Why Should You Integrate a Chatbot with Your Business Website?

The recent trends have shown the popularity of Chatbots over various business websites. In fact, you must have noticed that almost all the business websites are now embedded with a Chatbot. So, if a particular technology has emerged at this faster pace, there must be something worth noticing that has enabled most of the business websites to go for it. Now, to make the picture clearer, we bring before you the benefits of integrating a Chatbot with your business website and why you need to do so if you haven’t done so.

Chatbot with Your Business

As we are familiar with the functioning of Chatbot which is similar to the messenger and is used to communicate with people at large by replying to their queries. That being the reason it is used most widely and by popular brands such as American Express, H&M and more.

That being the reason for the increasing market of the Chatbots, as per a research by “MarketsandMarkets”, the Chatbot market has reached to a mark of $703 million in 2016, and it has been estimated to mark a growth rate with a CAGR of 35.2% over the period of 2016-2022. Apart from this, it has been claimed by “Ubisend” that 57% of UK consumers are acquainted with the Chatbots.

Well, that said, to quench your thirst of curiosity to know the benefits of integrating a Chatbot with your business website, here we present before you the highlighted benefits:

24/7 Availability, Accessibility and Support

Customer Support is an important and very crucial part of any business; crucial in the sense that, in case of delayed customer response, you may lose an important customer and that may cost you on the longer run.

According to “Oracle“, 50% of the customers want a business or service provider to stay accessible 24/7. Well, social media apps are indeed fulfilling this requirement by standing at the forefront.

It is practically not possible for any individual human to answer ‘n’ number of queries at the same time and that too with the same temperament. Many times a customer may speak in a vague tone because he is not satisfied with your service or product, so it becomes important at your end to maintain your temperament and answer those queries in a polite manner. But humans are short-tempered and may lose their temper over any issue that may cost you in the long run.

Also, humans cannot be available at every point of time, but with Chatbots, you can engage your audience and resolve their queries throughout the period of 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It helps organizations to focus their manpower on other productive aspects rather than just resolving the FAQs. The Chatbots can engage and resolve the queries of many individuals at the same time and can provide a satisfactory answer to their issues, that being the reason why most of the businesses are using Chatbots for their business websites to offer quality service and improve customer experience.

It Serves a Wide Variety of Audience

It is the audience or the customer indeed for whom we put so much effort to improve our brand and services. So, when we would be integrating our Chatbots with the business websites, we can notice that Chatbots at the same time is integrated with various social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, skype, etc. so, you get a wider reach of audience to deal with. Along with that, it will increase your outreach to these audiences from these social networking sites. If we leave aside the other websites, then as of September 2017 Facebook alone has reached 1.3 billion users and the expected number of all the messaging app users worldwide by 2021 is 2.48 billion, these numbers indicate the opportunity it has.

Keeps Customers Updated by Sending Alerts/Push Notifications

Notifications are an important facet of day to day customer handling, through this; we keep our customers updated about the newly launched products or services. But at times the end customer, for whom we are doing this, gets annoyed, and the reason is simple, most frequent emails about services and products.

So, the Chatbot, on the other hand, sends only the relevant information based on the needs of the customers and keeps them updated as to when any new product or service is launched.

Maintenance Cost is Very Low

Cost is something that has been an important facet of businesses if we see the traditional methods of handling costs i.e. with the help of humans at the other end; it would require a significant amount of workforce to deal with individual queries of the customers.

On the other hand, this task can be easily performed by the Chatbots throughout the year without involving much of the costs. Suppose you have built a Chatbot for a particular use and then after some time, you want to change its functionality, then you can easily do so without facing any technicalities. As per industry research, Chatbots are predicted to deal with 90% of all client’s inquiries within 5 years. This implies that by 2022, they will cut business costs by $8 billion.

Efficiently Collects Data, Analysis it, and provides high CTR

Mainly all the information that is asked to you by the Chatbot, is collected at the backend of it and then it can be further used for the market analysis. By this, we can come to know the situation of the market and increase the efficiency of the business.

Now, if we analyze the CTR (or Click-through-Rate) then in a campaign by “towardsdatacience“, it was found to be 14 times higher than the one received by email. By this trend, we can assume that in the coming future, it might be possible that all the email marketing campaigns get replaced by Chatbots.

With the messenger Chatbots, you not only improve your customer experience but also get to connect with them on a one-to-one basis, it boosts the efficiency of the services offered by you.

The Final Note

We have just gone through some of the proven benefits of integrating Chatbot with your business website, on that note, a recent survey by “Business Insider” estimates that 80% of the businesses would need Chatbots by the end of 2020. Considering this volume of opportunity, you should not let go of this as most of the people out there prefer chatting over calling, and this is the budget-friendly high yielding solution to meet the needs of your customers. Whether you have an established business or just started a business, for you to leverage the benefits of this trending technology, it is recommended to go for the integration of Chatbot with your business website.

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