Why your eCommerce store required a mobile app?

Why your eCommerce store required a mobile app

Since its evolution, every smartphone user is addicted to using it. In order to complete any task speedily, a smartphone is a perfect device to do the same. People these days are so addicted to smartphones that they prefer it over other electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, or personal computers. Its handy and easy to carry feature are primary reasons why people love to use them. Applications in smartphones make it easy for users to execute any tasks.

In simple terms, applications are nothing but a computer program which executes any task at a speed of light. According to a study, a typical smartphone will have:

  • System application
  • Gaming application
  • Life-style application
  • Learning application
  • Social networking app
  • eCommerce apps, etc.

Smartphones and mobile apps are considered as two sides of a coin.

As the trend of online business is increasing, more and more business organizations are taking their business. This has helped them in gaining a lot of popularity of their enterprise. Besides, online business has helped them in gaining a lot of new customers to their business. With an eCommerce business, you can encounter global competition, and you can work harder to beat them. eCommerce App development is one of the simplest and easiest ways to attract global and local audiences.

eCommerce app development means, building an attractive and user-friendly mobile app for your eCommerce store that can enhance your business. It is said that online shoppers prefer to buy stuff online than going to a departmental store or retail store. Noticing the increasing eCommerce trend, having an eCommerce app for your business will increase the chance of making a significant impact over the customers.

eCommerce websites sometimes get down of crash because of traffic. But eCommerce mobile app, these risks are eliminated. In addition, people can connect with your business anytime, anywhere as your mobile app will be active 24/7 365 days a year. For small business enterprises, eCommerce app development is the best way to gain huge popularity of your business in no time.

Here are some of the stats that show how important are mobile apps for your eCommerce store

  1. Approximately 85% of customers prefer mobile apps over mobile websites
  2. The growth of mobile eCommerce outreached to the overall eCommerce in 2013.
  3. In the last six months, 41% of smartphone users have purchased stuff from their mobile phones.
  4. By 2015, mobile eCommerce will account for $163 billion in sales worldwide.

3 reasons why you should go for eCommerce mobile app development for your online business

1. Mobile apps boost customers’ loyalty:

A smartphone user who has shown interest in downloading your eCommerce mobile app also shows a higher level of investment in your brand. People general visit an eCommerce website to check details or specifications of a product or service. But with eCommerce mobile app, they are likely to make a transaction with your business.

Moreover, smartphone users spend three to four times more hours on apps than websites. Imagine this: having an icon of your eCommerce store in their smartphone will prompt to shop more and more from you than other eCommerce companies.

Your brand’s name will be the first thing which will strike to customers’ mind when they are planning for their next buy. Reminders are always working on the subconscious level.

In order to gain loyalty from your customers, you can opt for custom eCommerce app development. Instead of using the cliche design and UI in your eCommerce app, you can design it from scratch and make it look elegant. Moreover, you can use the information about your customers by offering a personalized experience to them. For example, you can give them relevant suggestions based on their previous searches and purchases.

2. Decreased response time:

App performance is one of the major concern for any internet user. The time taken by a mobile app to execute a task is significantly less than a website. This is because apps store their data partially. Although, apps connect to servers the same as websites do. But there is 10X less data transmitted within a server to a mobile app than a website and a browser. In addition, mobile applications retrieve data faster than a website. Besides, users can set their default preferences in apps, which helps an app in loading the content speedily which a customer is asking for.

3. Enhanced UX:

The way wherein your store is shown to your customers impact a lot in breaking your sales of your business. When reaching a website, customers expect basic course so they can find what they’re looking for. Mobile applications are decently keeping in regards to plan, which can play into your hand.

To be more specific, how mobile screens don’t allow for inappropriate buttons and banners in your store’s layout can lead to more satisfying user experience. Lack of distraction will empower your customers to get to the checkout faster and return even more consistently as they’ll review that it is so easy to make purchases in your online business application.


These were some of the benefits which explain how eCommerce app development can be helpful to grow your eCommerce store. Before building a mobile app for your online business, you must read the points mentioned above. They will clear all your doubts about eCommerce mobile app development.

Speaking of eCommerce app development, Guru Technolabs is the best place to get it done. In order to accomplish any development task, they have hired dedicated programmers who are expert in converting all their clients’ needs into reality. To make your app more user-friendly, they will also incorporate additional features to your eCommerce app.

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