Trading Opportunities Virtual Card Which Helps To Grow Business


With the growing trading opportunities, we see a huge number of frequent travellers come and leave Dubai every day. These people come to Dubai in search of some good profit deals through their investment projects running here. To get some unique and attractive perks, an account holder can get different kinds of opportunities through the banking sector by using a virtual card.

With the involvement of latest technological reforms, the services of different banks working in Dubai regarding their benefits are completely exceptional unique. Now if we differentiate the services, these are including the following:

  • Cashback discount offers
  • Air miles points
  • Cinema card offers e.g. discount offers on movies tickets

There are much more than we have mentioned above and these vary from card to card. So if you are a movie lover then for sure you should open an account in a particular bank in Dubai that can provide some attractive offers regarding cinema offers. Keep one thing in your mind that only a card which is specific for a certain product can be useful.

In case you are frequent traveller then only the best travel card can meet the demands of a traveller. Some of the cards are only specific for movie offers and cinema offers. Such as if we can take the example of Mashreq Bank, it can provide some best options regarding cinema offers. This bank is directly involved with Novo cinema for special discount offers.

Some special discount offers on cinema cards

Most of the banks work in UAE provide special discount offers on cinema credit card. Here we will try to analyze a brief overview of the benefits and perks being provided by different banks such as:

If you are using a cinema credit card you can buy one get one free movie tickets to offer. This offer is specific only for some special cards and no other bank can compete for this offer. A common card can also be used for paying the utility bills. Like other cards, one has different facilities such as easy payment plans, 24-hour auto assistance, and free money transfers through mobile banking services.

We have another outstanding offer for you which is being provided by IMAX cinema. This is unique and completely amazing among all other IMAX cinema offers on which one can get 50% off on all latest movie tickets.

What are the key features to avail an entertainment card?

Some of the key features regarding card services particularly entertainment offers, let’s have a look on the following points – If you are an expat or an outsider, you require a minimum salary of AED 8,000 per month to get the services of a credit card from any bank. Now the most important point that every credit card holder should be clear about the repayment period which is up to 21 days on a card.

This is the most important point and it means that one should have to pay the bills of the credit card on very first of every month to avoid from the extra interest rate. It is really tough to afford some extra amount which is known as an outstanding balance that one can never pay back if he/she gets late from his/her usual payments.

This is also very important that minimum payment of 5% is available on a card for taking the annual services which. One can also use entertainment card to make investments in Dubai. But we suggest you use this card purely for the purpose it is being provided which is for sure about cinema offers.

Most of the card also charge an annual fee which is mostly not too much. The annual fee applicable on a cinema card is AED 500 with amazing discount offers. This is not a fixed pattern on all other cards maybe some of the cards will charge no annual fee.

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