Using Facebook Lead Ads for More Prospects

Facebook has billions of users and is the best platform for social media marketing. It used to be easy for Facebook Pages to generate leads; however, when Facebook Zero came in place, Facebook Pages lost the organic reach unless they spend money on paid advertisements. Spending on something should yield a return. Read this article and see how Facebook Lead Ads can help you collect and download email and other contact details of Facebook users.

Facebook Lead Ads

Lead Generation Ads

The Lead Generation Ads of Facebook and Instagram delivers email addresses straight to your database. This includes a contact form that they fill up if they’re interested in what you’re offering. You can use this information in whatever way it suits your business. The lead form is already pre-filled with user information that Facebook already have. Because much of the work is already done, users are most likely to complete the form, thus giving you fresh leads.

There are two elements in Lead Ads, the ad itself and the lead form. On the contact form, you may ask for any information you want from the people who click your ad. You have the liberty to choose from set questions or even create your own.

Once you have the leads, you are free to download them. You may also link the leads to a CRM like MailChimp.

Here’s what you should do:

1. Think of what to offer –

People will not give you their information unless you them something in return. Think of something they cannot say no to. It may be any of the following or anything you can think of.

  1. Product samples
  2. Test drives (free workout if you’re in the gym business, test drive of a car if that’s your business)
  3. Automatic quotes (example, insurance)
  4. Registration for webinars, events or conference
  5. Deals, coupons or special offers
  6. Inquiry form for memberships
  7. Exclusive offers
  8. Free downloads, newsletters, cheat sheets

2. Decide what information to get –

While you are free to put any question on your lead form, remember not to go overboard. Most often than not, the more questions there are, the higher the likelihood the people will not answer.

Facebook allows you to ask information like email address, name, home address, birthday, gender and company name. It’s the same for Instagram, but Instagram allows you to ask for the phone number. In addition, you are free to add 15 custom questions.

3. Lead Ad Creation –

You need the following before you can create your lead ad:

  1. URL for your company’s privacy policy.
  2. Image for the ad. Remember to comply with the 20% text rule, or you will pay extra and get less reach.
  3. Text
  4. Information you need for the lead form.
  5. Profile of who you want to target.

Create your lead ads from either your page or the Ads Manager.

  1. Create a new campaign – Using Ads Manager, click Create Campaign, then name your ad set. Next, choose the Lead Generation objective. If you want to do split testing, click Create Split Test checkbox.
  2. Set up the ad set – Name your ad set. Use words that will describe your target. Then, select the Facebook page that you want to get leads for. Next, agree to the Terms and Conditions. Then, choose your budget and schedule.
  3. Choose your audience – Target people over 18 years old. You may also layer in demographic, behavior and interest. Then, with the Connections option, click “target your Facebook fans and other variables”, if you want.
  4. Choose the Ad Creative – Click continue to get to Ads level. Pick an ad name and under Identity, select your page and your Instagram account, when applicable. Then, select an ad format and upload your videos and images. Images should be in .jpg or .png format. The image ratio should be 9:16 to 16:9. If using Carousel, you can include 2 to 10 cards. You may include text under each card. Next, add a headline and text. Headlines are up to 25 characters only and link descriptions can’t be more than 30 characters. Then, choose a CTA button.
  5. Create the Lead Form – Go the lead form section then click New Form if you want to create a new lead form, or Duplicate if you want to reuse an old one. Next, go to the Content tab, click Intro. Type the headline, add an image and put in the information about your product/download. Next, click Questions. You may use the built-in questions Facebook has or customize your own. Then, check the boxes for the information you wish to collect. When done, click Finish. If this is a new lead form, add a Privacy Policy. Then, click Thank You Screen to customize what the users can see after filling up your lead form.
  6. Download Data Capture – If your leads are linked to your CRM, the download will be automatic. If not, download the CSV file manually from the Ads Manager. Facebook supports most CRM and email systems like MailChimp, Zapier, Zoho Social, Salesforce, HubSpot and many others. In case your CRM or email software is not supported, you may manually download the CSV file and upload to your CRM.

The Lead Generation ads of Facebook and Instagram makes it easy for marketers to collect email addresses. But remember, you cannot get these information unless you have something worthy to offer.

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