9 Educational Websites Your Kids Will Actually Love

It’s hard not to find an answer on the internet. Be it a question born out of curiosity or a question that emerged from confusing homework assignments, there’s always an answer on Google. And while it’s a bonus that important information is so easily available to kids nowadays, there’s plenty of inappropriate content that parents should protect their kids from. 

9 Educational Websites Your Kids Will Actually Love

It’s understandable that parents refuse their kids any technological gadget for these reasons. But as much as a child constantly staring at a screen makes parents worried, there are plenty of ways one can make sure the screen is utilized in the best way. Now with the help of parental control applications, parents can manage call and do call log tracking along with that they can monitor internet activities of their child as well. Luckily, educational websites these days are accessible to anyone with a steady internet connection.

Here are the top 9 Educational Websites that your Kids will actually Love!

These creative, fun websites are the epitome of goodness for your kids. They make use of modern-day technology and creativity to bring your kids the fastest, easiest ways to master any solution they are looking for! Now a day kids are more involved in social media activities, parents should guide them to manage social media activities so that they can boost their productivity.

  1. Kodable

While programming and coding do appear as rocket-science to the common eye, the importance they hold in the competitive world is unmatched. Kodable believes that its critical to lay basic foundation about coding and programming in kids from the beginning, which ensures that they don’t suffer from the lack of vital knowledge in a future that revolves around tech.

Using vibrant games and colorful features, Kodable makes it possible for children of 10 and below to master the basics of Javascript! Children enjoy the attractive graphics and easy topics— and they don’t even realize that they’ve been tricked into learning!

  1. Funbrain

With over 65,000 teachers registered and 35 million visits per month, Funbrain.com has gained the trust of parents all over the world. The reason kids love this browser game playground is because of its exciting games and adorable graphics, which helps children between the age of 4-13 take a more joyous approach towards learning Mathematics!

  1. NASA Kid’s Club

Launched back in 1998, NASA Kid’s Club is an award winning educational website aimed at kids of age 9 and above. Children who aspire to explore space enjoy every minute of the interactive web games and firsthand experiments; which also serve as a huge scoop of knowledge to feed their curious minds. NASA also regularly updates the website with informative articles and well curated videos, as the web page is also a means to communicate the NASA Science Mission Directorate to children.

  1. Coolmath4kids

If your kids have spent at least two hours on this website, chances are that they already love Mathematics — despite however they might’vefelt about it in the past. With well explained topics and interesting brain teasers, Coolmath4kids is a favored for its easy-teaching by kids from 4-12 alike!

  1. Kids national geographic

National Geography Kids was designed with children of all ages in mind. Their curiosity about the animal kingdom can be satisfied here! The website features cool experiments and lots of fluffy animals— basically everything your child would love! (There’s also great giveaways and campaigns!)

  1. Scratch mit

Scratch is a creativity promoting platform designed to prepare adolescents and children for the 21st century. The website allows users to create interactive stories, games and animations that they can share with the community. Basically, Scratch allows parents and children to collaborate while engaging creativity to its fullest! Young people of all ages love sharing their content with the world, and this protective website allows them to do that while enjoying things with like minded kids! This will provide kids the benefit of personalized learning.

  1. Pbskids

We’ve all watched PBS as kids. Sadly, we didn’t have a cool website that allowed us to play interactive games with our favorite characters. With an entire crew of popular characters on board (both new and old), 3 to 6 year olds now have the chance to learn rhymes, poems, colors and more through games and videos at comfort of their couch. Kids especially enjoy this one, because, who doesn’t like to play games with their favorite character?!

  1. Sesamestreet

Elmo and the entire Sesame Street crew is now available only a few finger clicks away. Currently striving to bring playful learning experiences in over 150 countries, this website serves as a way for the minds behind Sesame Street to bring quality education to young children aged 8 and below. Using endearing characters and games that narrate adventures, kids enjoy time with their beloved Muppet friends while they continue learning at full pace.

  1. Howstuffworks

Does your child keep asking you confusing questions out of the blue? “Why do I need two eyes to see one thing?”

It might be time that you direct their questions to Howstuffworks.com. Using child-friendly words and well explained articles, this is the ideal place for 9 to15 year old kids to find the right answers to their questions. Both children and adults enjoy this website alike for its informative content.

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