Mastering the Art of Social Media Marketing

Social media can be a strange frontier for those unfamiliar with it. There are so many social networks and so many different demographics utilizing them in different ways, careful planning and research is essential for a proper social media strategy. App Store Optimization helps users find an app in the store, converts users and mode, marketing helps drive users to search for it in the first place.

Social networks are great for marketing apps, as they’re visited by millions of users with clear interests and searches. With that in mind, here are some tips for mastering the art that is social media marketing.


Art of Social Media Marketing

The most important aspect of social media from a marketing perspective is the ability to directly reach and interact with fans, users and potential customers. Consider Facebook, considered by 62 percent of marketers to be the most important platform they use.

Having a Facebook presence creates another channel that can drive users to the app. Marketers can build an online following with a Facebook page, which allows them to directly reach and interact with customers. The average brand posts eight times per day, attracting new followers and converting them to users. The more active a page is, the more chances they have to interact with users and convince them to download the app.

Making posts and ad campaigns that users share with their friends is a great way to advertise on social media, as every positive share is a recommendation and advertisement for your app.

Social media is also vital for customer service. Approximately 67% of consumers use social media for their issues or questions, and spend more on the companies that engage with them. Not only is it a channel to directly interact with users, it’s a public forum where your best PR can be put on display. Provide positive interactions with customers and your reputation will grow. Additionally, answering user questions and concerns from the page allows you to resolve potential incidents early and personally, so that they don’t turn into negative reviews on the App Store.



Naturally, social media ads are still important. Social media ads are cost-effective and versatile, allowing for a more targeted campaign than television ads or billboards. Facebook ads are a clean source of engaged users and can be targeted at specific demographics.

Good social media ads require strong visuals that catch users’ eyes and get them interested in downloading the app. In fact, the visuals account for 75% or more of a social media ad’s performance.

The text for an ad should be short and concise while calling out the app’s features. Even the description in the ad shouldn’t exceed 15 words and the title is most effective at no more than four.

Remember to research your audience and the networks they use. Each ad should maintain brand voice and identity along with attention-grabbing callout text. This will help provide the best ad results.The ads also allow you to understand your most active demographics, so your app store listings can be tailored to them as part of your ASO strategy.

Influencer Marketing

One key marketing tool that social media provides is influencer marketing. It has a level of efficiency and accuracy that few other forms of marketing can emulate, due to its ability to directly reach relevant audiences through trusted sources. In fact, influencer marketing is one of the fastest growing online channels for customer acquisition.

Influencer marketing is essentially when an online figure, such as an Instagram model or YouTube celebrity, makes a paid plug for a product or service. It’s akin to product placements or celebrity endorsements, but it comes directly from a trusted source and reaches the audience that follows them. Influencers with a relevant audience can drive users to try your app, as it comes from a source they know and trust.

With influencer marketing, you can directly reach an audience relevant to your app. Fitness apps can utilize fitness-based influencers, mobile games can target game-themed channels, and so on. Some influencer campaigns can include YouTube playthroughs or online reviews, which itself is another channel for app discovery.

Finding an influencer that matches your brand can be a great tool for targeting users and boosting visibility. Certain apps enable the influencer to directly interact with their audience through the app as part of the campaign, which can be beneficial for both the app and influencer.

These tricks will help your social media marketing strategy navigate the confusing web that social networking can be. With the right strategies and research, you can directly reach and appeal to your audience, giving your mobile app a meaningful boost.

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