How to Grow Your Instagram Followers With Zero Dollar Budget

How to Grow Your Instagram Followers With Zero Dollar Budget

Did you know almost 90 percent of Instagram users follow at least one business? Well, that is a huge number that you can be sure about for its helpfulness in marketing.

Building your Instagram following can cost a lot of budget share. But we have the methods that can save you all of this money and bring results.

Never Compromise on Content Quality

Although content is not the only thing users come to social media for. But, if your Instagram does not have any quality content, you have no chance to thrive.

With good content, you have all the space for marketing on this platform. And when you can make good content, you can reach new markets. Following are some of the tips that you can use for such marketing:

  • You should know your audience. To know your audience, you should make the right decisions when looking to make content. You should clarify points that you should know and people would like to see. Knowing their psychographics and demographics would be a great help.
  • Measure the performance of your work. At the same time, you should try to mix different types of content.
  • The need for a good caption is always there. So, you should know what kind of bio you should have.
  • User-generated content should be among the options. It would definitely help you reach new markets.
  • CTA is a must. With a good call-to-action, you can reach more people and get traffic to your landing pages and other social handles as well.

Mix different types of Content For Promotion

There are three different types of content that you can use for your help. You can use conversational content, shared content, and promotional content.

Trying all of these types would always be helpful. So, you can try out these for better reach and other results.

Monitor Your Hashtags 

When it is about hashtags monitoring, you should know which ones are performing well for you. Monitoring is evident as you can have better results when you know what is performing best.

Once you find out the best-performing hashtags for your niche, you are good to use them. There are certain tools that you can use for your performance tracking.

Optimisation at the level of profile 

The need for an optimised profile is always there. So, there are steps that you should know to improve your profile.

Ensure that your profile is public and there is consistency in the content. Using one combination of colours for each post or one type of theme can help you build a better following.

With this kind of consistency, you can reach more people.

Your username should be searchable and make it your business name. With an Instagram business account, you can have more reach. The last thing you should do is add a link in your bio. So, you have got all covered with these tactics.

Captions Are a Great Thing to Use

What kind of captions you use is up to your creativity and writing ability. But, still, there are some things that you can do to make them look special.

You should add only one symbol per line. Your caption can be as long as 2,200 characters. That is a lot. If you do not know how much it is, you can check it out from this article. Go to the end of the third subheading, and you can measure it as long as the second last word ends.

There is a lot of character count, so you have all the space to make a killer impression. So, use it to the extent and make your content worth more.

What kind Of Caption Can You Use?

There is a set criterion about what kind of captions you should try. You can add information in this section. Stay consistent with the brand voice and create something you believe in. Your caption should have a call-to-action too.

Ensure that you deliver value with your captions, and it is not a mere set of words without any value. Some experts believe that you should try using questions and emojis as well.

Get More Comments 

You can use several ways to have more comments on Instagram. This means you should try the following to get more of them.

Contests and Giveaways

There are several types of giveaways that you can try for better reach. With every kind of contest, you have a certain kind of help that comes. You can use it to reach more people and tap into new markets on social media.

Some of the top types of contests are tag and share contests, like and share contests, and others.

The primary benefit of such contests multiplies when you do it with an influencer. But if you wish to do it for free, you can have results with that. So, try it by yourself. If you want it to be free of cost, you can offer some promotions. However, giveaways are the best method to use here.

Promote Your Profile 

Promoting your profile on all social media platforms is a must for better results. So, be sure that you use it. You should try your best to promote your content to other social media platforms.

Experiment with Hashtags

On the one hand, where you should know your best-performing hashtags, be sure to try new ones. It can help you promote your content in a better way. So, make sure that you do it.

Tagging is a Great Tool

The use of tagging is a recommendation for content creators. It can help you have more engagement and bring better help for you.

Use all Features

Using all features can be a great way to make your content special. So, you should try your best to use all of them. You can engage more with live features, highlights, stories, and reels.

Try all of these to make your content a big buzz on this platform. Using these features does not even cost you money. So, you have a chance to use these for your help.

How To Use These Features

These features have their special ways that you can use to maximise their results.

Use of Reels For More Followers 

When you use a reel, you should have some music with it. Make sure that you use the right video length, and you can also use other features. The use of speed slow downs, and speed-up tools can also help you.

Trying your pre-existing videos can be helpful as well. It would be best if you tried to manage camera audio and add some GIFs. Try pen and text as well.

When using music, you should try to add captions too. It would help if you tried to use relevant tags, and using them to make your posts is great.

Tik Tok videos in reels are a great way to improve your results. You should also try adding titles to your reels to help people find what they are interested in.

One of the most common and impressive ways would be to give tips about something. You can film yourself giving tips.

Use of the Live feature For More Followers

The Live feature can help as well. You must be considerate of the needs of this feature. With a good title for your video, you scan use your content in a better way.

With “pin comments,” you can have a better return for your time. When you are used to bringing people on board for live, make sure to remind them of you coming live before you do.

To avoid trolls, you should turn their comments to mute. Staying confident is the key, so make yourself comfortable. Facing the camera can be difficult in the beginning, but when you are used to it, you have all the confidence you need.

Managing nervousness is a complete art that you can learn as there is a lot of science involved as well.

Save your Video 

When you spend a lot of time making a live video, you need to save it once you are done. When you have it saved, you can watch it and share it again as well.

How To Use Stories 

We all are quite familiar with the Stories feature on Instagram. So, you should also know some best practices that you can use.

The use of storyboarding would help. It would be best if you stayed inside the lines to ensure that you have the right dimensions and setting for your content.

You should ensure that you use the right type of elements for your content.

At the same time, you should know the fonts and colours you should use. Once you choose a theme, sticking to it would be best to make the audience accustomed to your brand theme.

The experts also believe in the use of text-shadow and boomerangs. One of the best ways to create some interest in an audience is to use stickers.

When you add some call-to-actions, you can also try elements to do that. So, you can use pointing elements to allow people to know what they should do next.

You can save a lot of time with good templates, so try to design some of them. Once you have a theme and a template, you are ready to make it quick.

How To Use Highlights For followers?

Getting more followers would be quick if you use highlights as well. So, you can use the following types of content to make it special.

  • Behind-the-scenes
  • Reviews
  • Blogs would work as well.
  • Event coverage can be a great idea to get better highlights for your Instagram.

Now that you have an idea of what kind of content would work here, you can try different types of highlights. The use of products and collectibles in stories is a recommendation.

If you have a brand that is ready to announce something, try highlights. Informational stuff is always a TOFU or top of the funnel content.

So, you can use such content to attract an audience to your brand. When you have a good following, you should interact with them in the form of FAQ story highlights. Trying to introduce your team would be great as well.

How To Use Filters for More Followers? 

There are different ways that you can use to get more filters. When you are looking to get filters, you can get them from your friends.

You should know the name of the filter your friend used, and you can go to the bottom of the screen. At the bottom of the screen, you should click “try it” and then “down arrow” to save it.

Final Thoughts

We talked about some of the best ways to get more followers and how you can use them. Tagging, the live feature, stories, and highlights can help you. At the same time, you can use filters. Staying consistent can help you have better results for your following.

We also talked about some of the top features of Instagram and how to use them. With help in making videos and photos, you can have better results in your promotion.

This means you should know how to help you have better socialising and improved marketing.

Promoting your content and profile would help. While staying consistent and creating quality content would always be helpful. So, try to manage your things with the help of these methods. When you take care of all of these problems, you can have a great result for your insta profile.

With the help of interaction and captions, you can bring more followers to your profile. All of these helpful methods do not cost any money. That means you can build your business without spending any money. Once your business is up and running, you can spend money to strengthen it further.

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