How to play DVD discs on TV smoothly

Be in this digital world, surrounded by smart devices, people more and more like to watch movies, dramas, series, TV shows on big screen HD TV that can offer a better watching experience ever than before. With the high development speed of online video sharing websites, there is less need to purchase DVD plastic discs for everyone can get movie resources from internet.

However, DVD collectors may face with one issue that how to convert DVD to TV and playback smoothly without any error? Yes, you come to the right place, and there are good methods can help you make it realize. Follow the article to make all of your DVD collections saved in a safer place and played on TV with hassle.

How to play DVD discs on TV smoothly

Solution 1 – Convert DVD to TV supported digital format

Here are lots of small and light devices can help us directly stream DVD to TV, Chromecast among these players is the best and most popular one. Chromecast is an array of digital media players which developed by Google. Using this player, you are allowed to mobile phones or personal computer users can play Internet-streamed audio-visual content on a HD television through mobile and web apps that support the Google Cast technology.

However, you still cannot play DVD on TV via Chromecast directly for this play only supports several special formats. For playing those DVD files with Chromecast unsupported formats like AVI, VOB, and MKV, you will need one program like WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro to assist you convert DVD to Chromecast supported formats as MP4. Follow the step-by-step instructions to convert DVD to TV supported format easily.

Step 1: Without assistor, how to complete it easily. First of all, free download and install the converter on your PC. Launch it after installation. Then load your DVD by clicking “DVD Disc” on the left side on the UI.

Step 2: Go to output format lists to choose “MP4” under the “Video” tab. If you want to play DVD on specific TV, this DVD to TV converter also able to convert DVD to a wild rage of TV formats directly including Samsung TV, Sharp, Toshiba, Panasonic, Amazon Fire TV, etc.

Step 3:Now, stream the DVD digital file in MP4 to TV via Chromecast. Open Google browser, click “cast” under menu list. And select cast screen and open your DVD file. Last, stream the DVD to Chromecast.

DVD digital file

Solution 2 –Convert DVD to TV via USB drive

If you don’t know what is Chromecast, do worry. There must be a USB drive in your house, I guess. Actually, after we convert DVD to HD TV supported format as “MP4”, the only thing you need to do is stream it to your TV. Besides digital media player like Chromecast, you can make use of USB drive to stream video files to TV effortlessly. Here you can learn how to transfer DVD via USB drive in detailed steps.

Step 1:Find out the converted files at your specified output path folder from your PC. Then insert the USB memory disk into your USB cable on the PC. Copy and paste the MP4 video files to the USB.

Step 2: Unplug the USB memory disk from the PC. And connect it to the USA 2.0 post of the smart HD TV.

Step 3: Load the DVD movie from the TV as import resource. Last, play and enjoy it freely.

Solution 3 – Stream DVD to TV via HDMI Cable

That would be much easier to stream DVD to TV with HDMI cable if the DVD play is supported. HDMI (short for High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cable is able to transfer uncompressed or compressed video and audio data from HDMI-compliant source device to digital television. Just use HDMI cable to connect DVD player and TV. Then player could recognize the TV-screen as an HDMI recipient. Now, you can play DVD videos on TV effortlessly.

Final words

Here are three best solutions to deal with how to play DVD on TV smoothly. All of these methods are worth to try. I can’t tell which one is the best. Personally, the desktop program is my preference. With WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro on hand, it is easy to play DVD on big-screen TV, plus super-fast batch conversion. Besides watching DVD on TV, I can also save old plastic DVD library to a safer and easier to playback place like smartphone, tablets or laptops. If you have found other good ways, feel free to leave your comments below and let us know.

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