The 13 Best Offline Games for Android (Don’t Need Wi-Fi)

In the recent era, almost every people make use of the Smartphone for various purposes. The advancement of technologies led to the development of the latest features in mobile phones that have a great impact on day-to-day life.

Games are one of such innovations in the android phone which acts as an amazing source of entertainment in these days. The launch of android phone benefits more for the game players with different features to enhance the sense of playing.

Many Android games have been played online which requires ideal internet or Wi-Fi connection and so it might not be possible to have internet access all the time. In such a situation, you could go for the best offline games for android that are available in the play store.

Offline games can be played without any internet access and it suits everyone to spend their leisure time. Read this article to know about 15 best offline android games.

Best Offline Games for Android

1. Big Little Farmer Offline Form

Big Little Farmer Offline Form

Big Little Farmer is one of the best offline android games which are available for free in the Play Store. In this game, you can build your farm, cultivate and harvest the crops that are grown by you.

It is suitable for all the ages of game players where you are running a farm business and selling the dairy products in this game. You would have the real experience of the farmers with this Big Little Farmer game.


2. Crossy Road

Crossy RoadCrossy Road is an offline mobile game in which you will be guiding a chicken across the road, streams and through many obstacles. This game includes about 150 characters and it comes with offline as well as the Android TV support. As this game is suitable for all it is considered a family-friendly game that is available for free.


3. Chess: Really Bad Chess

Chess Really Bad Chess

Every game player might have played the classic version of chess in past days. but here is the best offline android game called Really Bad Chess that challenges you to think in various perspectives. The chessboard is same and the pieces are moved randomly while your ranks are increased based on your performance.


4. Special Forces Group 2

Special Forces Group 2

If you are the fan of First Person Shooter Games you would really enjoy the Special Forces Group 2 with its 3D shooting experience. This is an offline android game in which you can choose either in singleplayer or multiplayer mode. This fast-paced android game has five types of gameplay including bomb mode, resurrection, capture the flag, classic and zombie modes.


5. Eternium


Eternium is a free offline games for android that is based action RPG game in which you would have to run, kill bad characters, sling magic, and explore ruins. In this game, you could get a storyline, many kinds of stuff to do, more loot to collect. Because of its user experience, it is considered as one of the popular action RPGs on mobile.


6. 3D Pool Ball

3D Pool Ball

3D pool ball game allows you to play the pocket billiards in three-dimensional views. This gives you the sense of playing the billiards in real life. In this 3D pool ball game, you would be building a legacy and play against other real players in the pool World.


7. Duet


Duet is an offline based older puzzle game that has two balls that revolves around the central point. Your target is to spin the orbits that are present in the game and it should not be hit to the falling platforms. This game is available for both free and premium version. Also, it can be played offline and with the mobile data or Wi-Fi.


8. Brainy: Quizoid

Brainy - Quizoid

Generally, the quiz games ask you more questions and you tend to answer those things. In the Brainy: Quizoid you could see various kinds of questions in different categories to which you have to choose the right answer.

It includes about 7,000 trivia questions under the categories of sports, science, entertainment, politics, history and still more. Brainy: Quizoid is the best free offline android games and also you can avail the paid pack.


9. Racing Traffic Rider

Racing Traffic Rider

If you don’t have internet access and looking for the source of entertainment in your free time you can install the racing traffic rider. In this game, you can take the motorcycle and drive through the traffic and reach the finishing line without crashing. It is an interactive offline android game which never fails to give the best experience.


10. Hooky Crook

Hooky Crook

Hooky Crook is one of the advanced offline games where you can have more fun. This is an action platformer in which you have to control a cat burglar that comes with puzzle elements. You have to make use of the swipe gestures to move the cat and protect it from various obstacles. Hence it children friendly game which has 84 levels that can be won easily.


11. 100 doors World of History

100 doors World of History is an offline android game that enables you to solve the logical problems and drive you to the next level. The main concept of the game is to find the solution and open the door to get out of the room.

100 doors World Of HistoryThe title itself reflects that there are 100 stages in this game that you should cross over to finish the game. Hence it is suitable for both adults and kids to relax in their leisure time.


12. Pocket City

Pocket City

Pocket city game looks like a Sim city in which you tend to build the building, roads and other necessary things for a city. You have to face both good things like parties and bad things like fires. The free version allows you to play the basic level whereas premium version offers more feature to play the game offline.


13. Brothers in Arms 3- Arcade

Brothers in Arms 3- Arcade

Brother in Arms game is suitable for an individual who likes to be a brave soldier in their gaming life. You could able to play this game offline without any interruptions. It can be played with singleplayer or multiplayer mode with the help of weapons. It is well known for its animation and visual effects that are used in the game platform.


Thus, these are the best offline android games that are available in the play store. Download free offline games and have more fun!

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