Why Do You Need To Buy Original Printer Cartridges?

Why Do You Need To Buy Original Printer Cartridges

The Manufacturers of printing equipment receive the main income from the sale of consumables, so they set high original printer cartridges price. Despite this, original printer cartridge acquisition can be considered more profitable. Now, discussing more for an original printer cartridge, let’s talk about its various alternative present in the market.

Those who are familiar with the classification of cartridges, can safely skip this step and move on to the features and advantages of the original materials.


Cartridge Type Manufacturer Special Features
Original Official Details of the features of the original cartridges are described later in the article.
Licensed Third-party plant under license from the official manufacturer These can be considered equivalent to the original cartridge.
Remanufactured Can be official or unofficial This is called Recycled or used cartridges which are previously subjected to refueling. Illegal sellers can give them out for new ones (which they significantly lose in service life). These can be distinguished by the presence of stains, chips and other defects on the body.
Compatible These are unofficial or say without a licensed manufacturer The purchase of a compatible cartridge is like a lottery, because one cannot be sure in advance about the quality of the products of unofficial manufacturers. The creators of compatible cartridges often stay away from the latest technologies, as access to them is possible only under license.
Fake Unofficial, without a license These are usually issued for the original and occasionally for compatible printers. They do not work much and lead to damage to the printer.

Features of Original Cartridges

  1. The first thing that many buyers assume about the original product is its higher price. But, indeed the cost of the cartridge produced by the manufacturer of office printer is significantly higher like 50-60% than the ordinary cartridge. But, for the original cartridge, the need to buy consumables is less regular compared to other, hence it saves more user’s money.
  2. However, the high price of original cartridges is not a fan of manufacturers. By paying the money, the user receives not just a better quality product, but also additional guarantees. Because there are many overwhelming companies whose name has been long known for their huge investments in development, testing, and subsequent mass production for technology. So, as of their high investment in R&D, they charge a high price for their fine-quality products.
  3. All types of cartridge, whether inkjet cartridges or laser printer cartridges are subject to strict control by the original manufacturer. So, as to reduce the waste percentage of consumables. Many manufacturers also introduce special cleaning functions to avoid blockages in the nozzles and ink drying, which also contributes to convenient operation.
  4. Having installed an original cartridge, you receive the best quality of prints and their maximum quantity provided by a productivity resource. There is no need to calculate the wear and tear cost for the printer if you are using the original printer cartridge.
  5. Printer manufacturers provide a guarantee on their consumables, and warranty for the repair of office equipment is carried out only when using original cartridges.

Let’s talk about the four advantages of the original cartridges.

Advantage number 1. High-quality print

There are many technical specifications required from the printer in the first place like less service requirement, minimum toner consumption, speed and quality of printing. The last item is affected by 3 factors like the “stuffing” of the device, the paper, and the cartridge used. But, the Original cartridges can claim the best quality in itself, because the official company has a large number of funds to improve technology and production control. In addition, the brand image will be highly responsible for the result.

Advantage # 2. Keeping the printer warranty

If any malfunction occurs when using compatible or counterfeit cartridges, you will not be able to use the manufacturer’s warranty and return the printer for free repair or replacement. Thus, in this case, original cartridges can save you time and money.

Advantage number 3. Better compatibility with the printer

Compatible cartridges are created universally that’s why they won’t provide the details for a specific printer model. Moreover, Compatible cartridge’s drum unit, body, and toner may not fit well together, with the result that the cartridge may leak or spill toner from it. In some case, there can be damage to your printer too.

But, the original cartridges are created as a unit with the printer model and therefore they are the best option for it.

Advantage No. 4. The cartridge can be refilled more

With an ordinary cartridge, you cannot use the service of refilling cartridge more than limited numbers. But, the original cartridge has a significant advantage of refilling it many times. This result in high for the short run but cheap in long-run cartridge cost.

How does the original Cartridge differ from a fake?


The original cartridge has thick cardboard, which shows the manufacturer’s logo and a protective holographic marker. On the other side, Old or poor quality holography is the first sign of a fake cartridge. So, always carefully compare the picture on the box with the cartridge itself and the logo on the body of the cartridge must match with the image on the box.

Cartridge packaging

The original cartridge always lies between the foam and packed in a separate bag. So, be careful while buying a cartridge about the shape of foam, whether they match or not.

No traces of toner

In the original cartridge, there must be no residue from the toner inside. This is the best way to check.


The original cartridge company sent instruction manual on dense quality paper with many languages.

The appearance of the cartridge

The original cartridge company always use the logo and appropriate serial number on the product. Moreover, their product should not be scratched, chips, scuff and their quality of material used are high and there is a uniformity in surface coloring.


The price of the fake cartridge will be relatively lower than the cost of the original cartridge.


Using original cartridges instead of compatible ones is not an iron rule, but this can be one of the options among possible actions. As no one can change or cut the high cost of printer cartridge, which is a serious drawback. But, on the same side, it is necessary to decide what is more important – immediate benefit or greater protection against unforeseen situations.

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