10 Useful Google Tools To Improve Your Website

10 Useful Google Tools To Improve Your Website

Google has a significant stake in ensuring that the website is meeting current standards. It is essential for the website owners to comply with the standards provided for improving a website. A search index of web pages is made available to the users to find the correct information related to the correct tools to improve the website. It is essential for the individuals. Ensure that you have complete information available about it to improve your website according to your requirements. The collection of the information about the useful tools and php development services is essential to get the desired results.

Google has multiple tools and services available for the small businesses and they can take advantage of them to get the desired results. Using the correct tool at the correct time is essential to provide an attractive and impressive look to your business website. The gathering of details about the useful tools provided through Google is essential for individuals to improve the rankings of the website. You need to always check the pros and cons of the tools to use them and get the desired results according to your expectations.

Why should not use these Google tools to create a good website? There are plenty of benefits available with using the top 10 useful Google tools to improve the website rankings and increasing the web traffic. You can evaluate functions and features of every tool to pick the right one to have the desired results. The selection will require the skills and intelligence of the people. So you need to get complete information about the functioning of the tools for your website before using them to meet the expectations. The following are the tools available that you can use for building a good website with more web traffic.

Top 10 Google tools available to improve the website

Google tools available to improve the website

The following are the top 10 Google tools available which will provide results according to the requirements of the people. Pleasant experience is available to the users with picking the right tool from the top 10 Google tools provided to the users.

Google search console tools

Google search console tools will help to improve the performance of the website as it cooperates with the webmaster to provide a detailed report. There is an improvement in the rankings and performance of the website with the use of the tool. It will show you reports about the daily performance and broken links to provide the correct details about the functioning of the website.

Google search console tools will allow you to submit the website sitemap to Google. The tool will provide information about some common keywords used in the web pages after Google has crawled your site. It is an essential that you need to use for the higher performance of the online website. It will help you to gain the inside into the keywords that will help the page to rank higher on Google. Along with it, the visibility and readability is also increasing for your online website.

Google analytics

Google analytics

If you want to run a website smoothly, then you should know how many people are visiting it and what they are reading. Google analytics tools will help you to maintain important information such as the search results related to the visitors who get on your page. It is another essential tool provided through Google to maintain the traffic sources and generate more audience at the online website. The conversion rate through the tool is excellent to satisfy the needs and requirements of the people.

There are different kinds of insights that will be provided through the tool about the pages being visited more than others. How much time is visitor spending on your website also labeled with the website owner. With using this tool, you can attend to real time data and create new segments to use the data based on specific criteria.

Google pagespeed insights

Google pagespeed insights are the best tool available to measure the performance of a page on your website. It is compatible on both mobile and desktop devices to provide complete comfort and convenience to the users. There are some rules available that you need to understand to get the desired results. As a result, the tool can provide higher rankings to obtain a good page speed insight.

You can install the WordPress plugin and integrate the page speed insight tool into your website. The Installation process is simple and easy for the users as they have to enter the website URL only. The tool will scan the pages and provide the report about the performance and recommendations for the optimisation. It will affect the website performance in a positive way and allow you to spend some time optimising your WordPress website.

Google trends

Google trends

With Google trends, you can find out about a particular keyword search which is gaining interest at the online platform. You can also compare the reason for its standing and popularity through different search topics available at your website. With the help of this tool, you can compare the total search volume and real time information on Google trends. It is providing the best results to the individuals for the satisfaction of the needs and wants of the users. Marketers are showing their interest in using the Google trends to offer better performance on the website.

As an SEO writer, you can use the tool to find out the popular phrases that people are searching for on online websites or Google. It is an important aspect for your content available at the online platform. You can also capitalise on real-time news and make the content and ad campaigns attain more traffic.

Google ads keywords planner

It is a free tool available to the advertisers for conducting SEO campaigns. Search for the keywords to avail predicted clicks is available through using of the tool. The forecasting of the estimated conversions on the keywords and how it will perform information is provided to the website owners. A search for the long tail and short tail keywords is also possible with using the keyword planner. Along with it, you can combine a set of keywords by making a list to forecast the historical statistics.

You should know that keywords are an essential part of improving a website process. The optimisation of the search engine is not possible without a keyword planner. The tool is combining different parts of the Google keyword tool and traffic estimator to provide the desired results on the good performance of the website.

Google my business

Google my business

Google by business refers to a local listing service provided through Google that is free of cost. It will help your business to manage the online presence across Google and provide a business appearance near you. The listing can include a website, address, direction, phone number and business hours. It will help your business to get listed here without having a website. Customers can review your business and even thank you for providing the detailed information. It is an important tool available to establish a contact directly with the customers without the role of a website.

One of the best advantages of the tool is that it will provide true and accurate information to the customers. The engagement of the customers is for a long period with the availability of true and accurate information about the products and services. Google my business toll is playing a significant role in improving the business website as an online search engine.

Google AdSense

Another essential tool among the top 10 tools available through Google is Google AdSense. It is the most popular advertising program available on the internet. Excellent opportunity for monetizing your website is provided to the website owner. It is a great tool provided to have more clicks on the online website. It is a secure and safe tool available and that is transparent for both the advertisers and the publishers.

If you are looking for an advertisement tool, it is the best choice available that displays your pages based on the website relevant content. You need to get complete information about the working of the tool and user previous searches about the tool. The meeting of the needs related to advertisement administration and sorting is possible with using the Google AdSense tool for advertising.

Google ads



It is previously known as Google AdWords, which is an advertising platform developed by Google. Creation of the ads with specific keywords related to your business is possible with using the tool. It is related to the business and results in increasing sales and growth. When you search for a specific keyword, the ads will appear above the organic search results for the individuals. It will allow you to choose your ads at a certain time of a day and location with the language. Plenty of benefits are available with using the tool for the website owners.

You can bid for the right keywords and set a control over your budget with no limitations. There is a payment allowed only when someone clicks on the ad or watches the ad video. It is one of the best tools available with the website owners to improve the website performance. You can learn about the features of the tool to create advertisements and promote a brand for your business.

Google alerts

With the tool, you can stay updated about the latest news and mentions of your keywords in Google search. The tool is providing many benefits to the individuals for the boosting of the rankings. You will receive alerts on every search provided by you with the search engine and it is delivered on your mail account. As a result, a track for a particular brand is possible to keep for the website owners. It is one of the best tools available to get mentioned in the news.

As a business owner, the tool will allow you to be sure about updated and latest news related to brands and keywords. There is no requirement of spending additional time searching for the items. You can decide what type of information you want to deliver and in what language without affecting the quality.

Google tag manager

Google tag manager

Last but most important, Google tag manager is one of the best useful tools available for improving the website. It will allow you to track code of your website to generate more potential leads. It will make a code to Breeze that you won’t have to add or maintain. The maintenance of the tabs for multiple websites and replacing of the tag for Google tools is possible. You can evaluate the features available with the tool to get the best results from the Google tag manager.

There is no need to have longer insertion of tabs manually because the tool will handle it automatically. The visitor can understand the content better with the help of Google tool provided to them. A better navigation across the website is also provided to satisfy the needs and requirements of the users. You can learn about the benefits of the tools from the web development service provider to get an improvement in the website according to needs and requirements.


In a nutshell, these are the top 10 useful Google tools available to the website owner to improve the look and appearance of the website. The attraction of more audience and potential customers is possible with using the best and top rated tools on your website. Proper growth and development is provided to the business with the tools. You can look at the rankings and reviews of the tools to choose the best one for your website for a greater performance and satisfying results to the audience.

So, a regular tracking and monitoring of the website performance is possible for the business owner to provide interested products and services to the customers. It will provide the best experience to the visitors available at the online website and the website owners.

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