How To Outfit Your Home And Work Computer For Maximum Productivity

Home And Work Computer


Whether you have a brand-new computer or one that has survived the test of time, it is important to ensure that it is supporting you in your tasks at its most efficient level. For you to achieve that, it does not necessarily mean that you need to get the most expensive machine or upgrade to a new one. The following tips can help you outfit your machine so you can maximize its productivity.

1. Signup for a high-speed internet connection

Let’s face it. Having an internet connection is an absolute necessity when working on any computer, whether for your job or when you’re at home. Plus, many programs and applications only work when you’re online. If it takes forever before you can download a simple text document from an email or if you have to wait a few minutes before search results come up, then it’s time to upgrade your internet plan.

Keep in mind that “time is gold”, which means that not only are you becoming less efficient when you have slow internet, you’re also losing precious time that you can’t really replace.

2. Install anti-malware programs

Malware are malicious computer programs that are designed to corrupt your machine. Having a computer that is infected with malware like viruses, worms, adware, and spyware can be highly frustrating and this can stall your work. Worse, they can even damage your computer permanently and your personal data can be compromised.

Many people do not realize that they are vulnerable to cyberattacks that’s why they don’t really take the time to renew an expired antivirus program or they just mindlessly open clickbait emails that turn out to be spam. However, whether you’re using your computer for your personal or professional tasks, you can be a victim of malware. It is then essential to install anti-malware programs to protect your computer from these threats.

3. Take advantage of cloud solutions

Take advantage of cloud solutions


Gone are the days when you have to abuse your local hard drive storage or maybe purchase an expensive hard drive for you to save and backup your files. Now, you can utilize different cloud solutions for this purpose. Using the cloud not only allows you a more practical and affordable storage solution, it also gives you the flexibility to access your files anywhere and anytime with an internet connection.

There are many cloud services available today and you don’t even have to spend anything to start using one. Google Drive is a popular option that comes free with a Google account. If you want more storage or advanced security, there are also alternatives to Google Drive that offer such features.

4. Always update your software

How many times have you ignored that window prompt or notification that your applications need updating? Most of the time, many computer users find updates tedious and inconvenient, so they just click the cancel button to avoid being bothered by it.

What many people are not aware of is that these software updates are very critical for computer programs to continue to run smoothly. Software updates usually address and fix glitches discovered by developers. If your software is outdated, it becomes more vulnerable to malware and other security threats. So, the next time you see that update prompt, don’t ignore! A better practice is to schedule updates at the end of the workday so that prompts will not come up in the middle of an important task.

5. Use a specialist to resolve tech issues

Use a specialist to resolve tech issues


Even if you’re very meticulous with how you use your computer and you shower it with your tender loving care, it is still a machine that is prone to breakdown. When your computer fails you, it can be an exasperating experience especially if you are working on time-critical tasks.

To avoid the time-consuming process of finding someone to fix your computer, printer, and other tech equipment, a good tip is to find a specialist that you can call on if ever this happens. This can be a freelance person or a third-party company who specializes in these types of issues. Additionally, you should inquire whether the specialist offers remote diagnostics, which refers to having office tech issues diagnosed remotely to save time and resources.

Don’t experiment by trying to fix the issue yourself or asking an inexperienced person handle it as it may just worsen the problem. Getting a specialist will ensure that your machine will be in good hands.

6. Use productivity and automation tools

There are now various tools on the internet that can support you in doing your tasks so you can become more efficient. Many of these tools are reasonably-priced and most of them can even be used free of charge.

Examples of productivity tools include applications for task management, project management, digital calendar, time tracking, file hosting, graphic design, email managers, remote access, video conferencing, messaging, and many more.

Automation tools are also gaining popularity with many companies. Now, it is possible to automate tasks that can save you time so you can focus on more critical work. Some tasks that can be automated include messaging for customer service, email marketing, social media posting, purchasing and invoicing, and generating financial reports.

There are also ready-made templates for different documents a business could need that can save you a lot of time such as templates for contracts, marketing materials, business letters, etc.

7.   Use an automated file organizer to avoid digital chaos

While this tip can go under the previous advice of using automation tools, it deserves its own spot. This is because so many computer users have this bad habit of dumping their files on the desktop or the documents folder without any structure or sense of organization. If you’re guilty of this, you must admit that it can be tiresome to find the right file that you are looking for. Having a messy desktop and file system can also add to your stress and slow you down.

What you can do is to install a file organizer program that can automatically group and classify your files for you. With most of these programs, you would have to create rules and conditions in the beginning and then it would do the work for you. There are even programs that could automatically rename your files and group them based on how you want them to be classified.

Become a productivity machine

Your computer is an essential tool that can help you complete your day-to-day tasks. Following the tips above can contribute towards making your machine work more efficiently, which means you can also become more productive.

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