How Artificial Intelligence Will Drive Mobile App Development in 2019

With mobile apps now the preferred communication channel for consumers, companies are increasingly seeking to leverage this trend by powering mobile apps with artificial intelligence (AI) technology to make them as different and as intuitive as possible.


Indeed, cutting-edge AI technology is expected to revolutionize customer interactions across all types of applications on various devices, including mobile phones. For this reason, companies across the world are looking to harness AI’s various capabilities such as deep learning, machine learning, advanced algorithms, voice-recognition, and natural language processing in real-world applications to enhance user experience and interactions.

Increasingly, AI is transforming mobile app development, with this trend expected to continue as businesses around the world seek to make intelligent apps, as opposed to the traditional ones.  Looking into 2019 and beyond, here are some ways AI will drive mobile app development going forward.


Offer Customized Experiences Driving Loyalty

Today, customer loyalty is being driven by companies’ ability to offer personalized experiences to users. By using AI on mobile apps, companies can get insights into customers’ engagement, buying, and search habits. This data, in turn, allows businesses to offer customized experiences and recommendations to users based on their historical preferences and engagement habits. Users will find that AI mobile apps allow personalized front-end and back-end experiences as AI technology involves complex algorithms that enable machine learning.  With AI so integral to offering personalized experiences, businesses are more likely to introduce smart mobile apps that leverage AI to drive customer satisfaction and enhance engagement levels. Already Starbuck is using its AI-powered mobile app as part of a long-term strategy to enhance customer engagement and boost customer loyalty. The Starbucks Barista app, which is an example of a smart mobile app that is powered by AI, allows customers to use voice recognition and messaging to place orders, making the ordering process more convenient and seamless.

Leverage Insightful Data To Grow Business

AI can mimic the human brain by collecting vast amounts of user data and deciphering this information so that businesses can use it to make intelligent, sales-driven decisions. Through the use of AI, companies can use customers’ real-time and historical data to make unique product offerings and recommendations, thus driving increased engagement levels and sales. In addition, companies can use the data to make strategic decisions about their inventories, new market expansion, and product offerings, including new launches, with such data-backed moves more likely to guarantee higher returns on their investments. Going forward, as companies look for new ways to differentiate themselves, stay competitive, and grow their business, they are increasingly expected to adopt AI and apply it across various platforms. In doing so, companies will look to operationalize the valuable insights provided by AI-powered applications, including mobile apps, to better their business and grow profitability levels.

Allow Use Of Smart Devices Powered By AI

As AI’s reach extends across devices from applications on mobile phones to smart devices or Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled systems or appliances, businesses are discovering the diverse professional and personal applications of this technology. Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana are some examples of AI-powered smart platforms that are seeing widespread adoption in both business and personal settings.  The growing adoption of IoT devices is, therefore, driving the push for businesses to power mobile apps with AI and integrate this with other devices. This means that the mobile app development industry will see a dramatic surge in demand for developers who have a well-rounded experience in automation and machine learning technology. For mobile app developers, in turn, AI will allow them to code more innovatively given the flexibility provided by the technology, which is in stark contrast to the standard algorithms used in traditional mobile apps.

Help Businesses Stay Relevant In Changing Times

The irrefutable advantages of embracing AI will continue to drive the demand for more intelligent apps, with smart apps soon set to become the new norm for companies. A smart mobile app will allow businesses to become more efficient and effective, as they rely on highly valuable customer data to find real-world solutions to be more competitive and grow their business.   For example, in the case of Starbucks, the company’s AI-powered mobile app development is a core part of its long-term growth strategy. With the help of AI, the company is better positioned to achieve its goals and have a competitive edge over rivals such as Panera Bread and Dunkin Donuts.

The future of mobile app development is undeniably in AI. AI is today just as quickly transforming the way customers engage with mobile apps, as it is in the way developers are forced to change the way they build these apps. As customers increasingly seek out more intuitive, innovative, and smart apps, it is no longer enough for businesses to have a standard mobile app. To meet customer demand and to stay relevant in the market today, businesses will need an AI-powered mobile app, one that is updated with the latest advancements in AI technology.

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