10 Key Strategies to Create SEO Friendly eCommerce Website

Create SEO Friendly eCommerce Website

Online shopping has accelerated the growth of the eCommerce industry.

Everyone nowadays is enthusiastic to move towards online businesses.

And, the only way to start and promote the business is via websites. From the eCommerce website, you can create strong customer relationships and generate leads.

However, this cannot be possible until your website is SEO-friendly.  With the right SEO and effective strategies, you can create regular sales and grow more than your competitors.

It is prevalent to acknowledge the SEO features in the decision-making process while creating the eCommerce website. Here, you need to remember that eCommerce SEO is somehow different from non-retailers websites.   And, when it is about website optimization, management of those differences is essential.

When the user seeks for the category or product, and your website is not on first, then, there is a need to improve the SEO efforts.  This is a process of improving the visibility and ranking on the search engines.  It will, therefore, delight you with the organic traffic and better search engine that results in more conversion and sales.

Search Engine Optimization – Defined

SEO is the collection of the actions and the techniques that helps the website to be easily identified and offers better and quick results in a more substantial way by search engines, like, Yahoo, Bing and Google etc.

It can also be said that the aim of Search engine optimization is to allow the search engine to discover the website adequately and quickly that motivates the website to be shown on higher ranking when the customer searches for it. As the customers prefer to visit the higher ranking websites, hence, the higher the website position in the search result page, the more are chances that it will get visited.

Benefits of SEO in eCommerce Website

In this competitive world, carrying out SEO is essential than ever. More and more visitors came online to get their solutions or answers to their issues. When the eCommerce website is search engine optimized, then, it becomes easy to have targeted and free traffic from the leading search engines. Below, we have mentioned the benefits that the businesses can have with the SEO friendly eCommerce website.

Low-cost Marketing Approach

Organic SEO is less expensive than Pay-Per-Click (PPC). When you are leveraging PPC, the traffic stops when the budget is exhausted. Nevertheless, SEO never does that. It merely demands a constant investment of time in outstanding content with patience.

When you experience your eCommerce website on the higher side of the search engines, then, you only have to sit back and check the regular traffic coming in. All this can be achieved without regular monthly payments on PPC advertising such as Google Adwords.

Nourish and Turn Leads at Some Particular Stages of the Purchasing Cycle

Several of the prospects shift to Google when you require answers to their queries. Even though the method they leverage to express depends on how informed they are of the issues and their solutions. They might not buy the products from your eCommerce website instantly. However, the content source offered by SEO practice continuously supervises the purchasers from the awareness stage to the action stage.

Enhance User Experience

Google knows how to change unpleasant or pleasant user experience. Hence, the positive user experience has converted as an essential element for the website’s success. When the customers fail to get an answer to their queries while surfing the website, there could be some issue, the website performance hence, then, gives a negative result.

Saying that the- quality SEO includes the positive user experience, then, it’s totally correct.

More Brand Authority and Credibility

Next, the benefit of SEO proffers is maintaining trust in the customer’s mind. It does not matter if the customer knows about the brand or not, the sense of higher ranking is usually trustful and excellent. It, also, shows a positive purchasing attitude.

The common customers believe that these types of websites are leading and trusted by many. Hence, they are in a no-risk purchasing method. The willingness to but are more, accordingly.

Boost Competitiveness

Undoubtedly, with the right SEO, you can stand out. When two websites trade the same products, the eCommerce website with search engine optimization can have more customers and more revenue.

It is believed that more than half of the website traffic is from the leading search engines, such as Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc. When you are proficient in SEO, then, you have more chances to boost brand visibility. It makes the customers discover your online store prior to your competitors.

Best Ways to Create SEO Friendly eCommerce Website

Choose an Appropriate CMS Platform

As the content has an essential role to play in the SEO optimization, selecting the suitable CMS platform is the initial step in reaching the goal.

The major responsibility of the CMS is to control the generation and set the digital content such as videos, images, marketing materials and documents, etc.

The more effective the Content Management System, the more useful results you will get. Below are some of the key features that must be considered while selecting the CMS platform for better SEO:

  • Page templates
  • Customizable URL structure
  • The use of irrelevant and hard code
  • H1 tags, page titles, and meta descriptions
  • Add-ons, plugins, and modules
  • The technique to use Alt attributes for images
  • Canonical issues and copied content

The Internet has given us many platforms for your convenience. The best ones are defined below:


The first in our list is WordPress; it is one of the advanced and fully-featured CMS. It offers inclusive flexibility with different pre-made templates.


Magento offers different SEO-oriented plugins to make it simple for eCommerce websites to stand out. Its main aim lies in boosting the user experience.


Shopify is a comprehensive eCommerce platform which is leveraged by more than 800,000 businesses globally. With this easy to use the online platform, the SEO functions can be options in many SEO apps.


Joomla is also one of the best CMS with a user-friendly and intuitive dashboard with several third-party add-ons. It permits excellent flexibility in accomplishing SEO goals.

Keep Important Keywords

When it is about the user-friendly eCommerce website and securing more customers, then, you should begin with the targeted keyword list. Various online business owners like to use the keywords in the articles and the website content.  And other essential areas got overlooked. They do not prefer to use the keywords in the description and titles of the pages.

Do not forget to do it- it is vital. The reason lies in the fact that the leading search engine crawls the website description and title first.  It makes the search engine know the content easily.  Hence, you can experience more results with better ranking.

Certainly, the keywords are the essential element in search engine optimization.  Though, the question here is where to insert them? The keywords could be used in the optimizing of the images with the ALT tags. The most important keyword could be inserted in the title tag, H1 tag, attribute title on the links, meta descriptions,  internal links, footer links, etc.

Pick the Decisive Hosting Provider

For hosting the Magento website with SEO optimization, you should get a trusted hosting provider to fulfil every business requirement. Below, we are mentioning some of the best Magento hosting providers that assure a high ranking of the eCommerce website.


The eCommerce website with outstanding ranking can get attacked easily. Hence, ensuring security is one of the major concerns here. The reliable and trusted hosting provider must guarantee the below main elements:


This is one of those factors that influence the user experience. The inadequate downtime makes the customers move to some other websites. So, when you have an eCommerce website, then, the uptime must be 99.99%


When it is about building a user-friendly SEO website, then, you must optimize the loading speed of the website. The website that takes more than three to four seconds to load is rejected by the visitors. And they prefer that website which loads quickly. So, speed is also one of the important factors that need optimization.


While choosing the strong hosting provider, then, we cannot underestimate the compatibility. With your online store having compatibility, you can take advantage of it by integrating your online store with the valuable tools for SEO.

Content Optimization

Many eCommerce websites do not include more content on the major product category pages. It is recommended to focus on every essential product category page.

You have to ensure that you include keywords to every content on web pages, like, Shopping cart page, about us page, product description and about us web page.  The content can also get integrated on other features, such as question & answer, reviews, etc. All these methods assist you to boost the overall product page content.

Assure that every content posted on the website is high-quality and is unique. Else, you will get penalized and assuredly, this will bring issues in your website ranking.

0n-page SEO Optimization

Several factors are there that are responsible for lower website ranking. Most productive practices of on-page optimization, that improves the overall ranking on search engines and receives organic traffic via the accessible factors on the web page itself.

When it is about on-page SEO, then, many aspects, like, high quality and appropriate content, optimized Images and HTML tags, better keyword combination, optimized headlines, etc. All this makes a high level of expertise, trustworthiness and authoritativeness of the eCommerce website. On-page SEO optimization is more essential than any other technical stuff, and the professional SEO practitioners understand that the on-page SEO needs to be prioritized on a constant basis.

Mobile-friendliness is Important

As it is known to all that the mobile devices are the necessity of the world, hence, your online store has to be mobile optimized. As per the Google research, more than 5 billion users are mobile internet users that have to surpass desktop users.

Therefore, if you want to improve the ranking and traffic of the eCommerce website then website optimization for the mobile-friendly needs to be your priority. Do you know how many of the users have smartphones?

If you are one of those whose website is not mobile optimized, then, check out the below steps:

  • Neglect blocking CSS or javascript in the robots.text.
  • Design the Call to Action (CTA) buttons, make mobile versions of every page and create bigger buttons.
  • For phone configuration, you can choose between the responsive layout or design, separate URLs and dynamic portion or serving.
  • Design the mobile-friendly images or icons to improve the traffic and enhance the website loading speed. Choose the images with the file size less than 80KB.
  • To know if your online store is mobile-optimized or not, navigate to Google’s mobile-friendly test.

Social Media Engagement

In any business, social media has an essential role to play. If you are not considering social media as a marketing strategy, then, you must do it now. Consider the different ways to attract visitors on social media. The website must have social buttons. Make it easy for the visitors to visit your website’s social profiles from the eCommerce website. Indeed, it is a win-win situation and works as a free promotion of social channels.

Assure that the eCommerce website has all the features for sharing the category and product pages on the social networks directly. Always keep in mind the below two essential factors:

  • Leverage the small buttons (larger buttons diverts users from definitive conversion).
  • Include social media share buttons on the check-out webpage.

Wrapping Up

Carrying out the strategies that can improve your website visibility and the conversion rate is worth it.  If you will comprehend all the above-mentioned steps, then, the eCommerce website will rank higher in the search engines.

So, what are you waiting for?

Do it now!!

Hopefully, you liked this piece of article, if you have any query or suggestion then let us know in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!!

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