Top 7 Time Tracking Apps For Freelancers in 2018

Time is your very first priority. Whether you’re working for a company or you’re running your own business, you need to manage your time efficiently. If you’re looking for ways to manage your time, there are multiple time tracking apps to help you stay focused and help you to achieve the work in given time period. Time tracking apps help you to stay organized, focused, devoted to take your business to the next level. Freelancers have embraced the use of these apps, in fact, time tracking apps are particularly designed for freelancers who don’t have a boss, who don’t have to give 8 to 9 hours to the job. They get paid on hourly basis as they are assigned to complete a task in a limited time.

Top Time Tracking Apps

There are many time tracking apps that have the same functions. But not all time tracking apps are designed equally. Some are created particularly to benefit the freelancers. Some focus on making apps to help the freelancers to stay focused and manage their time accordingly while others are created for to managers to ease their lives. Most importantly these apps help to improve the productivity of the business. Students, officers, and home-based writers find it easy to use the app and finish the task in allotted time period.

To help you find the top 7 time tracking apps we have selected these apps to help you boost productivity and track your projects.

  • Top Tracker

This is a completely free app with no premium version and is not designed for any one particular store. Since it was built by freelance network, it gives extra benefits to the freelancers by giving complete control of what gets tracked down and number of times. In addition to time tracking, the app helps you to track down the written description, break down your freelance project into activities, and capture screenshots to be added to your bio. Moreover, TopTracker makes use of all the tools such as timer, webcam shots, screenshots, but virtual assistant have the ability to take control of written descriptions only or blurred pictures.

  • Tick Time

Tick is a great app that is preferable for freelancers who have many projects on hand as it can become expensive if a freelancer is a one-project freelancer. For a freelancer who is working on a single project might not be able to afford as he may not find the need to use the app. Tick is simple and can be easily used across the devices but it can get pricey for a freelancer with one project and it might affect his expenses. Tick time app is only beneficial for freelancers who have many projects on hand at a time by helping them doing multi-tasking to save some time.

  • Toggl

Toggl time tracking app is developed to measure the speed and usability in mind to help the busy freelancers. The app is quite simple to use and helps the freelancers to check the real time. Toggl has been built with keeping productivity in mind and research has shown that Toggl helps to increase the productivity since it saves real time. The simplicity has also let freelancers to learn new things on regular basis.

  • Klok

Klok is a great desktop application that helps the freelancers to divide their task into categories such as estimated time you’ll take to complete a similar project in present and future. This can effectively help the freelancer to manage his time and saving some time that can be utilized on completing other projects.

  • RescueTime

RescueTime is a great app for freelancers who are curious to know how much time they are spending without reporting back to the manager. The app will give the individual a detailed report of how he spends his personal time, this will tell him to either increase the ratio of his working or reduce. This will also satisfy the curiosity of the freelancer.

  • Harvest

Harvest is yet another app that lets the freelancers to track different projects at the same time. If you’re working as a team and you need to assess the teamwork you can use the app to manage different projects. This can help increase the productivity of the freelancer’s business. Moreover, it makes it easy for you to integrate if you’re working with apps that help you with remote work.

  • Due Time

Due Time is an app that lets the freelancer to track time with automatic idle time detected. Basically, when you start the time a new session starts instantly. As the project proceeds, you can use time tracking to produce invoice based on time rates you have set. The app will also help in organizing client’s details like address, time, and even currency differences. This also aids in making information and documents easy to access to save more time on customers recovery.

In conclusion

Regardless of whichever app you select, always remember that the ultimate goal of using these apps is to manage your time easily and increase your business productivity. Make sure to select handy apps that you find easy to work with and avoid the apps that are hard to assess or have complicated interface.

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