10 Best features that educational app development companies must use to enhance the learning process

All you need to know about how educational app development companies can enhance the learning process by adopting these ten features.

educational app development companies

The education system has come a long way from the gurukuls to the present day of educational apps. From Coursera to Duolingo, educational apps have a huge potential to change the learning process. But, there are certain features that will make your educational app help students in a better way. So, what are those features that can help to build proficient on-demand tutoring apps? How can educational app development companies enhance the learning process for students? Let’s take a  detailed look.

Well, why should students opt for educational apps? What are their benefits? Actually, educational apps make learning more interesting for students. They also allow students to work on their own pace of learning. Besides, the customised learning experience is what makes educational apps the best. Even stats prove this fact.

According to Statista, the usage of technology for educational purposes has a positive influence in classrooms. In fact, 79 percent of teachers found that technology played a big role in making learning more interesting for students.

educational app development companies

Having said all that, let us delve deeper into the 10 must-have features of educational mobile apps that will make learning a more interesting process for students.

Comprehensive and Interactive Content

“Eye-catching” content is what most of the present educational apps lack today. Children often lose interest in a task if it gets boring. So, if you are targeting an audience of kids below 12, adding cartoons and vibrant colours will be a necessity. However, if you are building an educational app for children above 12, your approach must be different. This is because kids above the age of 12 are generally impatient and want “cool” things. So keeping the perfect style of transitions in your educational mobile app is crucial.

Yet, some factors will give your mobile app an opportunity to be downloaded more times than others. What are these?

  • The content must be comprehensive and worthy of reading
  • As all children don’t have the same grasping power, using simple language is vital to reach everyone.
  • The content must also be mobile friendly.
  • Adding fun facts and interesting stats will go a long way. It can keep the kids interested and also help them in remembering the important data.
educational app development companies

Easy Login and Navigation feature

Teachers or parents might suggest some educational app for their students. That is how often kids start using apps against their will. So, kids may abandon using an educational app if they find even a small sign of annoyance. Yet, an entrepreneur can change this problem into an opportunity. Let’s see how the following salient tips can enhance the learning process of students.

  • An app must always keep the login/signup form very short. Also, it should not have more than 3 columns i.e. name, class and email ID.
  • Also, the navigation must be easy to handle. So, one must never complicate the UI(User Interface).

Thus, if you are developing an educational app, students must be able to use your app within a mere five minutes or less.

Powerful and supportive Database

A powerful and supportive database is a necessity for any educational app. Moreover, all the data related to study material and guide is uploaded onto your servers. So, one must update it regularly with the latest information. Besides, one must be adding other data such as videos, facts, figures, statistics etc. on a weekly basis.

educational app development companies

Further, a database issue should not be the reason to hamper the process of learning. Students must be able to get a quick access to the information they require. Hanging of the database will make the students frustrated while learning. So, even if it is running on a slow internet speed, it should not hang.

Thus, a reliable and efficient database management system is crucial for delivering results to the queries quickly and accurately.

Live Tutorials and Sessions

One of the most important features of an educational mobile app is the facility to provide live tutorials and doubt clearing sessions. Uploading of lectures and lessons is vital for an educational mobile app. But, students also need a 24×7 presence of a tutor who can clear their doubts in an instant manner. Moreover, the hosting of live tutorials will also help students in many ways. It will give them a chance to have live interactions with the tutors and ask questions live and receive precise answers.

Regular Mock Tests and Quizzes

Well, an educational app is nothing without the regular mock exams. Tests are a must for continuous assessment of learning. So, tests are an integral part of your educational mobile app and one must implement them with a dedicated section for quizzes too.

educational app development companies

Besides, chapter wise mock tests will also be advantageous for students. Also, the app must allow students to upload their school tests and get the correct answers to them.

Offline Mode feature

The availability of offline mode will be a blessing for students who don’t have internet connection 24/7. So, students can download a number of modules at a time that will keep them interested in the app. Thus, an app can provide everything that they need without the internet.

Besides, it will be a benefit for educational app development companies too. This is because every download will give you exact stats on how successful the app is. It will also give information about how kids are responding to the modules. This can aid in updating the course materials and modifying the app too.

Push Notification

Push notifications are an integral part of any app. Moreover, having an app without push notifications is useless today. Also, frequent messages via push notifications help in inviting the user’s interest towards an app. Push notifications can assist students by giving basic information about the percentage of the course completed.  They can also know about the number of tests finished. Besides, notifications can also include interesting facts on current modules. In fact, notifications in an educational mobile app can make learning more engaging.

educational app development companies


Research shows that most of the students participate better to “active learning” environments. In fact, classroom experiments keep learners active and enhance their learning process.

That is why games work well for an educational mobile app. Kids love games and they can teach them in a much interactive and different manner. Besides, students learn more when they learn through games and fun experiments. Thus, gamification of your app is very important. This will attract more users and help in giving them a delightful experience.

Integration of powerful Social Media platforms

Kids always perform better and show more enthusiasm when they get rewarded for their tasks. One such reward can actually be access to social media. How? Students can get to use social media if the scores on the app’s mock test are good. This will, in turn, motivate them to study harder and work towards getting rewards. It will also be a boon for both the educational app development companies and parents.

educational app development companies

So,  parents don’t have to stop their kids from using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. They can actually be a positive factor in encouraging them to study.

Personalized Experience

Mobile applications that treat their customers in a special way do well. This can include giving them a personalized experience such as discounts on their favourite products. Similarly, kids will also feel more comfortable and connect well with an app if it looks familiar to them. Moreover, it must be able to respond according to their study habits. Kids will enjoy learning if the app can teach them in an interesting manner instead of adopting any monotonous teaching methods.

For instance, if a kid is weak in Maths, then the app should simplify the explanations for all mathematical concepts. This can help them in understanding the subject easily.

Signing off…

E-learning is the new trend in the educational industry today. Besides, children deserve better ways to learn things and succeed in their lives. So, if you wish to build on-demand tutor apps for any platform like Android or iOS, you must think of revolutionising educational app development. However, your app must be useful for your students and be profitable for you too. So, maintaining the right balance between these two factors is a must. It will, in turn, help you in delivering the best output through your app and will make a difference.

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