Understanding The Future of Mobile Technology and Its Benefits

Understanding The Future of Mobile Technology and Its Benefits

The advent of the mobile technology in day to day life has considerably changed the scenario where every user is discovering excellent use of the innovations and making his or her life better. The technology has become indispensable in the workplace also. The versatility of the innovations and technologies in this aspect has literally changed the usability of the devices.

Since the very beginning of the technology, the industry has come to a great distance of service and functionality where almost every person in the urban and rural part of the population owns a phone and enjoys its convenience. With the increase in the introduction of this technology in all kinds of businesses via Mobile App Development Services, a greater number of users are intending to own better phones to avail such benefits.

By the year 2016, 62.9% of the entire population of the earth is using mobile phone. As per the ongoing trends and forecasted data, the number of users will cross the 5 billion mark. The percentage of smart phone possession in the world population will hit 67%. By the year 2014, the number of smart phone users rose to 38% of mobile phone users in the world. This year, the mark will reach 50%. The experts are expecting a growth of user by one billion every five years.

What are the devices included in mobile technology?

The terminology is quite simple. Mobile technology includes the devices that can be operated anywhere. The portability factor implies in this case. It means that the devices that can access a network and can be carried easily for convenience are included in the list.

The devices are:

  • Laptop, netbooks, tablets, etc
  • Smart phones
  • Wireless payment terminals for debit and credit card transactions
  • global position system or GPS-using devices

These devices are used for various communication purposes utilizing different types of mobile technology mentioned below.

  • Wi-Fi or wireless fidelity is the most used technology in the current scenario. From domestic to office spaces, every phase of life is now covered with Wi-Fi service.
  • Bluetooth is used to connect the mobile devices to each other in a wireless manner.
  • Data services from the network service providers in 3G, 4G, and upcoming 5G versions.
  • Virtual Private Networks or VPN services are used for the commercial purposes by the organizations.
  • Data networking service via the telephone lines using modems.

Uses and benefits of mobile technology

Needless to mention, the use of mobile technology has by far, revolutionized the contemporary era of device usability. You can easily contact a person across the world conveniently. In fact, the access of files from a remote server or a computer via the communication channels has also made business easier for the companies. Time is the essence and using it in the best ways will definitely benefit everyone. The innovation in mobile technology will ensure that the usability is redefined and made better for the users.

Here is the list of uses and benefits the mobile technology users enjoy these days.

  • Instant communication

The evolution of smart phones and other devices has made it easier to instantly connect with a person or a group. This efficient medium has bridged the gaps of communications and even promises to make the service better in the future.

  • Impact on all industries

Communication is the key to all the businesses. Almost all the industries have been extremely benefitted by the use of mobile technology. From healthcare to hospitality, finance to education, every industry has witnessed an upheaval in the functionality of various devices. From maintaining patient records to accessing them anywhere anytime, from delivering exact knowledge via online sessions to controlling an intricate process in a production unit, the use of this technology has surpassed the manual ways in all possible angles.

  • Entertainment

It is very easy to find an entertainment platform for a user via the mobile technology. A statistical report in 2016 suggests that 63.7 million users alone in North America use mobile phones for gaming. There are many other uses too.

  • Education

As mentioned earlier, it becomes easier to connect with the users via mobile phones. Education is the main ingredient for progress. Interactive learning and specific knowledge dispersal have become possible due to the services regarding Custom Mobile App for Education.

  • Productivity has multiplied

Apart from the entertainment apps, the applications related to productivity is also responsible to make the population better at something. 90% of the users spend their time to access apps. It has been found that a user installs over 36 apps on an average. From business to entertainment, productive to healthcare, every segment can be covered by app development using this technology.

Future of mobile technology

As per the trends and forecasts done by the Top Mobile App Development Company India & USA, there will be a lot of advancement in this segment. For an instance, the face recognition security measures have been easily bypassed by the users. The newer version of the security measure will now analyze the depth of the facial contours to recognize a person.

The new features of the smart phones will also shift reality. Augmented Reality (AR) will allow a user to find whether a table or a cabinet will look great in an empty space. AR will be used in different industries including retail, healthcare, education, tech support, etc in the near future.

Digital projections and holographic display are the latest fads of the electronic industry that will revolutionize the use of mobile technology. The development of better internet services and mobile tech will also lead to better communication and clarification between the communicating parties.

The advanced technology in mobile phones will deliver excellent features and reduce the size of the electronic devices to a minimum. The virtual assistance will become a lot smarter with the use of efficient AI platforms.

Wrapping up

The future of the mobile technology seems to be very bright. New inventions and innovations will lead to a brilliant phase of development where every user will find an excellent use of the devices.

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