10 Benefits of Outsourcing your Digital Marketing?

A vital element for all companies, no matter how large or small your organisation, digital marketing should be incorporated and a key part of the business model.

From helping to build a brand, get your message out there amongst customers, develop a relationship with your target audience to even selling a product, digital marketing is a key part and one that should not be overlooked.

For many companies starting out, the idea of hiring and creating an in-house digital marketing team can appear rather daunting and a challenge that they would rather not undertake.

If this sounds like your scenario and you are considering hiring and outsourcing your digital marketing, it is definitely a recommended step that can keep your brand visible amongst that of rivals.

Through the hiring of another company’s services, you can ensure that a key strategy is developed and put into place, whether to expand revenue or to discover new leads.

Our aim within this blog is to highlight the 10 key benefits of outsourcing digital marketing and help guide you to make the right choice for your business.

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Benefits highlighted when outsourcing digital marketing

1-Hiring a pre-trained team

One of the biggest benefits to outsourcing digital marketing and that is when you hire the services of an external agency, you hire and have access to all their professional knowledge. With years worth of experience within the industry, this team is already pre-trained and can use their experience towards setting up a strategy that can support the particular goals of your business.

2- Industry experience

When working for a digital marketing agency, staff get hands on experience working for a large range of different clients across a range of industries. This experience means that when working on your account, they have the skill set and knowledge of the industry that they are working within. This can result with your company finding itself in the same league of that of its competitors and with increased visibility within the search results. No longer hiding at the back, when outsourcing your digital marketing, you are a higher chance of being found by interested customers.

3- More value

If you are running a small- medium sized business, working to a budget and making sure that all costs are valuable is an experience that you can understand. This value for money is best seen when outsourcing your digital marketing. Your digital marketing agency of choice and the services that you seek will come at a flat rate with no hidden costs. Training costs are not required, neither is the need to pay for sick pay or expenses. If you are wanting to expand and develop your digital marketing, then outsourcing your digital marketing is recommended.

More value


4- Access to the latest equipment

Another key benefit to outsourcing digital marketing and that is the access to the latest equipment that the marketing department has. No need to purchase the license for Adobe products or invest in the latest powerful rackmount servers to store and run your website upon. The external marketing company that you choose will have access to vital equipment and will include their subscription charges within your monthly bill.

5- Industry knowledge

Although having insight into the industry that you are working within is paramount and important, having an understanding of the latest digital marketing trends is equally vital.

For many companies with their own in-house digital marketing team, finding the time to review the latest Google updates and the latest SEO trends is near to impossible. Not when outsourcing digital marketing. With a need to stay relevant, digital marketing agencies often attend industry events and are forever reviewing and changing their method of working in line with the latest trends.

6- Less Risk

Some procurement agencies may disagree and recommend that risk can be a vital and powerful addition to the running of your business, as a small company, reducing the amount of risk that you take is important. By eliminating the need to hire and conduct much needed training, along with reducing the turnover that you experience, you can lower running costs. This can all be achieved through the outsourcing of digital marketing.

7- Reduced turnover

As mentioned in the previous point on the benefits of outsourcing digital marketing and that is the reduced turnover that as a company you will experience. With digital marketing tasks being outsourced to an external company, you have wiped away the time and resources needed to advertise, hire and train future employees. Along with the task of getting employees to join the organisation, you are no longer worried about the loss of an employee when the dreaded time comes when they hand in their notice. Outsourcing your digital marketing can be beneficial to reducing the turnover of the company through the outsourcing of an entire department.

8- Added Honesty

A rare experience, another benefit of outsourcing your digital marketing and that is the added honesty that you as a company can experience. Through reliable reports and honest communication, the digital marketing agency that you choose to complete your digital marketing has no hidden agenda and whose only focus is that you as a company achieves and meets their business goals.

By offering their knowledge and even suggesting recommendations on how to improve your strategy and what areas to focus on, this added honesty can be a much needed breath of fresh air and ensure that all efforts are on the right track.

9- Transparent reporting

Another top benefit of outsourcing digital marketing and that is the transparency of the reports that you can receive. With clear, precise reports given by the company to their clients, you can be fully aware of where all time and cost has been spent.

This clear understanding of where you are spending your money, along with how best to improve your services, could even highlight areas within your marketing strategy that could be improved.

By having a clear understanding of what is going on, you can be aware of whether your strategy is working or if there is a fault with the brand message that you are promoting.

10 – More time to focus on the bigger things

If you are running and operating a small company, the simple task of outsourcing your digital marketing could prove vital in freeing up and offering more time to conduct and complete more vital tasks.

By being able to reassign and delegate tasks to either an external or internal digital marketing department, you can use this vital time to focus on everything else from running costs to procedures and suppliers.

The importance of risk assessment?

A vital part and an essential addition to supply chain management, the need to complete a risk assessment should also be considered when outsourcing your digital marketing. As a company, regardless of your size, your digital marketing is a vital part of the running of the business. If something was to occur, or the company that you are outsourcing your digital services to were to stop running, having a backup in place is vital.

Whether you conduct a much needed supplier sourcing analytics to guarantee that you are getting the best service for your money, or to keep all vital information about your suppliers in one handy place, a risk assessment is a recommended task to be completed regularly.

It is also advised, particularly if you are a large corporation, to complete risk assessments more frequently. This, for those unsure can be completed by procurement experts with the essential eFlow technology and knowledge.


A valuable addition to the running of a business, making sure that your company is engaged in digital marketing is vital. Although the idea of incorporating a digital marketing agency into the running of your business might sound a daunting and challenging addition, hiring the services and outsourcing your digital marketing might be more recommended.

With 10 crucial benefits to outsourcing your digital marketing, by taking the time to find an external company that you can trust with this vital task, you can see an increase in both traffic and revenue to your website.

We would love to hear from businesses who have taken the leap and outsourced their digital marketing and what experiences they witnessed.

Comment below and share your experience with us today.

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