Best WordPress alternatives that you should consider in 2020

Best WordPress alternatives

I know there is a huge number of supporters for WordPress out there and I’m no different. As WordPress comes with tons of themes and plugins, users can utilize their website in the best way possible. It also adds a layer of flexibility as WordPress is extremely user friendly. Another prospect that WordPress does amazing well is inbound marketing strategy by making a website that has quality and relevant content for the users to comprehend. It helps to engage the customers to your website by various conversational tools and helps in the growth of your business and developing a good relationship with your customers.

WordPress platform is very popular in the market but this isn’t the only one to publish your website. Talking about good things there are always two sides to a coin, and WordPress shares a good amount of disadvantages too. As at times WordPress doesn’t work ideally and using other alternatives can do the trick. I’ll be discussing a few alternatives for WordPress that will work best for you and gives you a layer of versatility. After learning about them you’ll be able to understand the differences, advantages, and disadvantages and choose the one that works best for you.

Few WordPress alternatives to using in 2020:-

1)   Wix


It’s quite evident that WordPress comes with a fair share of top-notch features from plugins to various extensions however working with various designs might get a bit tiresome and time-consuming. However, when you build your site with Wix things move differently. As you place rulers of your website in any position with just a click of your mouse and plans related to design come with the same styles.

You can easily infuse animation and video background to your website without losing sweat and it’s also search engine optimized. Creating pages related to Portfolio is extremely simple to do. If you are someone who is creating a website to market your business then this web builder is best for as it comes with any application that focuses on the growth of the business. Only one small issue you may face is not able to change the template after you’ve selected it initially.

2)   Weebly

This website builder is extremely easy to use and instinctive in its approach to create websites and is used by millions of websites in the last few years. If you are someone who wants to build a website without investing little to no money then this website builder is best for you as it’s free to use and you can get a personal plan on a monthly basis for $6.

It’s one of the most flexible website builders as it can create a huge number of layouts with elements it is built with and also has amazing blogging features from commenting to categories and whatnot. It’s also featured with a built-in audio and video player.

3)   Jimdo

If you are someone looking to build a website with a website builder that will assist you in developing your website then Jimdo is best for you. More than ten million websites have used this web builder to make their websites effectively. It comes with a basic plan to get a headstart, however other paid plans also come with images, an online store, and content for your website.

This web builder might not be the best when you talk about features but it does its job well as its solid tool to build quality websites. If you are someone who has been using WordPress for a long time then it might be a let down as Jimdo is not feature-packed with various templates but a great choice as it’s a great platform to build your websites as it’s easy to use and integrates well to the website.

4)   Joomla


So if you are somebody who finds WordPress easy to use and doesn’t have problems with the functionality of it then Joomla will work best for you.  This website builder certainly has skillful features down its sleeve and also comes with multilingual pages for your website, it is a tad bit complicated for beginners. As you already know that WordPress is an amazing choice for beginners to use but Joomla is a little tough for first-timers.

However, this web builder is better when you talk about security as it is far more secure than WordPress. Joomla also uses the two-factor authentication that makes it tougher for hackers to break in.

5)   Webnode

This is the perfect website builder for you if you are someone looking to build a website that is multilingual in nature, something that very few website builders offer.

However, you know that WordPress was basically built to use in only one language. Although you can add various plugins to use a translation tool for your website. However, if you are someone that wants to use various languages on your website then Webnode is the best choice for you to get started with.

Sadly it is no comparison to the WordPress website builder as Webnode comes with simple features and doesn’t have many tags.

6)   BigCommerce


This website builder is of Australian origin and works best for medium to big business houses to set up their online market. It is more advantageous and it helps in multi-currency projects for commercial growth and also comes with search engine optimized features.

The best thing that comes with this website builder is it is totally free and no transaction.fee is required to get started with. However, there is a situation that may arise when it will suggest you upgrade your plan when the year threshold of sales comes into play. You just have to go research and find out the best plan that suits your website after understanding the conditions.

However, if you decide to start working with this platform, do understand this platform also comes with certain difficulties as there are no stores for multilingual use even if you use other external sources.

Ending Note

It is quite evident that WordPress is one of the best platforms to use to most users due to its user-friendly nature. The number of plugins and extensions it comes with creates a lasting impression on their users. However, those who are new to this will find it a tad bit hard to work with initially to set everything properly. However, novices can use the help of CMS to get a kick start.

Various website builders like  BigCommerce, Weebly, Wiz give the users a long range of features to work with to effectively build your website. However, every website builder comes with its own brand of advantages and disadvantages but after going through this article you’ll be equipped to get started with your website builder that works best for you.

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