How Android App Development is Changing the World

How Android App Development is Changing the World

One of the fastest evolving technologies in our time is Android app development, which has unique features and endless usage. In 2010, the operating system overtook iOS in the market share, becoming the most renowned mobile operating system in the world. It’s a title that to this day holds true.

Although some may argue over which OS is better, it could not be denied which is more popular since Android maintains more than 80 percent of the market share in the world. Google has succeeded in having a professional team of Android app development services to beat the iPhone market.

Android Has Revolutionized the World

Google introduced Android back in 2008, and since then has become the go-to OS for a lot of handset manufacturers. Moreover, it became a favorite among app development developers, including React Native development services, for instance. Why? Mainly because of its easy functionality implementation, and manufacturers could use the source code to customize easily and provide their own functionality over the system.

You need not pay Google to use the operating system. The handheld device that uses the operating system drives the tech behind it. Furthermore, there’s no restriction to the usage of the OS to their own handset manufacturers, like the older Nexus Phones, or the newer Google Pixel Devices, unlike Apple.

This is the main reason why the popularity of Android has surged, and continues to skyrocket at present. It has revolutionized the world because of its inherent free access and usage ease. Generally, it’s made for touchscreen devices with real-world-like input methods.

Another reason for the major success of the operating system is that it has massive apps available. Practically, you could find any app you need on the Google Play Store. Millions of apps are now available in the Android market, with a vast number of them free to download.

Android App Development Pros for Businesses

These days, every business owner has to compete with creativity to be able to grab the attention of more prospective customers. It’s because a business’s ultimate goal is to generate revenue. Moreover, the Android revolution offers organizations with a scalable and cost-effective opportunity to develop apps.

Android has influenced most industries as part of today’s digital revolution. For any business requirement, there are hundreds of thousands of Android app development services that could cater to various requirements seamlessly. Although the iPhone is a popular operating system, below are the greatest advantages of Android development that proves it is by far the leading and best platform for organizations.

  1. Faster Deployment

Android apps have a fast development cycle that lasts only a few hours. It provides a competitive advantage to organizations that wish to have a faster go-to-market for their new ideas. Thus, one of the biggest pros of Android is the reduced time to market.

  1. High Return on Investment but Lesser Costs

One of the key advantages to Android is the easy availability of its software development kit. From these SDKs, the team of developers could use the material design to create interactive apps. Nonetheless, the development teams have to pay a one-time registration cost for distributing the app.

Afterwards, they could leverage any computer device to create and test the product for their smart devices, ensuring increased user engagement, but with low investment. End users in turn could benefit the interactive application, and the company gains a higher ROI.

  1. Versatile and Scalable

The OS, with the Android Studio, scaled up when it comes to flexibility. It integrates with the whole ecosystem of Android, which includes smartphones, wearables, and so on. It makes the apps compatible with emerging technologies, such as Virtual Reality, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence.

It, therefore, is one of the considerable pros of the operating system. The versatility of the platform furthermore enables the team of developers to create dynamic mobile apps, serving numerous purposes.

  1. Target Numerous Platforms

Porting the app to numerous operating systems is easy with the use of the Java programming language. Businesses therefore could target different platforms. It’s one of the various reasons why organizations opt for Android app development.

  1. Reinforced Security

Android P has introduced a few additional, as well as in-built security features. It helps protect against viruses and malware. Safety and reliability thus are exceptional benefits of the platform.

  1. Customization

Being an open-source platform, Android offers maximum customization to the development teams. It’s why Android apps are a popular business choice. Moreover, the operating system allows creating versatile Android apps, which could be integrated into multimedia tools seamlessly, and data management functionalities to the company’s existing processes.

Business organizations therefore could benefit from reaching out to a wider customer base through accommodating the continuous changes of business requirements.

Android App Development Pros for Developers

Let’s check out the major pros that Android offers to app developers, whether they’re working with a React Native development company or as freelancers.

  1. Market Share

The high presence of Android on mobiles could not be denied, and we don’t get tired talking about it. This is because it’s a huge deal when it comes to reachability. It’s amazing, the big share of the Android operating system in the worldwide market. Indeed, the major advantage is that you get to develop apps for nearly two billion active monthly users.

  1. Apps for All

It’s no secret Apple focusing on premium clients with higher income. This of course limits their product offerings, giving Android an entire field of opportunities for those with lesser income. Moreover, developers have the opportunity to make apps based on any type of mobile device, either if they’re of high or of standard quality.

  1. More Affordable

Developing Android apps is cheaper compared with other platforms. It provides its software development kit for free, thus all costs are designated to testing the app and the deployment. Meaning that you need not make a huge investment.

Less investment on your app development means that you would have a higher return on investment, and you get a project that’s more profitable.

  1. Social Media Integration

Integrating Android apps is easy with popular social media networks. Android, for instance has the advantage of being a part of the most used emailing platform in the world, and that is Gmail. Android application developers render the best UX for easy access to sign-in with app functionality.

A lot of apps provide an option to sign-in directly with Google, Twitter, or your FB account.

  1. Seamless Developer Adoption

Commonly, software developers learn to build in Java. It’s furthermore easier to adapt to the language to develop mobile applications. Since Android is mostly created in Java, the adaptation therefore is faster and more streamlined.

Moreover, Android supports other programming languages and tools as well, providing developers more ways and options to create their projects.

  1. Fast customization

Making Android open source has provided numerous benefits to the mobile division of Google. For instance, it lets developers customize their apps fast, with diverse updates and features.

Developers have a seamless way of fixing, improving, and updating apps, thanks to the facilities that the Android tools provide. Moreover, they have the chance of adapting their applications to the advice of the users, and the reviews in the Google Play Store.

Why People Love Android Apps

Why People Love Android Apps


The life-blood of any platform are apps. Even the best OS will not have traction without any programs running on it. Android has a robust foundation on which to build, and with so many manufacturers wanting to build new phones.

Manufacturers were not only able to create phones that compete with Apple, they could also do it without creating their own operating system, and they all could benefit from a single shared environment and apps that run on any mobile phone.


Smartphones and tablets that are powered by Android could be virtually found on every carrier, and comes in all sizes, capabilities, shapes, and specifications. You want a purple phone? You can get it. Want an affordable phone for kids? There’s an Android for that as well.


People have different preferences. Android runs on every carrier in the world. Users need not change their carrier if they wanted an Android, such as those who wanted iPhones did.


Being open-source, Android offers so much freedom, meaning that developers could essentially do whatever they want. Android is not limited to phones alone, they also run on tablets, wristwatches, and televisions. Basically, you could run it anywhere you want.

Because it’s tied together via a Google account, all applications running on a single platform are likely available on the others as well, without the need to re-purchase them. While end-users may not take direct advantage of Android’s open nature, they reap the rewards of the app developers who do.

Love might be too strong a word, but it goes without saying that people not only love their personal Androids, but they also love the platform in general since it gives them variety, freedom, flexibility, and the power they need today, and would probably want tomorrow.

Top Android App Trends in 2020

Trend One: Android Instant Apps

With the Play Instant of Google, users of Android could tap to try out an app or a game without skipping the process of installation. Users are not required to download the apps with Instant Apps. Directly operated from the cloud, the apps don’t take up extra space on your phone.

Trend Two: Emerging Android and Technologies Era

Today, the focus is into making a much smarter Google, and to harness AI in all aspects, from smartphones to self-driving cars. The AI-focused strategy of AI is boosting the reach of machine learning and AI for Android app development. Already, Google has taken a step towards this direction through the introduction of ‘Slices’ and ‘Actions’ at Google I/O, enabling apps to directly integrate Assistant with the device.

App development is taking the next leap with AR/VR amalgamation with Artificial Intelligence by introducing advances in immersive techs, which include the Visual Positioning Services. This is one of the latest AR technologies that identify and emulate the visual features in the surroundings of users.

Trend Three: Apps Architecture

The architecture guideline of Google defines Android app development best practices, and the recommended architecture to create apps that are robust and high-performing. The architectural components serve as a great starting point to create stable applications.

With the components, app developers could build apps with more focus on code that makes a unique app and less boilerplate code.

Trend Four: Android Enterprise

Android devices, and iOS devices are the most preferred and used in an organization for work. The Android Enterprise, a program that’s led by Google establishes the best practices in the Enterprise space, as well as provides complete control over data and apps owned by a business.

The program provides APIs, as well as other tools for developers, which offer integrated Android support into EMM or enterprise mobility management solutions.

Trend Five: The Blockchain Rising Trend

Blockchain is creating a buzz across industries. This year, it’s expected to evolve in terms of public and private blockchain architecture, security, and consortium architecture. The blockchain mobile app development space is anticipated to escalate at around $20 billion by the end of 2024.

Blockchain is turning into the popular expression in which an organization changes its name and its plan of action as per the publicity of Blockchain prompts higher benefits.


Without a doubt, the Android operating system by Google has revolutionized the world by opening endless possibilities not just to business organizations and developers, but also for ordinary people as well. Mobile app development companies have a big number of developers who build various application solutions for customers big and small, all over the world. The platform has indeed changed the world due to its free and easy to use nature, attracting developers to create apps that are not only useful, but entertaining as well.

Most people from all walks of life use mobile phones that are powered by Android, loving the freedom to download apps that are mostly for free, as well as to download music for free. There are just so many reasons why Android is the most popular operating system in the world today, and there’s no sign for it to decline in the future.

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