Make Your Business The Next Viral Video

The whole world has gone movie mad!!! And by movies, I mean mini videos that appear on social media, websites and youtube. You can be the star of your own show and build a following that rivals those of anyone in Hollywood. But, for most of us, the mere thought of creating videos can be overwhelming. The possibilities are endless, and that can be the issue, how to get started and what do you make a video about. The following are some of the most popular types of business videos to help get you started.

Product videos are probably the most popular. If you sell a product or service that is a bit tough to explain, a video is a great way to demo how to use it. Product videos show your product’s features and benefits and includes examples of how it works. This engages your audience and keeps them on your website for a longer period of time. These can also be done for product updates where you keep your existing customer base knowledgeable about the latest changes and upgrades to your product. And they can teach your customers about new features and help to increase product purchases. These videos should be from two to five minutes so that you keep the viewer engaged. They can be posted on blogs, your website and social media platforms.

Next, are videos called explainer videos. These are educational videos that teach your audience how to solve a problem. That problem could be related to using your product, or it could be about a method of service. Your audience should be able to take action based on the new skills they’ve learned while watching. These videos are good to partner with your blog as the content should be shared in both. If you customers seem to have lots of questions about your services or certain products, these videos can explain it. Give helpful tips to customers who might not be familiar with your entire product line. Or show the 101 ways that a product can be used. Again, the video should last just two to five minutes. If instructions take longer, divide the directions into a couple of videos.

Onboarding videos are for welcoming a new customer or client. They are the first impression they will have about your business, your service and your products. You want them to feel comfortable and “at home” with their decision and you want them to understand everything there is to know about what you offer. Customers should be shown the ins and outs of all that your product has to offer them.They help your customers start off on the right foot. Your message in the video should be polished and valuable and easy to understand. These videos are covering a lot so they can be a bit longer than the other videos such as five to ten minutes. Make sure that you keep the viewer engaged throughout the entire video.

Internal training videos are for employees and staff. These videos should be pointed towards the culture of your business. They are designed to cover subjects that may have otherwise taken a lot of time to explain a process or product. They can be watched repeatedly as references. It can take new employees through in depth processes about how your product and company run. Video length should be five to ten minutes and if they have to go longer, break them into chapters or training subject matter.

Testimonial videos work wonders on a website because real people can influence real people. People influence people. Honest reviews can change one’s opinion of a product or convince others to buy. That’s why these videos are so valuable.They show prospects the positive impact that your product has on real people. Listening to an existing customers while seeing a product in action is more engaging than reading a statement from that same customer. These videos should be short with multiple customer testimonials in each one, such as three to five minutes.

Promotional videos are fun because they are like an invitation. You want a piece that is all dressed up and ready to go to a party. Conventions, trade shows, webinars and open houses, these videos work well for any of these events. They are a pitch for your event giving your audience a feel for your brand. First, you give a brief but detailed overview of the event you’re promoting and then emphasize a call to action that asks the viewers to sign up or save the date. This is how you generate leads or attendees. These videos are super short, just one to three minutes, so they must be exciting and to the point.

Video voicemails are videos that employees can use to connect with customers and leads. Using just the computer’s camera, you can record a memorable short video that may answer a customer’s question. You can insert a thumbnail video into emails and send that to a customer. Or you can send one on to your email list with a fast message about a new idea. Any voicemail video should be under a minute long.

And finally, social videos are created for your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. They are designed to drive traffic to your website to build brand awareness. They are a virtual video teaser as in the movies. If you have a longer training or promotional video that you want the world to see, you can cut it down to a shorter length. Then, encourage followers to click the link you’re promoting to watch the full video. Keep these videos short and simple as many people will see these for the first time on their phones. These should be less than two minutes long.

In order to market your business and solidify your brand in people’s minds, you have to think outside the box. What are your competitors not doing? Sometimes potential clients don’t want to read a letter, an email, or a short postcard. They might not even want to scroll through a website to learn about a business.They want something quick that excites them and teaches them at the same time. This is where a professional, high-quality promotional video can come in and save the day.

A unique, interesting and short promotional video can help display your business and the products and services you provide, while adding to your professionalism and helping your name stick within a person’s mind. Everest Direct Mail and Marketing employs talented multimedia producers, highly trained and skilled in all aspects of video creation. Let us create an original and captivating promotional video for your business!

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