10 Things India Need to Do to Improve Standards in Sports

Do you love sports? Well, who doesn’t? India has no dearth of sports lovers and those who are passionate about making it big in this arena. Unfortunately, passion and love is not enough to make India rise to the top of the success ladder as a country, globally. India is not a front-runner as a sports nation.

There are a number of things that needs to be done in order to improve the standard of sports in India. This is how we can produce more Olympic medals and popularity. This will also usher in the much needed culture of fitness all over India.

Listed below are some great and practical ideas to improve the standard of sports in India:

1. Run Run Run

This may not seem to be an important issue, but each individual of the country should run or jog. At least, it should be mandatory for everyone to walk for 15 each morning. This should be the country ritual for everyone. Most people don’t understand that the small things as this can make a big difference. Participation in sports isn’t easy. You need to develop basic core fitness through running. This is essential to be able to match the level of agility and strength sports activities require. The process will also help keep various diseases away, including obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. As per the latest cricket news and sports reports, one in every three Indian is likely to get affected by obesity by the year 2030. The simple step will help prevent this disaster.

2. Use Schools and Colleges

Integrating sports as a crucial goal for schools and colleges to pursue is one of the best ways to develop sports at the grassroots level. These days, schools and colleges have the best of infrastructure. They also have a structured group of students. Many of these premises are known for their open field and ample space for sports such as a basketball court. They also have at least some hours a week dedicated to sports for their students. As per the next five year plan, it is expected that schools and colleges will take sports very seriously. This will help the development of young talent at the right time and age. Some of the major initiatives such as marks for sports are also one of the strategies to be integrated in future. There is no doubt that schools and colleges have a world of untapped potential. All one needs is to tap into it for best results.

3. Broadcast More Sports

Most kids prefer picking up sports as they love what they watch on television. When coverage of varied sports increases, it will pave way for organizations to invest in ad slots. This will promote the market for the sport. As soon as prospective investors come to know about the fact that a sport gets higher visibility, they will consider it as a worthwhile endeavor to invest in it. Here, it is important to have as much coverage of sports on TV as possible. It will help create fans of that specific sport who may then take it up for real and practice passionately.

4. Get Corporates

For the best results in sports, it is important to get some corporates into action. India is a land of diversity. It has some of the richest people of the world. So why not take ample advantage of their capability to spend? It is better to have them spend directly on sports than splurging on rich toys. For instance, the franchises of the Hockey India League have made it very clear that they do not expect profit for at least a few years. Their investment is mainly a marketing initiative and they have not invested with an aim to get returns sooner. The sports federations in India are registered under the societies act. So the profit is not a driving motive. One of the best things about the private sector is it focuses on monetizing things. With the ability to invest big, these enterprises can easily take sports to the next level. Their aim is long term and not anything sooner.

5. Infrastructure is Important

This is the most ignored segments. Unfortunately, most people do not understand the importance of increase the number of facilities that sportspersons may utilize for pursuing sports. They also ignore the importance of increasing the quality and accessibility of the existing sports infrastructure. In India, there are a number of sports that just need some open space and the right equipment. However, to pursue a sport in an organized way, one must focus on proper facilities to play. Many of the elite athletes in India need proper facilities to train and push the game to the next level and make the country proud.

6. Glorify Indian Sportspersons

This is sad but true that most people from our country prefer watching the NBA or EPL over basketball and Indian football. One of the major reasons for this biased preference is that sports lovers feel the quality of the game is way better in foreign leagues. And why not? Who wouldn’t prefer watching a thrilling game between Arsenal and Manchester United over a match played locally? These foreign games have it in them to keep the audience engaged and long for more. In case of India, all we need to do is glorify and lionize our sports-persons. These skilled players should become as familiar to us as the foreign league stars. This will help relate to them in a better way. In India, sports require being marketed really well. Some of the best ideas may be to design profile cards of the best players. This will help recognize them at a quick glance. Sharing videos of these players in action, spreading their stories and making them larger than life will make it easier for fans to relate to them.

7. Collaborations with Foreign Bodies

This is should be one of the top priorities in the field of sports in India. The government and private firms should make attempts to collaborate with foreign bodies who are genuinely interested in developing sports. For instance, the NBA has tied up with Mahindra. Also IMG Reliance and Basketball Federation of India have collaborated with an aim to develop basketball in the country. These associations provide the best of technical expertise and requisite support to conduct varied activities at the grass root level. This is a dedicated attempt to improve the overall standard of the game, spread awareness and love for the game. These organizations also empowered a trial at the WNBA for Geethu Anna Jose, the famous Indian basketball player. The IMA Academy at Florida is grooming and supporting Satnam Singh, the professional Indian basketball player. There several other foreign bodies whose product sells due to the popularity of the sport they make investments in. All one needs to do is to explore as many associations and collaborations as possible with them.

8. Federation Posts

One important strategy in India needs to follow is to put highly qualified professionals in federation posts. Most of these are made honorary members which do not do any good for the country or sports personalities. Many of the jobs available in sports federations are honorary. This makes most people think that these are allotted based on political and personal connections more than qualifications and performances on the field. Having these jobs as more than just honorary posts will make the scene clearer to deserving candidates.

9. Age Limits

It is crucial to observe age limits as strictly as possible. In India, people use many illegal ways to fake their age. For instance, an under 18 competition will have a family man participating in it. This country has a many overage players making their way in competitions which are not meant for them. This is one major thing that has been plaguing Indian sports since a long time. The authorities and associations should strictly adhere to the age related rules. This is how the new generation will get the opportunity it deserves.

10. Structured Competition

Sportsmen and women of India should compete in well-organized competitions. These should also possess a strong, sustainable structure. Although it is not bad to have a single shot tournament, having well-structured and prudently organized competitions over a longer period of time helps better development in the field of sports and talent spotting. This way, sportsmen and women will get ample opportunity to improve their skills and compete well.

At times, the scope of a simple goal seems large enough to confuse. It makes it almost difficult to know where to start exactly. The best thing to do is undertake one little step at a time. This is how things get done in an ideal way. Experts also believe that one step at a time is the key to success of a plan.


By adopting the measures mentioned above, India would definitely be able to achieve its expected goals in the sports arena. Development of sports is essential for every country. It helps maintain an ideal image on an international platform. India should also adopt some dynamic strategies followed by other developed countries across the world to prepare its players well.

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