This is why your newbie startup should switch to ReactJS development

ReactJS technology

ReactJS have already proved themselves in terms of popularity in the year 2018. And hence, 2019 is said to be the year of ReactJS.

Whether be it any social media platform such as Facebook or Instagram, ReactJS have been successful. This is the prime reason of its preference as a success mantra for any project plans and businesses. If you are a newbie startup, dont give another thought and switch to ReactJS development

Well, the facts reveal that a much higher success rate can be achieved by a startup if it starts with ReactJS development. The high-performance presentation layer for the web applications is the major reason for this success.

An overview of ReactJS development

Talking about the development of this novel technology, it was developed for JavaScript programmers. Further, it is one of the most recently created open source libraries. It has changed the picture of the development of an application or a webpage as now it is quite easy to develop them with the help of React JavaScript.

Facebook is among the one who found it very useful and implemented it as it contributes to the Java coding and ultimately results in the React JavaScript library. With the cooperation of Facebook, Instagram along with the strong community of their users this particular library was created.

Over the years it has been observed that a vast number of Web development companies have adopted or start usage of these ReactJS for development of several web resources which is the reason it is the frontier in the list of the popular JavaScript languages.

According to a report by W3Techs it discloses that the ReactJS is used by 0.1% of all the websites, which is the JavaScript library market share of 0.2%.

There are several reasons for which start-ups should switch to ReactJS which are furnished beneath:

ReactJS for startup

Introduction of the Virtual DOM

Virtual DOM has come up as one of the major innovations in this modern business world , this allows the user to develop an in-memory data structure cache memory and due to extensions one can also list the resolution differences. Which is the reason you can now efficiently update the displayed browser DOM.

Interactive interfaces

ReactJS provides several salient features to its users such as- it provides the users the opportunity to manipulate the designing features, and also the key interface flows can be done in a much easier and faster way with the help of this. Development of an interface can be done according to the user’s desires, taste and principle by hiring the top talents of ReactJS developers based upon their skills for the particular projects. It operates in two ways-

Loop – Loops can be used by the ReactJS developers so as to create representation views in the React frame.  This Loop is available in both Angular as well as React. However, as we compare it is quite easy to use in case of Angular one. Loops can be created within their front-end over a lot of HTML elements by the developers . Thus, they can be grouped into a large array by the developers. And, it offers elementary technique for the operation within the development of an application.

Nest view– Nested elements can be controlled by this within ReactJS in a quite easy way by the developers.

Advanced high performance

With the development of ReactJS it has added several advanced features. It automatically updates on-page apps that often do not need reloads for redrawing UI. Or, you can say in general words that, you do not need your previous devices. There will be no problem while loading a large web page  having graphics that do not match with the capability of your current device.

Easy to handle and use

ReactJS is quite simpler as compared to the AngularJS.  The complexity level of the ReactJS is quite low and can be handled easily.

The main objective of the building up of ReactJS was to make easier the several processes that are involved in:

  • development,
  • programming and
  • administration of resources.

Of course, ReactJS is definitely not meant for a beginner to handle. However, it does require skills even for the experienced developers when they are using the ReactJS. Hence, it is must for the success of an application or website, one should have the complete information and knowledge of HTML and JSX coding styles.

A perfect alternative in the picture

ReactJS has come up as a perfect alternative for several other libraries which you have within the coding process of your web source. For example, ReactJS is capable of performing functions of several libraries such as Angular, jQuery and Backbone itself. Moreover, there are several other additions, functions, simplifications and other useful changes.

Malleable development

Earlier businesses ignored the potential of ReactJS. This is because it was a new wave in the world of web development. The major role in in the process was by the secondary libraries in this case. For example – Several restrictions and prohibitions can be overcome within a coding process by it.

One last thing: Being SEO friendly

One of the major drawbacks of the JavaScript framework is their incompatibility with the search engines which directly lowers the search engine ranking due to the negative impact that is caused. But ReactJS has overcome this problem. As with its help, application can be run on a server while the already highlighted virtual DOM could represent and return to the browser as a normal web page.

Thus, these all useful advantages are good enough reasons for which the your newbie startup should switch to the ReactJS. For sure, it will act as a master key for many locks.

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