Top 5 Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic

Top 5 Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic

The world of eCommerce owners and online bloggers is driven only by one single factor and that is the customers residing across the world. A blogger’s major concern is to attract potential readers by posting vital information. “TRAFFIC” being the appropriate word used for these readers. To stay on top of the game the websites need to serve a large amount of traffic, bringing readers to read their blog.

The world of the Internet is taking big steps and so are the new bloggers. A new blog site is being born every day which gives the readers too many options to choose from. Coming straight to the point, we are here to learn 5 unbounded ways to increase the traffic on your blog leading to increased revenue. Because now along with the content many other factors pay contribution in attracting the market.

1. Create an impressive SEO image

SEO can be the part of your website till the very end of its existence. The strategies are made to keep you on the top bar of the search engine. The experts treat your blog with internal linking and add commonly used keywords, they target the language of a layman.

Next, you tune into on-page SEO and don’t forget keywords are going to be with you through every stage. In order to reach your audience to optimize the page, when you create titles using the keywords there is a better chance people will be able to find you first. Titles can be made more impressive when modifiers are added, it has a psychologically positive impact on the readers.

2. Leap for some social media help

We have seen technology moving too fast and so mobile phones and 4G internet connection is the result of innovation. This addiction to mobiles gave way to the emerging social media platform which has become a very influencing factor. Wait before publishing the content, because before as a blogger you will need to build your presence. Start with sharing some influencer’s content or promote a campaign.

Once you are done with creating an image, a strong market will be in your power. Now you can make them read what informative blogs you have. Start creating your social media presence on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc and make sure you post the contents on definite intervals to live up to the reader’s expectation.

Merge with social media groups, the bigger marketing platform you have more will be the people to influence. Indulge yourself in the communities that post contents in your niche. This can bring two outcomes, one you reach out to your target audience and two the contents improve your writing skills.

3. Stay active in blog commenting

Traffic does not solely drive with the help of SEO tricks and vital information. The terms “Trust” is what compels readers to stay on your blog. Trust building is not that easy but with a bit blog commenting you can catch your reader’s attention. The expert’s trick says that you need to post your views on other blogs and post a link to your own content. Although, the trick goes unharmful for anybody, just avoid yourself from putting down any spam comment.

Although your blog commenting technique brings you one step closer to gaining traffic, it can also be a factor to impress search engines. An active status in asking and answering questions give the website a slow but significant traffic boost.

4. Linking blogs with trackbacks

The blogging platforms you have been working on till date like WordPress has never failed to offer features to improve the functionality of the site. Trackback is one of those features made to be relevant for gaining readers for your website. How do they work? You have posted a very lucrative content and now you are mentioning another blogger in your site. Upon this action, trackback will generate a notification for the other blogger to receive it.

Thus, ultimately creating a link back for the readers to follow. Remember, you are not just fetching traffic for your own good but also sharing quality content to educate the audience.

5. Become a Guest blogger

If you have just started writing as a blogger then you are baby in this field, you don’t have an influence over the readers. As a blogger, you need to understand that the platform your content goes on matters a lot. When your high-quality content matches with the reputed website, the outcome brings a lot of traffic to the table.

Spamming of sites is a drawback which should not be overlooked. It can be hazardous if the website you pitched for has been spammed, not only will it influence the readers negatively but even the search engines will take the fact into the picture to decide the ranking.

The situation can be turned upside down, the second option in guest blogging is inviting people to write for your site. These bloggers need to be famous and have a knack in writing comprehensive content. Such potential bloggers will rise up and share the content in their own circle which is likely to bring more traffic for you.

Ending Notes

As a blogger, your writing skill has all the potential to keep the readers engaged. But readers are not inclined towards your site just because you have something great to share. The readers should feel assured on the reliability of the content posted. SEO is among one of the top tactics to drive the traffic generation as it works on every single detail right from keywords to entailing the content on a trusted platform.

Both eCommerce and bloggers need an audience for revenue generation. The only distinction between the two internet rulers is that the real game for eCommerce store starts with achieving traffic and landing sales.

For a blogger who shares vital and unique information, traffic is all you can pray for, more the readers more will be the revenue generation. Give a shot to these 5 ways to surge traffic but also be patient. Like the tree doesn’t grow in a day, the same way readers are not influenced within a short span of time.

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