that they get biodegraded easily and do not cause any harm to the environment.

When coupled with new energy resources like hydrogen, biofuels, and renewable energy, this solution can be a huge benefit and can play a huge role in everyday chores. In 2022, there has been a profound motivation among people for using this kind of energy resources, and hence this is a field with many potential advantages.

6. BlockChain

Blockchain helps in boosting the transparency and efficiency of multiple business processes. It is a way of recording the transactions made in bitcoins or another cryptocurrency across several computers which are linked in a peer-to-peer network.  This is one of the most efficient ways of tracing and distributing databases so that the data can be traced and recorded in the form of blocks and blockchains security.


With the help of this, the businesses can now easily determine the course-of-actions with the stress of manual data exchange and can take place at any time or anywhere. Suppose you are struggling to create a technically-flexible process and figure out how to overcome the shortcomings of traditional databases. In that case, this technological programming is a great way to keep a check on security with comparatively lower transaction costs and hassle-free payments. The blockchains also help in keeping track of the payment so that in case of any money problems or illegal fees, you can easily find who is responsible.

7. Low Code/No code Solutions:

Coding is one of the most important aspects of technological advancements. While coding can be easy once you understand it, it might not always be possible that you have a good coding hand over any technological advancement. Software developmental steps can cause a huge push on your pocket. There have been new technologies that don’t use extensive developers or competitive codes to start the coding language.

The low code or no-code solutions helps in saving a lot of time and cost, which the developers and coders might not invest in easily while learning or writing lots of codes. The readymade features help the remaining less-coding fluent programmers in increasing the visibility of the businesses online. The prime motive of this was to eliminate the chances of any delay in the working processes because of a lack of services in maintaining or building applications.

It is better to know all these technologies because they would ultimately help in saving the most important resource, money, from being wasted. If your business is technology extensive, then this is probably one of the best things you could do for the less- tech enthusiastic employees.


Technology is in itself a huge spectrum that can further be differentiated into massive divisions. These were just a bucket of water in the well of technologies. The evolution of technology has been one of the greatest inventions that are and will keep on getting better each day. It is also essential to keep in mind that not everything will work for you. Technology trends are a world of trial and test. Something that might be a superhit version one day might get corrupted the next day. So, you must learn and evolve.

These were just a few of the trends predicted to rule the 2022 world. Some of these might be useful for you, or some might not be. You can check more technology trends and learn about them through different mediums of the Internet. In 2022, COVID will continue to impact our lives. This means that the rate of digitalization and virtualization will keep on accelerating. So, stay updated with all the trends because who knows which might work for your business!

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