4 Simple Tips to Get Traffic from Instagram to Your Website

Business accounts have been everywhere since 2016, and ever since then, Instagram has gone out of its way to help promote those businesses. All you have to do is know a few perks – and figure out how to use Instagram to your advantage.

If you are struggling with directing traffic from your Instagram to your website, then you have come to the right place. Here are some ways for you to earn that much-wanted traffic:

  • Links in Bios

The average person would place a bio with a random description of themselves, trying to appeal to the Instagram word. The smart Instagrammer, on the other hand, would add a link to their website along with a call to action.

This link can be constant, or you can change it depending on the page. Make sure, however, that you are adding that link as naturally as possible. Otherwise, there is the risk that the fellow Instagrammer will be intimidated by the link. Furthermore, try to be as creative as possible – because most people are there for the fun, not for the business.

  • Run an Ad Campaign on Instagram

Have you ever noticed how a “Sponsored” post keeps popping up on Instagram every few posts? And have you also noticed how constant they all are? Instagram ads are very clickable, and they are also meant to raise your curiosity. The call to actions and the “learn more” features will make the reader curious about what comes next.

An Instagram ad uses the Facebook backend – meaning that you can target specific users. You may target them based on gender, age, location, hobbies, interests – even their relationship status. Make sure that you set some targeting options so that you don’t waste the ads on people who have no interest in your brand. Using the right Instagram marketing tools is key.

  • Tag the Pictures

Have you noticed how so many pictures on Instagram have countless tags on the pictures? If you have a business account, you may link from that picture to your website – and therefore, increase your traffic.

You will, however, have to meet certain criteria – apart from being from the US. You will need to have an Instagram Business Profile, your account set on English, and to sell jewelry, apparel, of beauty products. Instagram is all about the looks, so there’s no surprise there that you will have to sell these products.

  • “See More” or “Swipe Up” on Stories

The organic posts may not be very clickable – but the Instagram stories certainly are. A variety of brands can become eligible for this – and most of them won’t even have to gather many followers. As long as you know how to sell your product, you can have a few followers that will certainly get your product.  

For your product to be successful, you might have to make your Instagram grow. You can use apps such as Upleap – or simple marketing skills. Before you know it, you will realize that your website traffic has increased.

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