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In business, apart from rendering service, you also want to get paid. Get paid is important. Also, when you get paid and how to get paid is also as important because you have to get paid when it is most appropriate for your business. You also want to get paid through a means that is convenient for you and also for your business. This is true for every business and the transportation management business is not an exception. This is where your invoice comes in.

If you own trucking business or you have concluded your land for starting a trucking business, there is something as important as you’re trucking business and that is your invoice and this has to do with getting paid. Your trucking business needs an invoicing system that is perfect and most suiting for the payment and invoicing needs of your trucking business.

Before now, the invoicing for trucking businesses was done manually. And this was also a cumbersome process with having to maintain numerous records, especially for larger trucking businesses and operations. But technology has changed all that. Today we now have software for trucking businesses that cater to the various needs and operations of trucking companies and businesses.

In this article, we are going to examine the trucking invoice software. We are going to examine the benefits that lie in using a trucking invoice software which will help to improve your business. While we are at it, I am going to present to us a trucking invoice software that I consider myself to be the best choice in the industry.

trucking invoice software

Benefits of Using Trucking Invoice Software forYour Trucking Business

As an owner of a commercial truck or someone who owns a trucking company I a sure you know how much your invoice is to you. Depending on how long you have been in the trucking industry, you probably knew when invoices were done and written manually. Well, you should also know that that has changed since the last decade at least.

Trucking invoice software has taken over. Well, you can argue that that is not the case for some trucking businesses or truck owners. But the fact remains that the majority of truck owners and trucking companies now use trucking invoice software for preparing their invoices. This is especially true for large trucking companies. You can believe me that they did not do this just for the sake of doing it. They decided to go the way of trucking invoice software because they have seen and confirmed the immense benefits that trucking invoice software offers their businesses.

Some of the benefits of using trucking invoice software for your business include;

  • Enables You To Track Your Expenses

Using trucking invoice softwarefor your trucking business enables you to track your business expenses. Some of the expenses which trucking invoice software can help you to track includes fuel surcharge, tolls and also parking expenses for your truck.

  • Helps In IFTA Reporting

As a trucking business, you know you have to make your IFTA reporting and filing. Trucking invoice software makes it easy for you to prepare your IFTA reporting by providing you with all the data you need.

  • Helps You To Track Loads

When you use a trucking invoice software for your trucking business it makes it more simple and easy for you to track loads using the detailed information contained in the invoice such as driver’s details, delivery date, truck information and delivery time.

  • Business Integration

Trucking invoice software can alsoprovide your trucking business the benefit of integrating your business operations.

Exspeedite Has The Best Trucking Invoice Software In The Market

There are many trucking invoice software in the market. I am sure that you must have also come across a number of them in your search for a trucking invoice software for your business. Well, of them all, I only consider one a market leader. And that is Exspeedite.

Exspeedite is the best trucking invoice software out there and for many good reasons. With Exspeedite trucking invoice software, you can create special rules per individual client.

Exspeedite per mile auto attach fuel surcharges per pallet rate such as incremental detention time, including both loaded detention and unloading detention. Also, with Exspeedite you can integrate your dispatch functions to allow you to access your information, so you will enjoy a seamless transition between order entry, planning, billing, and settlements.

Exspeedite is a most outstanding developer of trucking software and has developed the most complete enterprise transportation management and software solutions for your dispatch operations for private fleets, brokerage, 3PL, and heavy-duty transportation.

Exspeedite’s trucking invoice software caters to small and mid-sized trucking companies. If your business is a small operation, Exspeedite’s trucking invoice software will give a competitive advantage to enable you to match the services of larger trucking companies.

Exspeedite trucking invoice also has a fuel surcharge module that can allow you to create matrix-style fuel surcharge rates, including per-mile percentages and flat rates. Also, for your IFTA reporting, Exspeedite’s IFTA module is designed specifically for IFTA and allows you to see your fuel and miles per state with some fancy graphs that will help you analyze your business.

With Exspeedite you can also createloads which include less than truckload shipping, full truckload shipping, and 3PL loads. The pallet tracking feature of Exspeedite software makes it possible for you to automatically track your pallet account and adjust information accordingly.

Being that invoicing is an accounting function, Exspeedite trucking invoice software integrates with QuickBooks and Sage. The process is an easy one.   With a single click, you can transfer over every single detailed line item for all your invoices. Simply enter your dispatch information into the Exspeedite trucking software and send the final invoice over to QuickBooks or Sage. The Exspeedite integration also allows you to transfer over your client and account lists, as well as your expenses.

Exspeedite’s trucking invoice software is available for drivers and also carriers. This will enable you to keep your business and accounting needs simple using Exspeedite’s fully-integrated trucking software with accounting integration.

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The importance of trucking invoice software for your trucking business cannot be overemphasized. No matter how small or big your trucking business is, what ismost important is that you get paid. And trucking invoice software can make that possible for you.

We have been able to look at the remarkable benefits of using a trucking invoice software for your trucking business. Indeed, the benefits are outstanding and beat preparing your trucking business invoice manually any time any day.

While it is important that you get trucking invoice software for your trucking business, it is even more important that you get the right trucking invoice software. Even though we have quite a number of trucking invoice software out there in the market, one stands out and that is Exspeedite.

Exspeedite trucking invoice software beats the other trucking invoice software out there. In fact, we have just two trucking invoice software – Exspeedite and others. If you want to get amazing invoicing benefits for your trucking business then you should look no further than the Exspeedite trucking invoice software. You have to really sign up today.

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