Keep These Things in Mind While Choosing A WordPress Themes

Whenever you are going to start developing a website, you would definitely come across the word “WordPress”. It’s a popular content management system (CMS) tool that comes with a lot of functionalities to develop a website.

Basically, you have two options to make a website. One is to start from scratch by writing the code themselves. With selecting this you must know anyone of the programming languages to start and it takes a lot of time as well. However, another way is to use the WordPress theme that comes with a lot of features, appealing designs, and much more. It’s the easiest and most convenient way to make a website.

You will find plenty of WordPress themes from the website as per your need. For instance, in order to develop an online shopping website, you can get an eCommerce WordPress Theme from different vendors. You can find Free WordPress eCommerce themes as well as premium ones. As your website is important as the logo design, any compromise with it is never acceptable.

However, the primary concern is how can you choose the most appropriate WordPress theme for your website. There are a lot of things that need to be taken care of. Let’s discuss those.

1. Current Update

It’s really important to have an eCommerce WordPress theme that keeps giving updates. To stay with the technology frequent changes according to the requirements are needed.

As we know that users will not be impressed with outdated technology and features. Specifically, when you are going to build an eCommerce website then it becomes vital to present new to the customer for a better shopping experience. An update can be in terms of design, security, functionality, bug fixes, and a lot more things. WordPress always keeps maintaining its theme at a regular interval.

In the description section, you can find the last update time and frequency of it, if it’s just a few days back then it’s a good option to go for. Theme with updates older than six to eight-month is not recommendable to select. Therefore, do check the last update of the theme before purchasing it.

2. Browser Compatibility

Browser Compatibility

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Another very important point to consider while making a website. Users may use different browsers based on their choice to visit your website. It’s your responsibility to give the same user experience everywhere.

Make sure your eCommerce themes WordPress is developed by considering this point. There are a lot of browsers available like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc. Everyone has different preferences, you need to test your free WordPress eCommerce themes to work seamlessly in every browser. Every user has their own choice of browser and if you fail to make your website as per that then you may lose your customers. That can never be acceptable for any business.

Therefore, make sure you check the browser compatibility before using eCommerce WordPress themes for your website.

3. Set of Features

Features are the most important part of the website. You must include the most demanding and latest features in the website. It helps you in attracting potential customers.

For instance, if you are running an online shopping website then it needs features like wishlist, buy now, add to favorite, add to cart, share, and much more. So your eCommerce WordPress theme must have these features.

Your rate of user traffic highly depends on the feature you serve to them. Have some research on what the user wants and present it nicely on your website. There are so many things that users want but most of the websites are not able to fulfill them, and if you can add it then definitely get great user attention. The features are the base of any website, no matter how nicely it is designed but until and unless you are unable to add better features, everything is useless. Try to find out what features your user demands the most, and accordingly add it.

Thus, choose the Free WordPress eCommerce themes carefully which satisfied every demand of inclusion of features.

4. Responsive Design

Responsive Design

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Another significant point needs to be taken care of while selecting the WordPress theme. Users may switch their devices frequently then it is your responsibility to give the same user experience in every size of the screen.

A huge number of user traffic may use the mobile device to visit the website so, it is necessary to resize the elements as per the screen without losing originality. Although, still some of the people use computer screens. Most of the Free WordPress eCommerce themes or premium themes are including this feature as a priority. For that, your theme must be developed with the latest front-end technology so that this demand can be fulfilled more effectively.

Your website must automatically resize the layout as per the size of the screen. Moreover, you will get a higher rank if your website is responsive, Google has an algorithm that ranks your website higher. Hence, do consider this important feature before choosing the WordPress theme.

5. Support

Support from the vendor is necessary after purchasing the theme. They must provide documentation, video tutorials, to showcase how you can utilize the theme properly.

Specifically for beginners, it is necessary to have some support before using it for making a website. It lets you understand how you can make changes in layout, code, features, and add plugins for the website. Without it, some of the people may end up not getting the best use of it.

If the theme can give better support so even the beginners can also install it and use it. For first time users, step by step guidance is necessary. Thus, this is how support is necessary.

6. Seo Friendly

Seo Friendly

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SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s the process of increasing the ranking of your website. It let you put your website ahead of your competitors and get visible.

The selection of the right theme is important to optimize your website for search. This way your site gets crawled easily and helps to secure a higher rank. Without standard code, your website is of low quality and won’t help you on getting a better rank in the search engine.

Sometimes, it’s difficult for beginners to go through the whole code of the eCommerce WordPress theme, and that’s why providers let you know whether it’s developed with SEO standards or not. Therefore, make sure the theme you choose is built with this functionality to get more user traffic.

7. Security

When you develop a website, one of the most important things to take care of is security. Without strong security, it’s difficult to protect the user information and make the website trustable.

In this case, you can check out the reviews of professional users or developers to know the security standard of the theme. Even the premium themes would be providing higher security. At the time of development, developers should go through security patches so that everything is maintained. Thus, make sure you choose the right theme which provides up to the mark security.

8. Ratings And Reviews

Another significant point that you need to consider while choosing the WordPress theme. Before finalizing your theme, you must look at the reviews and ratings given by the users. That clarifies the quality of the theme more easily.

The opinion of a person who has already used this theme is crucial and it will help you in making decisions. For that, you need to keep an eye on reviews given by users in the comment section. Generally, you can find a review and rating panel somewhere around or below the download button. Thus, do not forget to follow this important point while making the decision of the theme.

9. Translation Ready

You may never know from where you get the visitor for a website and what language they prefer to read. That is the reason why this functionality needs to be kept in mind while choosing any eCommerce WordPress theme.

You must make your website language other than English to cover a wide range of users. And for that, make sure you verify that the theme you select is translation ready. Otherwise, you need to integrate the plugin separately for translation. Translation of language must be made automatically without manual support. Therefore, this is why your website should be translation ready to attract users across the globe.

10. Better Performance

Performance is key while developing a website. In order to hold the user with your website, try to make it fast loading.

Visitors generally don’t wait for more than 2-3 seconds to get your website open. Faster load time helps you to increase conversion, user engagement, and a lot more benefits. Even Google will rank your website higher in that case. The more the media files you include like images, video, GIFs, the higher the time it takes to load. So, try to reduce the use of websites.

Some of the popular WordPress theme

01. Divi

One of the most popular and widely used themes. It’s a multipurpose theme that means it can be suitable for a variety of purposes.

The drag and drop page builder lets you customize the website as per your requirement with ease. Even there a lot of already created layouts available that you can use for your website and make any changes also. So, it can be the best theme to choose for your website.

02. Jevelin

Another very useful theme that users generally use for their websites. This premium theme is highly rated by the users due to its functionality and appealing designs. No matter what purpose you want to create a website, that can be personal, business, eCommerce, and anything. This multipurpose theme has a solution for all of it.

Moreover, the features it brings to your website are slider revolution, contact form 7, SEO friendly, RTL optimized, WooCommerce compatible, mobile responsive, and a lot more. It shows that these many features will make your website attractive and user-friendly. WPBakery drag and drop page builder lets you make your website customize as you wish.

With the help of the custom widget, you can improve your footer, sidebars, and many more widgetized areas. Due to these many benefits, you will always find positive reviews from the users in the comment section. That means it can be the best choice to take for your website.

03. TheGem

TheGem is a high performance and versatile WordPress theme. The modern design and rich features make it popular among many developers.

This multipurpose theme is suitable for online stores, businesses, gyms, and a lot many other purposes. It has demos for all of the different websites you want to develop. The reasons to choose this theme are SEO friendly, WPBakery page builder, plugins ready, responsive design, and much more. Even to create an outstanding eCommerce website, it can integrate with one of the most popular plugins that are WooCommerce. It adds all the features required to make your site perfect for shopping.

Even beginners can easily install it for their website. The documentation and video tutorials are available along with the theme so that anyone can perform all the activities smoothly. Therefore, this can be the best choice you can make for developing a website.

04. Uncode

Another high-quality WordPress theme that can be suitable for various purposes. It is built with the standard approach with considering the latest demand in mind to stay with the trend.

If you want to make a great first impression with the design then nothing can beat this theme. It’s developed with the best front end technology like HTML5, CSS3, to give a better user experience. It’s a lightweight theme that means it can be loaded easily on the server, even in low connections.

If you want to start selling products online then this would be the best choice. As it can be integrated with the WooCommerce plugin, which is most popular for online stores. It also comes with some popular plugins like WPBakery builder, slider revolution, VC particles, and a lot more. Hence, it is never the wrong choice to use this theme for making any website.

Wrapping up

Well, a website is something which your business must have and should be developed very carefully. When you are using an eCommerce WordPress theme then it’s a point of concern that how can you choose the best one. The above-mentioned points let you help in deciding which theme is perfect for you and should opt for it.

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