What Is Amazon Business and Benefits to Using It

What Is Amazon Business

Generating revenue has been a long-standing problem for a businessman that got relief after the advent of Amazon, thanks to Jeff Bezos. Kicking off as an online book-seller in the first place, this market place went on exploring new magnitudes with trailblazing affiliate marketing and also making the shout out to the businessman to come on board and make an outreach to the consumers. Now hailing as world’s biggest online marketplace and one of the two $1 trillion valued companies, Amazon success story wasn’t something just about the split-seconds; it was a long tedious journey.

Almost 2.5 decades out of the incubation, Amazon has been flapping its wings even faster to make an impact on billions of lives. This all has compelled this marketplace to come up with new strategies, services and brain-child companies to make a difference. One such product is Amazon Business that is meant to be a connector between the businessmen seller and the businessmen buyer, in short, a dedicated space for B2B. Not to forget, the one that we have been using for quite some time now was meant to stand out as a bridge between the business owners and consumers.

The point is what this Amazon Business actually means to those who are already selling on Amazon for years now?

Who on planet Earth would settle on the mere piece of the cake when the entire cake is lying in front waiting to be grabbed? The only one who doesn’t like the cake, but those (sellers) who are striving to get more of the cake (revenue) won’t let this opportunity go in vain. Long story short, Amazon Business is a platform for businessmen sellers to have businessmen buyer as the targeted audience, consequently leading to the rise in the sales like never before.

So those who are reluctant to sign up with Amazon Business even now should actually take a glance to all the salient features and benefits it has to offer from both the sellers and buyers.

Outreach to Small Business to Bigwig Business

The e-commerce pundits have forecasted the online B2B sales to reach the record heights of $1.2 Trillion by 2021. And if you aren’t that long sighted person, the fact about $10 billion global annualized sales of Amazon Business would get you on the edge of your seat for sure. That all has become possible with the tailored strategy envision letting the Business Sellers getting outreach to the Business Buyers, B2B. The Business Sellers witnesses both the big wig businesses and small business as a seller, which leads to potential sales and profits as well.

Bulk-buying and Discounts

The bulk buying thing really exists in our local markets but it had nothing special to offer to the Amazon shoppers and that had been a longstanding question. It finally has got an apt answer in the shape of Amazon Business which enables benefits to both the business sellers and buyers. From the sellers’ perspective, this feature leads to the excessive sales and that’s what a seller is always eyeing to have. On the other hand, the buyer gets a massive discount, which wasn’t on offer when making the single item purchases.

Millions of Business Only Products

In case you are thinking that there are just a few of the Amazon Business Sellers listing on this platform, you need to know that over 170,000 Business Seller Accounts are operating at the time of writing and the dedicated millions of business only products are up to grab. So, with your business account sign up you would get a multitude of buying options that were previously not up there with simple Amazon seller account. In short, the Amazon Business is on aim to make it everything bigger and better experience for both sides; buyers and sellers.

Payment Options

The lack of payment options has been many times the deal breaker, leaving both the seller and the buyer in the lurches. But that’s not something going to happen when you’re up with Amazon Business account as there are multitudes of payment options that work as a tiebreaker for all the deals that were lagging to get locked.

Apart from the Amazon.com Corporate Credit Cards and Business Cards, the purchasing cards are also the payments option when on go at Amazon Business. Moreover, if you are a group that qualifies the government’s tax exemption program, you can even purchase the tax-exempt sales in this marketplace.

Multi-User Accounts

The hierarchy in every of the organization persits and Amazon Business understands this very much so with it you can add your team members in a single business account and make the purchase process efficient like never before. So, now it’s easy to manage your company’s buying in this marketplace by setting up approval workflows, spending limits and sharing visibility with others as well.

Amazon Business Prime

Amazon Business pampers the customers with fast rapid delivery options, but what would work as the cherry on the cake in this regard is Business Prime which kicks off with $179 per year for 3 users max. The Amazon Business Prime pampers the buyers in every possible way with the ball in your court to decide whether you’d opt the same-day delivery or the one-day shipping order that is enabled on thousands of products. If you can wait a day more, under two-day shipping option 100 million items are up on delivery through this fast as lighting feature of Amazon.

Compare Offers

While making the purchases, the buyer can make the price comparisons that pushes him to keep eye on the money saved with making a wise purchase. Plus, the multitude of options when looking for a specific product helps you to get hands on the best-required products.

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