5 Tools to embed Instagram feed on Websites

Marketers consider Instagram as the most capable source for digital marketing.

The reason after Instagram marketing getting popular is that it is a ‘visually potential network’, with more than 95 million posts uploaded every day in the form of images, videos, and infographics

To embed Instagram feed on websites has also now become a popular digital marketing formula. As Instagram have enough user-generated content in it which can be showcased anywhere.

To evaluate the best tool available in the market for embedding, let us explore some tools that can utilize the enormous content available on Instagram single-handedly.

Tools To Embed Instagram Feed On Website

The tools with required functionalities are-

  1. Taggbox-

Taggbox creates a feed of the content from Instagram through different doors at the same time say from hashtags, tags, mentions, keywords, etc. simultaneously.

Moderation is possible in both manual and automatic modes.

And many other customizable options in its ‘Personalize’ feature includes multiple themes, banner choice, option for background image, different card styles, font style, size and color of the textual content in it to modify the layout of the wall generated.

Also, to keep your Instagram feed updated with real-time content, it comes in different versions of Lite, Premium, and Professional respectively. The higher the version, the shorter will be the update time span.

Taggbox is not only capable to embed Instagram feed into HTML websites, but also to the multiple platforms like WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Shopify, Squarespace, etc.

In fact one can say that it is developed to embed social media content into a website and to embed Instagram feed on your website becomes a tiny task with Taggbox.

Apart from just embedding, Taggbox can also display social walls in events, at in-store big-screens through various digital signage solutions.

Ultimately, it is an all in one social media aggregation solution.

  1. Instagram’s official embedding

Instagram itself allows embedding its posts through its web-based version. The only lacuna it has is this feature is inaccessible from its mobile version. Or else, this method would be the cheapest and easiest method of embedding Instagram feed into websites.

Every post on Instagram (on web-version) carries an option ‘embed’ on it, which on selecting gives you the embed code that you are just required to copy and paste on your website.

  1. Instagram feed WD

It is a plugin that allows embedding Instagram feed on the website or WordPress. It offers the user to embed his own feed or the hashtag feed on the website.

This again is full of customizable options to modify the layout of Instagram content through themes, social sharing buttons, etc. Also, it allows curating the content through hashtags, and specific usernames.

Overall, it is a compact and smooth embedding tool for Instagram feed.

  1. Snapwidget

Snapwidget is again a dynamic Instagram embedding tool that also works with Twitter.

It is known for several of its themes and widget styles.

In Snapwidget, you can customize your Instagram feed with any of your favorite characteristic and curate your content by usernames, hashtags, location tags, and add photos to create a slideshow in it.

It gives a scrolling header and several other embedding options for Instagram and Twitter as well.

You could use Snapwidget to play around a variety of interactive content.

  1. 4k Stogram

With 4K Stogram, the headache of content loss after having the Instagram post deleted is no more.

You can create a collage in this with all the dynamic features to give it a unique face through several customizable options.

4K Stogram is a solution for those who end up deleting the account or a post after embedding it on a website. As once you have done so with it, the post will not go anywhere from its wall/embedded feed.

Hence, it is again a very useful embedding tool for Instagram especially.

Final words

Instagram is a visually potential social media network with more than 200 million users visiting a business profile at least once daily.

As far as an eCommerce business is concerned, Instagram seems to be an even more valuable resource.

The process of embedding Instagram feed nowadays has become easier to implement because of such dynamic social media aggregators available on the market that are not only capable of embedding Instagram feed radically but also can leverage the overall eCommerce business through its other dynamic functionalities like displaying social walls and providing digital signage solutions along with it.

Social media aggregators are kind of adept in embedding Instagram feeds on websites and in giving your website higher user engagement and better sales.

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