Reasons Why You Should Be Using SMS Marketing Over Email Marketing

Most marketing is done by email and SMS but before you choose which one is more effective and why you should go for SMS marketing over Email marketing you need to know about them and their differences. Email marketing is one of the proved and effective long-lasting forms of marketing.

Reasons Why You Should Be Using SMS Marketing Over Email Marketing

But Tatango SMS marketing diverted the crowd from the email marketing to SMS marketing as because text message marketing has much more benefits as compared to email marketing. We have researched and listed top 8 points to determine why SMS marketing is better than Email marketing.

Top 8 Reasons Why SMS Marketing Is Better Than Email Marketing:

If you have been only running email marketing campaigns and ignoring sms marketing, then you missing out a great opportunity to reach out to your existing and new customers. You may wanna check out our list why sms marketing should be given more priority over email marketing.

Here  are the top 8 reasons why text message marketing is better than email marketing.

  1. Instant Reaction:

You can send bulk SMS to the crowd and also get the reactions immediately based on their opinion. SMS reading is easy as everyone keeps their mobile phones with them all the time. So, there is no chance that the SMS has not reached or read by the peoples. As people respond to social messaging service more than the email.

  1. Easy and Convenient:

Most of the email marketing emails are marked as spam by the spam filter. Around 70% of the email messages are blocked or moved to spam folder of the mail service, which is a negative part of the email marketing. Whereas, compared to email marketing, SMS marketing is less likely to be in spam or blocked by spam filter.

Easy and Convenient

Due to the 160 characters limitation in the SMS service, the content becomes short and eye-catching phrases which are a due benefit for SMS marketing. SMS gets more attention as people can check it instantly anytime without sign in into any account, that’s why email users may or may not check it.

  1. Targeted SMS:

You can send targeted SMS to a group of peoples, specific to their needs. For example, you want to do SMS marketing for a coffee brand and you have conducted a survey for the brand marketing purpose and you got results which divided the crowd into 3 different groups- coffee drinkers, tea drinkers, non-coffee, and tea drinkers.

Now on basis of this information, you can target on the specific group for the coffee brand for better impact on the certain group which may benefit the business. By sending announcements about coffee offers can have flexibility in marketing operations.

  1. Vast flexibility in marketing operations:

You can have more flexibility in marketing operations as you can change offers or introduce new subject anytime instantly and the people with react with it due to easier access of SMS than email. As email is checked once normally and due to no instant access, email users avoid getting into email service and check spam folders.

  1. Easy Brand Recognition and updates:

If you constantly update about the product information, offers, discounts etc. to the consumers which makes the consumers make better ability to recognize the brand. Most of the email users likely to ignore the announcement considering it as some promotional message, whereas SMS service is used by everyone and frequently.

  1. Two-way communication system:

Marketing success is obtained when you can get feedback from the consumers. That’s why two-way marketing holds a certain value other than one-way marketing. Customer feedbacks keep the consumer engaged with the product, which in return gives a better impact on product development.

  1. Trackable Leads:

You can track the status of your sent message or links if your service provider allows it. This is called intelligent tracking system by which you can check not only if the message is sent successfully or not, you can also check who, what and when the links you forwarded are clicked when confirms the success of your SMS marketing campaign.

You cannot get this facility via email marketing as you can only check that you have sent the mail, but you cannot confirm where the targeted people opened your email or even clicked on the forwarded link regarding the offers and information related to your brand.

  1. Budget Friendly:

SMS marketing can be done with a very low cost and can also be done via online SMS service websites with a reasonable price. Due to verified targeted peoples are sent, you can easily manipulate your success on the SMS marketing campaign.

Whereas, email marketing can be done without any charge, but the status of the marketing will always be unknown and the impact on your business or brand cannot be measured by this campaign.


We have covered up most of the points about why you should choose SMS marketing above Email marketing. We have researched and reviewed the points carefully for you. We will definitely recommend SMS marketing over Email marketing if you consider above-discussed points which differentiate between SMS and Email marketing.

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