How to Start Your Career as a Young Adventure Vlogger

How to Start Your Career as a Young Adventure Vlogger

Do you love to travel and make videos of your extreme sports adventures? If so, then you might be interested in starting a vlogging career. Vloggers are growing in popularity as more people watch their content on YouTube. If you dream of becoming a vlogger, you’ll want to share your adventures so that people can see your world through your lens. But how do you get started?

Getting your foot in the door as an adventure vlogger is easier than you might think. In this guest post, we will discuss seven steps that can help you start a career as an adventure vlogger at a young age.

  1. Why You Should Start a Career as a Young Adventure Vlogger

Recent statistics note that there are over 500 million active users on YouTube. This means that there is a huge opportunity for you to gain an audience and make your voice heard if you’re willing to put in the work. If you love traveling and sharing experiences and videos of your adventures with others, then vlogging might be the perfect career path for you.

Being an adventure vlogger can help fill any voids in life or bring excitement where it may have been lacking before. The most important aspect about starting this type of career at a young age is not only being able to share experiences but also having more time to enjoy them as well. Starting early will allow you opportunities to create memorable content and build a following.

Here are insights about vlogging that you should know:

  • You don’t need to be in front of the camera
  • Your filming equipment doesn’t have to cost a lot of money either
  • Make sure you produce enough content – variety is important and will keep viewers coming back for more

With vlogging, there are so many opportunities that come with it as well: from having your own YouTube channel or Instagram account to working with brands on sponsored posts and videos. A career path like this may not seem appealing at first, but once you understand what comes along with it, then maybe you’ll finally see how beneficial starting early can be.

  1. How to Get Started with Your Channel

If you’re wondering how to get started with your channel, start by introducing yourself and talking about what you love. This will allow people to find out who you are. Once they know who you are, they’ll be more likely to follow along on your journey of life’s adventures. The next step is setting up a YouTube account. Head over to YouTube or go directly into video upload settings from a Google Account page and fill in as much information as possible.

This includes signing in with an email address, providing your name, uploading a profile photo, selecting privacy options for content uploaded through their services, etc., filling out basic contact details such as location & occupation, and adding links back to other social media profiles where appropriate. Remember that YouTube is owned by Google, which means that you can have a YouTube channel and a social media account for the same business.

If you already have an existing social media account with followers or are looking to break into video blogging through other avenues such as Instagram stories or Snapchat, then consider utilizing your own channels rather than starting new ones from scratch on YouTube. If using another platform, go back to creating videos using the app’s built-in camera tools rather than uploading footage shot elsewhere.

Here are some more tips:

  • Include a short bio
  • Keep the video down to two minutes or less
  • Provide links back to other social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Promote your videos on these platforms, too – use hashtags for popular topics, including #vloggerlife and #travelgram
  • If posting longer content, consider splitting it up into parts that are no more than five minutes long each
  • Include basic contact details like location & occupation + links back to social media
  1. What Kind of Content Should You Post on Your Channel?

What type of content should you post on your channel? Your content should reflect the type of person you are, so if adventure isn’t something you enjoy, don’t force it. The best way to grow an audience and develop a brand is by showing what makes you unique and creating great videos for them. If you want to be taken seriously as a vlogger, your content must be high quality and interesting.

Some people might say, “no one cares about my interests,” but think back to when no one cared about how they looked – now there’s a multi-billion dollar beauty industry because everyone loves looking good. Think creatively: What can I do or talk about in addition to traveling that will make me stand out against all the other travel bloggers?

It could be anything from backpacking around Europe, hiking local trails, recording your enduro races or adventure riding trips, sailing with friends on weekends, mounting biking, camping, interviewing locals in the places you visit or starting a travel podcast. The possibilities are limitless. All that matters is making something entertaining and unique so people will watch it.

The following are some ideas for types of videos to post:

  • How-to Videos – What do people already ask you about? Share the answer with them
  • Tips & Tricks – What are some tips and tricks that help make your day easier (or better)?
  • Videos of your adventures around the world
  • Tips on packing for travel and what to bring
  • How to get by as an introvert in social situations
  • Comparing cultural differences between countries you’ve visited with a friend or family member in those same locations
  • Your favorite places and why you love them
  • Other stuff – Vlogs are not limited to just traveling – post funny videos of your day-to-day life or anything else that interests you.
  1. The Equipment and Software You’ll Need for your channel

The best Vloggers worldwide invest in the best equipment and software for their videos. This is not necessary, but it will help you reach a wider audience, which can be very beneficial when starting out. But the truth is, you’re just getting started, right? So the most important thing is to start with the basics. When starting out as a young vlogger, you’ll need some basic gear and software.

  • A camera or phone that records in HD
  • Webcam for Skype calls
  • Headphones to communicate with your friends while you’re traveling or to connect on video chat when you’re not together
  • Screen recorder if your computer has a built-in one (or another way of recording) so you can capture screenshots and create tutorials

The best thing about vlogging is it’s accessible from anywhere there’s internet access. You don’t need expensive equipment like professional cameras – just find something that works for what you want to do. As long as your friends can see you and you’re able to capture your experience in 1080 HD (or at least 720p), it’s a great way to document what happens on the road. Of course, the best resolution is 4K Ultra HD – if possible, opt for this.

If you engage in fast extreme sports activities like Enduro racing, motocross racing, mountain biking, or sail boating, you’ll need a more specialized camera for recording your thrills and adventures. An action camera like a GoPro is an ideal solution when combined with the right type of helmet mount – this will ensure you record awesome videos every single time.

Over time, you can get the best camera, headphones, microphone, tripod or monopod (if necessary), and video editing software like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere that will work with your computer’s operating system. It’s important to research each of these items before making any purchases because there are many factors to consider, such as:

  • Affordability
  • Features and reviews
  • Compatibility with different platforms like Mac OS X or Windows
  • Durability in weather conditions from humid climates to hot deserts and snowy mountains peaks – you’ll need equipment specifically made for those environments
  1. Tips for Growing Your Audience and Community

The most pressing question for any new vlogger is how to grow their audience and community. The key to growing your YouTube channel or other platform lies in the amount of content you create. As a general rule, upload at least two videos per month so that people will be more likely to subscribe or watch your content on other platforms like Facebook Live or Instagram Stories because they know it won’t take them long before there’s something new for them.

It also helps if you can make sure each video targets a specific niche or topic – this way, not only do viewers have an idea what they’re going to get when they click play, but with time, viewers might even become interested enough in one particular subject matter to start watching all future videos about it too. Here are some tips to grow your audience and community when starting out:

  • Create a presence on social media
  • Try to get into YouTube partnerships
  • Utilize the power of influencers for viral content
  • Encourage people to subscribe through email newsletters or notifications about future uploads.
  • Use analytics from your videos and other platforms in order to optimize your posts so that you can get more views, likes, etc.

If you’re just getting started and want to make your videos as professional-looking and polished as possible, these steps will help guide you through it:

  • Find a good location – Plan for shots that are indicative of what people would expect when they hear about your topic
  • Dress appropriately – Try some outfits out beforehand so you won’t have any surprises on the shoot day (especially because planning takes time)
  • Think about lighting before shooting begins – bright days call for minimal use of artificial light or light-reflecting surfaces like windows, etc., while dark scenes require much more artificial light to create depth.
  • You might also consider adding an intro/outro clip at the beginning and end
  1. Where to Find Inspiration for Video Ideas

Where to Find Inspiration for Video Ideas

To ensure your vlog stays relevant, find inspiration for your video ideas from other adventure vlogs. Of course, you might already be following other successful vloggers in this space, but it’s a great idea to explore YouTube and other video content creation platforms for new formats and ideas. By reviewing the most viewed content of similar vlogs like yours, you can quickly get ideas on what to share and how.

An excellent place to find inspiration is through :

  • YouTube’s Trending Videos section, which surfaces videos related to daily trends in the video marketplace
  • You’ll also find these top trending vlogs within the Explore tab of your channel page on YouTube or using a search engine such as Google Trends
  • Be sure to check out other channels that might be outside of your interest space for fresh perspectives and different formats – you could learn from them

If you’ve been vlogging for a while and have built some traction, it might be time to branch out. What is your niche on YouTube? What are the types of videos that people keep coming back to see from you? If you sell products or offer services, make sure they’re visible in your video thumbnails so viewers can find them quickly.

When there’s no one central theme running through your content, it will become difficult for potential subscribers to know why they should subscribe at all – and more importantly, how often they should come back. This makes it tough for creators with diverse interests to build enough momentum before burning out.

  1. Making Money as a Vlogger

You can also be creative when finding ways to make money while traveling. The more views your videos have, the better chance you’ll have at getting sponsorships from companies who sell products related to yours. Many young vloggers make money from advertising their products through affiliate marketing programs such as AdSense, which will pay them every time someone clicks on a link they’ve. Other ways to make money as a vlogger include:

  • Post sponsored ads before YouTube videos
  • Start reviewing items like hotels, tours, food, etc.
  • Create and sell courses on YouTube or other sites that teach viewers how to do something they want to learn
  • Do paid product reviews in exchange for free products
  • Receive an advance payment for a video from someone who wants you to say specific things
  • There are many ways young vloggers can make money while building their following – go ahead and explore them


As you can see, starting a career as an adventure vlogger isn’t so difficult. All it takes is some creativity and dedication to becoming the best content creator possible. If you’re eager to start your journey in this industry, we hope that these tips will help you get started on the right foot. And don’t forget – there are loads of helpful advice sites and resources online for those who need more guidance along the way.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and make a name for yourself by capturing all your life’s adventures on video and share them.

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