7+ Important Features Your ecommerce Site is Missing

Important Features Your ecommerce Site is Missing

In the era of evolving web trends, not only conventional shopping methods have been changed, but it also influences the customer’s buying decisions.

Millions of companies have chosen e-commerce platforms to flourish their businesses, however the stiff competition has been increasing with this advancement and attaining new customers on online stores has become a hard row to hoe.

If you are struggling with your online business and want a big thrive on your business’s revenue, update your website with following key features:

#1. User friendly website design

Make your website more user friendly with effective and eye catching design, the recent studies show that 75% online customers stated that easy to use feature is the key feature of an e-commerce site.

User friendly website design helps visitors to find easily whatever they want without facing any complexity that can clutter up the way to purchase. Usually, a visitor stays on a specific site for a few seconds, so you have only these few seconds to convert this customer’s visit into a sale.

Thus, providing diverse shopping categories with filters and comparison options make easy for your customer to choose from. Moreover easy-to-find customer reviews and FAQ information help consumers in making quick decision.

#2. Make your website mobile optimized

Nowadays, people’s aptitude for using mobile or smart phones is rising at rapid rate due to its inbuilt internet browsing features and portability. Over 57% of internet traffic lead to websites from smart phones, if you missed that feature, you will probably miss out on 57 percent of your potential conversion opportunities.

Thus, it is ideal to make your website mobile friendly as well as mobile optimized. You may include features like Single column layout, thumb friendly navigation, small size images for quick loading and formatted content.

#3. Security Proof

With the growing cyber crimes, e-commerce sites are being targeted the most. So it is crucial to protect the e-commerce with sophisticated security features to secure the customer’s vulnerable information. The following feature shows security proof to customers:

EV SSL Certificate: It is also referred as Extended Validation SSL certificate that encrypt the information being transmitted between the website and browser. The foremost certificate sellers designed this certificate to provide optimum safety to e-commerce sites and reduce phishing attacks. The green address bar is its reorganization symbol that increase faith, diminish shopping cart abandonments, and builds long-term returns for e-commerce industry. Buy EV SSL Certificate to improve conversion ratio and security of your E-commerce website.

#4. Show Social elements

Social sites play a vital role in bonding potential customers with e-commerce industries. You can socialize with your customers by linking your social profiles and user-generated content to your e-commerce site. It does not only build your brand, but also increase your conversion. Nowadays, the most preferred social sites are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Beside it, the product references from social sites puts a great positive impact on your revenue. We all believe on social proof that is provided on social sites from our near and dear ones, as they already have used the product. So, showing a social proof for eCommerce businesses is essential these days.

#5. User-Generated Reviews

According to recent studies, over the 65% of website visitors do not take purchase decision without taking a glance of specific product reviews. Encourage your customers to post a review or rate the product after purchasing. These reviews allure new customers to buy the product.

Some people consider the negative reviews puts a detrimental impact on sale, but negative reviews helps to know about your weaknesses and you come to know where the changes are needed. In addition, you can build trust through testimonials, case studies, blogs, and logos of current customers.

#6. Product detailing with high-resolution photos

Feeding the thorough detail about each and every product with high quality images helps to gain more conversions. People like to view the article from all angels, so you must upload high-resolution photos with zooming features. Beside it, the picture that takes longer time than usual is easily avoided by customers to purchase.

When they get satisfied with the picture, they move on the product description, including different colors, sizes, stuff and guarantee etc. make sure to put all crucial information about your products.

#7. Don’t make registrations obligatory

As we know, the registration process is quite monotonous as numerous details are asked to fill. In addition, no visitors spend too much time on registration just to access the product information that is easily shown on other sites.

If you have this checkout on your e-commerce site, remove it as soon as possible as you can lose your potential customers. If it is necessary to get valuable information, you can ask during making purchases.

It is vital to make initial step simple and effortless.

#8. Send Reminders for discarded cart items

There are many chances, when customers fill their cart with items and suddenly leave the site without purchasing the items. It might be done due to many reasons like customer have doubt about the product, time is out, high price and something else.

You can send reminder mails on customer’s email ids to complete their shopping process. Moreover, you can offer them discounts, coupons, and fascinating offers on abandoned cart items to complete their shopping.

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